Saturday, April 28, 2012

Part Three Of Our Trip To California

Once we finished at the Redwoods we made our way back to my Aunts house in San Francisco for a couple of nights and then we headed out again this time we went to Yosmite.  This was our first stop it was a pretty waterfall.

Another one of our stops, Lulu didn't want to be on Cody's shoulders she wanted to be walking.

We hiked up to this waterfall, we didn't make it up to the very top we were getting pretty wet from the water and both Lulu and I didn't like it.  I felt bad because Cody really wanted to make it to the top.  I told him to go without us but he thought that wouldn't be much fun with out us.

All three of us all wet.

The next day we went to Kings Cayon, Cody was super excited to see all the really tall and big trees.
This tree that Cody and Lulu are in front of his called the California tree.

The tree I'm in front of is called the Oregon tree.  Cody and I didn't realize until after we took our pictures that we were standing in front of the tree named after the state we were born in.  It was pretty funny!

A really cool tree that had fallen and it looked like a tunnel.

We hiked to another waterfall this time we didn't get soaked.  I love this picture of Cody and Lulu, I love how she is doing what Cody is doing with his arms.  

Where did Lulu go?

Cody was pretty excited to see the General Sherman Tree

A cool tree that had been burned and is hollow inside, it was pretty cool. 

Lulu standing at the base of one of the trees look how huge these trees are, Lulu looks like a doll compared to that tree trunk. 

A tree that had fallen on a path so they made a little tunnel so you could still finish your walk/hike.

Another week older!

I love this cheese face!

We then head to San Diego to meet up with my family for my cousins wedding.  
Here Lulu is with her cousins in front of the San Diego Temple, Anna who is 3, and  Matthew who is 5. 

Lulu and her other cousin Grant who just turned 1. 

A family picture

At the reception, with My sister Serena, Mom, and Me!

At the reception they had butterflies for the bride and groom to release Lulu  looking at them while they were in the cage but once they were released she was a little scared of them.  Serena and Lulu saying hi  and blowing kisses to a butterfly.

Lulu and Anna on the dance floor, they were so cute dancing together. 

Cody dancing with the girls, they had so much fun!
We had lots of fun in San Diego!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Part Two Of Our Trip To California

After we left Lompoc we headed to San Francisco to visit my Aunt Elizabeth for a couple of nights.  While we were there we went into San Francisco with my cousin Ruth.  
As we were walking along the Wharf we stopped at this Farmers Market and found some wonderful tasting dried fruit.  

We rode the Trolley for my first time and it was lots of fun.
We had some ice cream at Ghirardeli.  Yummy!
Then we went to China Town.  
 After we left San Francisco we headed north and we made a stop at the Jelly Belly Factory it was lots of fun.  We had a tour of how Jelly Belly's are made it was pretty neat.  And then we were able to try Jelly Belly's.  Yummy!
 Before our tour.
They sell Belly Flops for cheaper then Jelly Belly's, Belly Flops are miss shaped Jelly Belly's 

After the Jelly Belly Factory we got back into the car and kept heading North.  We made it to the Redwoods.  It was pretty amazing to see how big these trees were.  
Look at this trees roots it is huge.  Can you find Cody and Lulu?

After looking at all the trees we took a break and skipped rocks and Lulu loved it.

After two days in the Redwoods we headed south and took a break at the Beach.  

Here is Lulu's Weekly picture!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Part One Of Our Trip To California

I'm back you guys we just got home from a three week trip to California.  We first started our trip Loompc California for Cody's cousin's wedding.  I was horrible and didn't get any pictures of the wedding.  It was nice to see Cody's family and to hang out in Lompoc.  
While we were in the hotel in Lompoc Lulu learned how to open the bathroom door.  She thought that was the coolest thing ever she kept going in there and checking everything out.  

 While we were in Lompoc we went to the wedding, went four wheeling, and horse back riding it was lots of fun. I love to go horse back riding and it was my first time in a very long time.  

While in Lompoc Lulu turned another week older and I forgot to bring tape so I have to hold the paper.  Lulu wouldn't stand still for her full body shot so we laid her down and got one. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

Finally I have all my pictures posted, I'm sorry there are a lot and they are just from two days of crazy Easter  Fun!
On Saturday the Eve of Easter we went to Riverside Country Club for a Easter Egg Hunt.  It was great we were one of the first people there so we had a chance to get a picture taken with the Easter Bunny before things got to crazy.  I liked this Easter Egg Hunt because it wasn't over crowded, there were a good amount of children.   

Lulu was not to sure about the Easter Bunny but she was curious and she would wave over at him while she was a little ways away from him.  The Easter Bunny was pretty funny he wanted Lulu to come over to him so he would throw candy in front of Lulu so she would have to get closer and closer to him.  And it worked.

Once a few more kids got there the Easter Bunny was trying to entertain the kids while they waited she he walked around the golf course having the kids following him and then handing them candy every so often.  It was so cute watching Lulu follow and join in she by far was the smallest kid out there. 

And then finally we were about to get started, Cody helped Lulu get her eggs.  All Cody had to do was follow and maybe point once in awhile at an egg for Lulu to pick up.  She did a great job picking up the eggs putting them in her bag and moving on to finding the next egg. 


I love this picture Lulu has her hands up saying all done.
Then she had to open all of her eggs and check out what was in them, she was pretty excited every time she opened a new egg and saw more candy. 

Lulu enjoying some candy. 
She is pretty happy with what she got. After the hunt we went inside and enjoyed a yummy Easter brunch with Dan and Peggy. 
That night we went over to our friends house to have dinner and hang out.  They have a son named Liam that is only a few days older than Lulu and they had a lot of fun together.  I love this picture of the two of them sharing this chair watching Finding Nemo. 

Easter Morning we walked into this little girls room and she was just playing in her crib and she had a big smile on her face.

We pulled her out of her crib and walked out to the hallway where the Easter bunny had left a trail of eggs leading to her Easter Basket.  
She found her basket and a lot of candy. 

When she first saw her basket she saw the goggles and point to her eyes she knew what you used them for. So of course we had to put them on right away. 
She also got her first puzzle and she had fun trying to put it together.  
After we played with her stuff she took a bath and she had to wear her goggles.  Which actually was nice for when we washed her hair so we wouldn't get water in her eyes.  

Lulu in her Easter dress at church. 

Lulu in her Easter dress for her weekly pictures. 

After church and a nap for Lulu we headed over to Dan and Peggy's house for dinner.  All I have to say is Yum, Yum!  We had such a yummy dinner of Ham, twice baked Potatoes, salad and Corn muffins.  
After dinner we headed outside so Lulu and Granny could do an Easter Egg Hunt.  Granny was so Excited and so was Lulu.  Lulu loved doing Easter egg hunts.  
 This is such a cute picture of Lulu and Granny giving kisses.  
 Lulu finding an egg. 
 Lulu saying all done. 
 Lulu and Bumpa
The whole gang minus Cody. 
 Lulu was sitting here and Cody and I asked her to smile and this is the face she gave us it was pretty funny!
 Gammie gave Lulu a flower and here she is letting me smell it.  When Lulu smells flowers she blows her nose.  
 Lulu watching the water. 
We had a wonderful Easter Weekend with friends and family.