Saturday, April 30, 2011

37 Weeks Old

I know this is kind of late but I wanted to post some pictures of our Easter. On Easter Sunday Cody was traveling back to the states from India and Lulu and I were coming back from Hawaii, so the Easter Bunny didn't bring his treats to our house until the Monday after Easter. Here Cody is reading Lulu one of her books from her basket while she is holding one of the three balls she got. I love how she looks like she is really listening to the story!

Here they are playing with a few of the things from Lulu's basket.
Lulu with green Easter grass hair!

Oh no where did Lulu go?

I love this picture of the two of them! So Sweet!

On Monday we went to the tulip fest in Oregon with my family, it was really windy while we were there. Here is Jaron, Kallie, and Kelsie aren't they the prettiest tulip's around?

It was so cold there that we tried to get as bundled up as much as we could. I was planning on taking some pictures of Lulu in the tulips but it was just way to cold to take her out.

Here I am with my sisters and niece look at our hair it was so windy!Here we are, still windy!

As we were getting ready to leave the Tulip Fest my sister buckled Lulu up in a booster seat and all of her kids said that Lulu was going to go home with them and that we couldn't take her with us back to Utah. I thought she was pretty darn cute all buckled in like a big girl.

That same night Cody had requested a hamburger for dinner since he hadn't had beef since he was in India so we went out and had a wonderful meal Cody was pretty happy.

It was Lulu's first time seating in a high chair, she loved it, she was so happy sitting in the high chair like a big girl it was so cute!

Another picture of Lulu in the high chair, she looks so surprised.

Well we made it back to Utah after being away for five months. The second night home we went out to dinner for my friend Kristi's birthday to Texas Rode House one of my favorites. It was fun to see some of our friends and catch up. Before we left Kristi got to sit on the famous saddle while we all wished her a happy birthday!

Lulu even had a turn to sit on the saddle! Go Lulu!
This was Lulu's first time sleeping the night through in her crib! I think she likes it!

Lulu learned how to clap her hands this week it was so cute we were in her room playing and unpacking, when I turned some music on to listen to. And Lulu started to dance and I started to clap my hands and she clapped her hands to it was so cute!

Last night we were able to meet Cody's cousins baby Dylan he is so adorable I wanted to take him home with us!

Lulu turned 37 Weeks this week!

Tonight we went out to dinner with Lulu's bumpa and then out to ice cream, she is starting to warm up to her bumpa and letting him hold her and play with her. I love this picture of the two of them.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hawaii and 36 Weeks Old

This week has been a busy one for us. While Lulu and I headed off to Hawaii with my sisters and my mom for a girls trip, my dad was off on his own adventure, to Vietnam, so Lulu and I had to say our good byes and tell him thanks for putting up with us on our very long stay at my parents house. And thanks for hanging out with us while Cody was in India and my mom was in Colorado. Once we said our good byes we were off on our way to Hawaii.

Lulu had her own seat on the plane, she liked it and it was nice for me to. Here she is just chilling in her seat!
Here are all of us girls, we were getting so close to landing!

Once we got to Hawaii we went for a little hike!

The second day we were there we went to the beach and Lulu wasn't to sure about the Ocean she didn't seem to mind it while she was in my arms but as soon as I put her little toes in the water she would cry and try to get back up on me.

This face tells you how she really felt about the ocean.

Although Lulu wasn't a fan of the ocean she sure did love the pool. She had so much fun splashing and kicking. She is going to be a little swimmer that is for sure!

Here Lulu is getting her tan on at the pool! What a big girl!

The next day we did the road to Hana and went on a hike, we hiked through bamboo trees and it was so neat to hear the bamboo click together as the wind went through them. It was so cute Lulu would hear the bamboo click so she started to make the clicking sound with her tongue it was so cute.
Lulu was so tuckered out from all of our fun!

You can't go to Hawaii and not get a shave ice, I love getting this yummy treat!

Some pictures of Lulu hanging out on the beach, I love this face she looks like an angry cat!

Love Her!

We watched the sunset a couple different nights.Here are Lulu's weekly pictures!

I thought since we were in Hawaii she should be wearing her swimsuit.Lulu sat on grass for the first time, at first she liked it then she checked it out a little bit and then she decided that she didn't like it as much as she thought she did.I don't like this mom pick me up face!

All of us girls on our last day at the beach before we head home from our fun trip!

Our last day! We had lots of fun and of course the time went by way to fast but it seems like it always does when you are having fun.

When we arrived in Portland Cody was there he had just arrived home from India earlier that day so it was so wonderful to come home to Cody.

Lulu wasn't to sure about her daddy but don't worry it shouldn't take her to long to get used to her daddy again! We sure do love you Cody and we are so happy to have you back with us again!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

35 Weeks Old

Olivia turned 35 weeks old today and it was a hard task to get a good picture of her. She was so busy wanting to go every. She really wanted to the paper so I went and got her a little piece of paper to play with hoping that would be good enough to play with while I took her picture, and it was for a minute but then she realized that the other paper was still back there so the little paper wasn't good enough. Since I just posted on Thursday I don't have much to post about. So here are a few pictures of her today!

I love this one, she looks like she is going to get me for taking all this pictures.
She got the paper!

Olivia had fun playing with her Pa2 today, she loves him so much!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

8 Months Old

Olivia turned 8 months old today, I can't believe it. My baby is 8 months old. Sometimes I sit and watch her play and it makes me sad that she is getting so big and the time is going by so fast. I want the time to slow down.

Here are some pictures of Olivia. I love her dress it is so cute and it is so cute on her. Of course it was hard for me to choose just two pictures of my sweet little baby so here are a few.

I love this one, it looks like she is raising her hand to ask a question.

Watch out here she comes, I love her face in this one.

Here are some things that Olivia has been doing this week.

She sat in the cart for her first time as a big girl and she loved it. She thought she was so big she was just laughing and kicking her little legs. We went to Walgreens and they have those little sized cards so I thought I would see if she would sit up in there. And she fit perfectly and she loved it. After Walgreens we went to Target and we tried it again but those carts are bigger, so it didn't work as well she was falling to the side and it was just not as much fun as at Walgreens. She has been doing this since right before we left India, she will get up on all four's and rock back and forth but she hasn't gone anywhere yet, but I think it will be here before we know it. I don't think I'm ready for her to be crawling, she already rolls everywhere and bonks her head on everything. Whether I'm ready or not I think it is going to happen soon. I was eating a apple the other day and Olivia acted like she wanted some so I gave her a slice. She was watching me eat my apple slice, she would lick the apple make a funny face and then move her mouth like she was chewing just like how I was chewing my apple. But she didn't have anything in her mouth to chew she was just doing it because I was. It was so cute. While we were in India Olivia started to play peek a boo with us all on her own it was the cutest thing, I feel like she is to little to know how to play peek a boo but she does it all the time and it is so cute. Here she is hiding under the blanket. Where is Lulu?
Oh there she is!

Two more things that Lulu has been doing a lot of lately is giving kisses and waving. I love it when her little hand starts to wave. And her kisses are the best and the sweetest.

I love you Lulu!

I wish you would stay little forever!