Sunday, December 29, 2013

Road Trip, Disneyland, Christmas, and San Francisco

On Friday December 20th we flew to Arizona For Owen and Lulu's cousin Sam's baptism. 
Then on Sunday we jumped in the car and drove to Disneyland!  We spent one day in Disneyland and let me just say we got there when they opened and stayed until a few minutes before they closed! 
Here Lulu and Owen are waiting to get checked into our hotel!

We started the day off with 3 rides back to back on Toy Story!  Owen and Lulu loved it but I think Cody may have liked it more.  That is his favorite ride!

We went to Cars Land!

Santa was there to but the line was way to long to see Santa so Lulu met his elf and she loved her!

Lulu saw Tangled and we went to go get in line to see her but they closed the line right as we got there.  Lulu was really sad and didn't understand why we couldn't go and see her when she was right there and all these kids went and sat on her lap.  So she just watched from a distance. 

Later that night we went and waited in line to meet 3 princess and it was worth the wait.  Lulu got to meet Cinderella and loved every second with her. 

I love this picture it is so precious!

After Cinderella she met Little Mermaid!

And then Jasmine!
I just love my little princess she is so funny!

Owen and Daddy! I think we were getting on the Jingle Cruise ride. 

Lulu's favorite ride Dumbo!
She controlled us going up and down. 

Daddy and Lulu!

The next day, Christmas Eve we drove to Lompoc to eat Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Campbell, Ken and his sweet little girl, and Debbie and Greg and their family. 
After we ate we said our goodbyes and got in the car to head to Carmel where we made our first stop at the Christmas tree lot to get our tree.  Then to the grocery store to get yummy food!  
After we had a yummy dinner the kids wrote letters to Santa to put by his cookies and milk.

Then the kids did the Nativity!  Lulu was Mary, Sadie was the Donkey, Sam was Joseph, and Mickey Mouse was baby Jesus!

Christmas morning! Bed Head and All!

Checking out there stockings!

Lulu finding her last present from Santa!  Her pink Scooter that she wanted so bad!

Owens favorite was his puffs!  HaHa

After all of our present opening we went to Dinner and then out for a nice walk.  Lulu taking a rest after our walk. 

The day after Christmas we went to San Francisco to see Cody's uncle Ken and family and Kim and Benton and Becker came into town to spend some time with us. 
Lulu and Benton where so cute holding hands, walking, and talking to each other. 

We went to the Aquarium there in San Francisco it was pretty cool!  Lulu touched a Star fish. 

We went to the Fight Hungry Bowl game that BYU played!

Church on Sunday Lulu and daddy got a little silly with the stickers!

Playing at the sunny beach.  With cousins are so much fun!  Becker and Lulu!

Daddy, Owen, Gammie, and Josh.

Becker, Benton, and Lulu!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Preschool Christmas Party!

Owen loves to play with Lulu's scooter!  He looks so grown up in this picture!

Christmas outfits!

Say Cheese!

I love that I caught this smile on camera!  I love her!

We went with my family to get our Christmas tree!  We looked and looked for the perfect tree out there and once we found it Lulu had to go to the bathroom so we missed the cutting of the tree.  But we able to sing O Christmas Tree.  

Owen can walk all by himself!

At our ward Christmas party this was the only way Lulu would sit on Santa's Lap!  

Lulu had her preschool Christmas party.  They had so much fun building their own gingerbread houses!

Lulu had to have two cavities redone and this dentist was the real deal unlike the first one we went to.  She was a champ!

Lulu was the lucky one this year to put the star on the tree! Way to go Lulu!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Santa, Making Cookies and More

Fun with Fun Sunglasses!

We tried another attempt to see Santa and Lulu actually sat on his lap and told him what she wanted but she sat on my sisters lap who was sitting on Santa's lap.  But at least she did it right!  Good Job Lulu! All she wanted for Christmas was a pink scooter!

The kids found some cute head bands!

Lulu helped make Christmas cookies!  She loved it!

My Grandma came down to help!

Lulu lost her shirt and is getting tired of making cookies!

Owen in a box, silly boy!

Lulu went to the dentist and she was a perfect little girl!  She really enjoyed going to the dentist!

What a good girl!