Saturday, October 29, 2011

1 Year and 11 Weeks Old

Another week has gone by it seems like time is flying around here. Lulu has been up to a lot of fun things this week. She sure loves to walk and she does lots of it these days.

Lulu needed to take a break from all of her walking so she found the perfect little spot for herself to sit.

Lulu loves the vacuum every time I vacuum the floors at home she is right behind me following me around. Here she got to ride the vacuum and loved it for a minute and then she slides off and likes to watch the vacuum go.
And then she helped vacuum she thought that was pretty neat. What a big helper.

Lulu wore Pa2's shoes the other day and she thought was pretty cool!

The other day Lulu discovered the buckle in her high chair and she was determined to get them to snap together she was there for 20 minutes trying and then I took a shower and when I got out she was still there trying to get them to snap together she was there for 45 minutes trying. I saw that she was trying to snap the to ends together so I tried to show her where the right place to snap them was but she wanted to do it her way. She is so funny!

Tuesday night we went out for pizza and we wanted to give Lulu a ride on the horse she liked it while it was sitting still.

But as soon as we put that quarter in and it started to go she didn't like it anymore, I love her face in this picture!

Since Lulu has learned to walk she loves to carry boxes and pillows around the house with her. It is pretty funny to watch because she is the best at walking yet and to watch her carry these objects around is pretty funny.

Lulu saw her cousin Karlee wearing socks on her hands and so she wanted to do it to and everyday since then whenever Lulu finds these socks she hands them to me and then sticks out her hand for me to put them on. She is so funny and now when she has them on she will stick her hands out and growl at people it is pretty funny. She also likes to wear her cousin's headbands on her head she wont wear her headbands but she loves to wear her cousins.

A picture of matching Karlee and Lulu with socks on their hands and headbands on their heads. Love them!

One night while I was reading Lulu a book before bed she found the socks and wanted me to put them on her hands after I was done reading the book and doing our bedtime routine I went to take the socks off so that Lulu could go to sleep she did not like that one bit so I but them back on and she was a happy girl and she went right to sleep so once she fell asleep I went in her room to take a picture of it because I thought it was so cute!

When I was trying to take Lulu's weekly picture she had something that I didn't want in the picture so I took it away and she was not very happy with me as you will be able to tell in the pictures. No smiles from this little girl in these weekly pictures.

Since Lulu has been walking church is a lot more interesting she is always on the go so we spent some time in this room to let her walk around. She had fun and I was able to listen to the speakers.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 Year 10 Weeks Old

This week has been lots of fun last Sunday Cody, Lulu, and I packed up our car and headed off to Oregon. Lulu and I are going to stay with my parents while Cody is in India for a couple of months. Cody was able to spend a couple of days with us before he left to India.

Here Lulu is being so silly I love it.

Before Cody left we wanted to get some pictures of Lulu in her Halloween costume with Cody since he will be gone for Halloween!
Lulu with her pumpkin

Our little Duckie

We had a chance to go and hang out with my friend Steph and her cute little one Ginny while they were in town visiting.

We went over to my grandma's house to visit and Lulu got her very own miniature candy bar and she loved it so much she wouldn't let us help her with it. She ate the whole thing.

After all of the chocolate she needed some water.

Wednesday night Lulu started to walk. That is the one thing Cody wanted Lulu to do before he left to India and she did it. He was one proud Dada! Once she took a few steps she couldn't and wouldn't stop trying over and over she wanted to walk. This is the next morning and she was still going. I took a video of her walking and I tried to put it on her but couldn't so if you want to see her in action check out my facebook page.

Here we are at the airport saying bye to Cody!Cody you sure will be missed. We love you lots!

Look at these to little cuties all dressed up! Lulu and Karlee have been having lots of fun together!

We had a play date with Ginny and Steph, Annabell and Sarah, Lulu and me. It was lots of fun!

Matching shirts for these girls I love all of there faces they are so silly!Here is our cute little one another week older. She is now a pro at walking or at least she thinks she is. She thinks she needs to walk every where we go.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

1 Year and 9 Weeks Old

I forgot to post this picture that we took the week before we went to Mexico. Lulu has this toy that she can push around and walk with she loves it so much. But while she pushes it around our place she runs into things and then gets frustrated that she is stuck so the other day Cody had her walk around the block with it and she loved it. She didn't want us to help her or touch the toy. It was so cute watching her walking she is so little.

Monday night we had a Halloween party while all of Cody's sisters were in town. We dressed up ate yummy food and played games. We had lots of fun visiting and hanging out! I love Cody's costume he cracks me up! The grand kids minus little Benton.

Lulu, Asher, and Dylan hanging out!

I love this outfit of Lulu and she looks so big and grown up in this picture!

We said goodbye one by one to all of Cody's sisters and parents as they all headed off in different directions so we tried to get one last picture of all of the grand kids, this was the best one we could get. I love how crazy everyone is and how no one is looking at the camera you gotta love kids!

We went over to our friends house for her birthday and I loved Lulu's outfit so here she is chilling on the couch eating a apple slice!

Love her face!

Here is the silly little girl she is so cute and everyday she is getting to be more and more funny! We love every moment that we have with her.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

1 year and 8 weeks old and Mexico

We went to Mexico for the week and it was a blast, we ate lots of yummy food, we spent lots of time in the water and just relaxed it was so much fun and of course it went by way to fast!

This was our first day in the pool they had a lazy river that we spent a lot of our time at and Lulu loved just sitting in the shallow part of the pool and playing in the water. She loves the water!

Benton and Lulu sitting in their diapers taking a break from the pool to eat a snack.
Jess, me and Kim on our porch ready for the pool!

Benton and Lulu sharing a apple, it was so cute to watch the two of them eat this apple Benton would feed it to Lulu and Lulu would feed it to Benton it was so cute. It was so fun because they kept taking bits from the bottom of the apple and we kept trying to get them to eat it from the side but they kept making their way back to the bottom of the apple. These two are pretty funny!

Our little family on the beach it was so amazing Lulu didn't like the waves to much but once we got past the waves and into the water she didn't seem to mind it to much. At the other pool looking over the ocean.

Lulu loved playing in this little flinstone car at one of the restaurants.

I love love Lulu's face in this picture
The ocean

Lulu relaxing

Bumpa found a little frog, Lulu thought it was pretty neat

All dressed up at dinner

Lulu surfing, shes a pro!

I love Lulu's face in this picture!

Lulu and Dad at the pool

Lulu was tired of the water getting in her eyes so she wore her dad's gogglesLulu and Benton playing peek a boo it was pretty fun to watch them laughing so hard!

Getting ready to leave we had so much fun!

This is the whole gang getting ready to head to the airportAt the airport waiting to board the plane. We had such a wonderful time it is hard to leave such an amazing place!When we got back to Utah Cody's sister Danielle was in town with her kids Sam and Sadie's so we had all the cousins together and they all had so much fun togetherThis week Lulu took four steps she is getting closer and closer to walking. I'm not ready for her to be walking yet but Cody doesn't want to miss it while he is away in India so he has been working with her so he doesn't miss it.