Saturday, March 31, 2012

1 Year and 33 Weeks Old

Lulu found a pair of Cody's old goggles and she was wearing them around the house.

We were over at my Aunt Diana's house last night and Lulu was helping decorate this little tree with Easter Eggs and Bunnies.  She had lots of fun doing it and it kept her busy for a little while.
My mom came back into town for the weekend before heading back to Oregon.  This was the only picture I got of the two of them.
 We went for a walk today between conference.  Lulu and Cody picked out Lulu's outfit today I thought it was so cute.  Lulu's top is a swimsuit cover but it is cute as a shirt to.  

 We found some flowers to smell and Lulu liked smelling them I love her little smelly face in the second picture.  

 Another week older, in the outfit daddy and her picked out. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

1 year and 32 weeks

 This week we have had my mom and brother John here visiting us.  We have had lots of fun with them.  
Lulu found the laundry basket and thought it was fun to walk around with it on her head it was pretty cute she had it on for a while just doing her thing.

 Lulul loves to wear hats she always has to have one on.  Here she is with two hats on with her mittens and fruit snacks in hand.  I told her to smile and this is the face she gave me.  
We went and fed the ducks and Lulu loved it. 

 Lulu, Cody, and John went on the swings together.
 Lulu went down the slide like 15 times.
 We got a new bike trailer from Costco and Lulu loves it.  She always wants to be sitting in it or going for ride.  
Lulu is crying because we took her out of the bike trailer to take her weekly pictures, she was not so happy. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 year and 31 Weeks Old

This last week we went to St. George for a week for Sam and Sadie's Spring Break.  We had so much fun and the week of course went by way to fast.  
We went for a little hike it was fun and Lulu loved her ride as you can tell in this picture she is all that.  

 We went swimming in the spool which is one of Lulu's favorite things to do.  
 We were there for St. Patricks day and I forgot to pack something green for Lulu to wear so we painted her finger nails green to match Sadie and Lulu thought that was so cool.  
 On St. Patrick's day we went to an air show and we had lots of fun looking at planes and watching the neat shows in the sky!

 At the end of the show it got really windy and my hair was a mess.  We bought little ear plugs for Lulu's ears and we didn't think she would keep them in but she did, and she did a great job at the air show.  
 Lulu loves to wear hats, she put her hat on all by herself and she had to wear it in her pictures! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1 year and 30 weeks old

 Last weekend we went to Lulu's Cousins first birthday party and Lulu had a chance to take a swing at the Pinata she wasn't to sure about it so I was the only swinging at it and she was just there with me.  It was a cute party it was the Very Hungry Caterpillar Themed party.  
 We also went to nickel City to play some games, Lulu had fun running around looking at all the lights and listening to all the music that came from the machines.  She wanted to ride this carousel but once she got on it she wanted off of it.  After she was done she went back to it and wanted to do it again.  but the second and third time she sat on a seat that didn't move and she enjoyed those rides a lot better.  
Lulu is being silly in this weeks photos.  She wouldn't smile she just kept doing this, I'm not sure what to call it.
 Ha Ha

Sunday, March 4, 2012

1 year and 29 Weeks Old

This week it snowed and Lulu was so excited to get outside to play in the snow.  Cody took her out just for a second and then he brought her back in thinking she was all done but as soon as he brought her in she wanted to go back outside.  

We went back outside and went for a little walk Lulu thought that was pretty fun.
Then we built a snowman we used M&M's for the mouth and buttons and Lulu was eating them as fast as we were putting them on.  I love his ears Cody found the ears.  
We went to the Bean Museum to show Lulu all the animals and I thought she would be scared of them but she was the opposite of scared she loved looking at the animals and she would roar at every animal it was so cute.  She ran around that place for over an hour just checking out all the animals as Cody and I followed behind her.  
Lulu is so funny every time Cody does push ups Lulu either has to get on his back or she gets down on all fours and does push ups herself.
For her picture this week she had to hold these pill bottles and shampoo bottle it was pretty funny, but at least she is smiling.