Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Aquarium!

Happy Boy!\

Its getting harder and harder to get pictures of these two little rascals in front of their signs!

Our Costco trip we ride in style!

We went to the Aquarium with my friend Steph and her daughter Ginny!  The girls had lots of fun! 

 Steph and Ginny!

Lulu was told not to touch the bird, she was so nervous! After she held the bird she told me that she didn't touch the bird!  Way to go Lulu!

She thought it was so funny that the bird was on her head!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Love Love

 We went to the pumpkin patch and we had so much fun!  Lulu loved going down this slide over and over again!

With our pumpkins!

We went on the cow train ride and Lulu had so much fun!

Owen having fun with pumpkins!

Owen getting a silly piggy back ride from daddy!

We made caramel apples! 


Lulu found Ma2's sunglasses and thought it was pretty fun to wear them. 

This is what Lulu has been asking for breakfast lately. Cheerios, mini wheat's, and apple slices!  Yummy or Gross?

Lulu just hunting for some elk! The gun is as big as she is!

Owen wanted to wear this hat so bad the other night!  I love him and that smile!

Playing at the park Lulu loves to climb this and slide down it.  Owen wanted to try to.

I love that he has his little foot in there!

We carved our pumpkins and Lulu painted hers!  It was lots of fun!

Owen just watched. Next year buddy!

Owen going for scooter ride in the stroller!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wedding And Utah

We went to Utah for Cody's cousins wedding!  
Lulu got to sleep in a big bed and she loved it!

Owen Loved playing around the fire place!

We went to story time while we were there! Lulu had lots of fun!

Owen looks so pretty!

Wedding day! Waiting outside the temple for the newly weds to come out!
Gammie and Lulu!

Owen, Bumpa, Gammie, and Lulu!

Lulu at the reception eating some candy!

Gramps and Owen Hanging out!

Lulu was in love with Annika and wanted to dance with all night long! 

Lulu dancing with her cousin Dylan!

Granny and Lulu!

Owen and Cody!

Oh just Lulu chocking Dylan and him looking very worried!  

Sam and Sadie and came into town while we were there!  
Sam and Owen snuggling!

Lulu loves Sadie so much!

Bumpa took the kids for a razor ride and Owen even got to go! Fun!

They found some mini apples on their ride!

Lulu on our drive back to Oregon!