Sunday, January 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Cody and I did Christmas morning two weekends ago since we were in Turkey during Christmas. Cody woke me up early in the morning to a warm Cinnamon roll. We ate and then we went out to the living room to open presents. We didn't get a tree this year since we were going to be gone for Christmas but we kind of made one, It was card boxes that we used at our wedding stacked on top of each other with a wreath on top of that, Cody had put a few of our tree ornament's on it to make it feel more like a tree. Here Cody and I are in our Christmas pajamas and sitting by our tree and the snow man that Cody laid by our tree.
Cody got a Snuggie for Christmas and he loves it!

Cody also got a little putting green so he can have something to do with his golf clubs in the house instead of swinging at nothing! It was a fun morning! Merry Late Christmas!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Trip to Turkey

Over the Christmas break Cody and I got to go to Turkey with his mom and dad to go and visit his sister Jess and her husband Ryan. Ryan plays basketball over there! It was an adventure! We took so many pictures while we were there and I had a hard time deciding on which ones to put on my blog so if you want to see the rest you will have to come visit us!
Towards the end of our trip after Cody's parents went back to the states Cody and I decided to stay a few days longer. We flew to a place called Cappidocia where they have ancient underground cities. It was pretty amazing to go and explore them. Here I am standing in a doorway!

While in Cappidocia Cody and I went on a hot air balloon ride it was so cool and cold. It was pretty amazing!

This is called Turkish Delight it is a treat that they have over there, Cody really liked it!

This is a sesame seed pretzel, Cody and I loved them! They were so yummy we ate lots of them.

We drove to Antayla to watch one of Ryan's basketball games and on our way back our driver stopped us here at his sisters restaurant to eat lunch, this is his sister look at the oven behind her it was pretty cool to look at.

This is our drivers other sister she makes honey so we stopped at her place to get some honey!

This is at one of Ryan's games.

Cody and I at a bazaar it was pretty cool to look at all the stuff and to listen to the people try to get you to come buy something!

This was at Mary's house, and behind us is a wall of tissue. You place a tissue into the wall and make a wish! It looked kind of gross because all the tissues were wet.

We are at Ephesus sitting on the toilets!

This is at Ephesus it is the Library.

We went to a market and these were the biggest heads of lettuce I have ever seen! It was pretty neat to see all of the different stuff that they had there!

We are in Antayla being pretty in the hats of mystery!

Cody in Cappidocia in one of the houses look how small the houses were! it was so cold there we had to buy hats and gloves to help stay warm! We sure had fun! We made lots of memories!