Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Karlee Willouby Kenner

On Tuesday, April 29th 2008, Karlee Willouby Kenner was born. She weighed 7lbs. 7oz. and was 19.5 inches with brown hair. I have only seen pictures of her but I'm very excited to meet her in person and hold her and squeeze her tight! Her name is Karlee Willouby Kenner. Angie is doing great and she is a happy and proud mom.


Over the weekend Cody and I went up to Pocatello Idaho to visit our friend Jess. We left Friday night after work and on our way there we decided that we couldn't wait to see the new movie Baby Mama so we had to stop in the middle of our trip and see the movie. That is one funny movie we laughed and laughed. Once the movie was over we journeyed back onto the freeway to a place in Idaho called Lava Hot Springs, by the time we got there it was to late to get a spot to camp at and it was to cold for us. So we just found a nice cozy place on the side of a road and put down the back seats in the CRV and made ourselves a nice warm comfortable bed. Well we thought it was warm and comfortable until about 1:30 in the morning when we were freezing and our legs were so sore from not being able to stretch our legs out all of the way. It was a fun night of tossing and turning.

Once our long cold night was over and the morning was here we got into our swimsuits and went to the Lava Springs, now that was a nice end to a crazy night. After getting ready in the public bathrooms there, we headed on to Pocatello to hang out with Jess for the day. Jess took us to her school where she is steadying to be a PA. It was fun she showed us all of the neat things that she gets to learn with, she wanted to show us on Cody. Then she showed us around Pocatello it is just a little town but nice. We met her friends from in her program and they all seem very nice and like they have a good time together! We sure miss hanging out with Jess but she is doing a great job by furthering her education.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jess and Ryan's Wedding Day!

On Saturday April 19th 2008 Jess and Ryan were married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a sunny day but very windy. After the wedding we went over to the Joseph Smith Building for a yummy lunch. Jess and Ryan had their reception in the Campbell's back yard in a big white tent. It was so pretty and everything turned out great. They had lots of food to eat, and fun music to dance to. It was such a wonderful wedding. At the end of the night we sent the cute couple off. What a great day and night. Congrats Jess and Ryan!

A day at OMSI

While we were in Oregon for Christmas, Angie, her kids, my mom, John, and me took Cody to OMSI! It was a lot of fun. To see all the fun and neat exhibits. We went in to this one room where they had all different science experiences for us to try and do. While you were in there you had to wear goggles. And we thought that was pretty neat so we took lots of pictures. We had a great day at OMSI!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our first christmas together!

As a newly married couple, Cody and I spent Christmas with my family in Oregon. On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma Guptill's house and ate lots of yummy food, then all of the grandchildren did the Nativity Scene, it was so cute and all of them did a great job. Then a very special visitor came to the house and surprised all of the children, They were very surprised. Then we had a gingerbread house building contest and that was a lot of fun and very yummy as well.
Then we packed up all of the kids and returned to Ma2 and Pa2's house for a big sleepover, to wait for the morning to see what Santa had brought all of us.
Christmas morning was so much fun, everyone woke up super early, the kids were so excited to open up there presents and see what Santa brought them. I love watching how excited the children get when they open presents. Being with family and watching the kids is definitely the best part of Christmas. It was so much having Cody there to be part of Christmas. It was a wonderful Christmas.

Our Honeymoon!

After the wedding Cody surprised me by taking me to Mt. Hood for a couple of days. we went snowboarding, which I loved it was so much fun. I actually stayed up for a long time before falling. It sure was a fun time and I couldn't of asked for a better start to a honeymoon.
After spending some time in the cold, Cody took me to Maui to thaw out. It was amazing I couldn't of asked for a more perfect place to go. We relaxed and played lots on the beach.
We went snuba diving, which was a experience I have never had before. I didn't think I was going to like it but Cody kept telling me that it would be great. So I trusted him which I'm glad that I did because it was amazing, we swam with Sea Turtles and Manta Rays. It was so AMAZING!
Unfortunately our honeymoon had to come to an end we had to come home to real life!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Campbell Couple

Cody and I met and fell in love, I never thought I would find the one for me, But I did so anything is possible. I am so happy that I met Cody, I couldn't imagine my life with out him in it. He makes me so happy. He always knows how to cheer me up when I am down.
We were married on December 8th 2008 in Portland Oregon. We were married in the early afternoon in the Portland Temple, later that night we headed over to the World Trade Center to party the night away and that is what we did. With family, friends and each other. I couldn't of asked for a more magical night, everything turned out the way I always dreamed it to be. Cody and I now are in Provo, Utah where Cody is taking some classes at BYU and I am working. I am excited to become part of the blogging world I only hope I can do a good job keeping up on updating it.