Sunday, March 22, 2009

Night Out With The Girls!

The other night I went to Salt Lake to eat dinner with Kristi, Megan, and Abbie. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Texas Rhode House it was very yummy even Abbie thought so.

Here is Megan saying cheese for the camera.

Here is Abbie enjoying the garnish from Kristi's dinner. She is getting so big and all grown up.

Kristi and I after we stuffed ourselves with some yummy food!
After we ate our dinner we went over to the biggest store of Forever 21 I have ever seen. Then we hurried to Megan's house to watch American Idol. It was fun to hang out with those girls we always have a good time when we are together.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The need for speed!

On Saturday night we went out with some of our friends, we went race car driving. At first I was nervous to do it but once I got out there I was having a blast. I love to drive fast and ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a race car driver what a big dream that will always be a dream. But This was the place that I could go as fast as I wanted to or that I dared and it didn't matter. It was a lot of fun I didn't want it to end but of course it had to come to an end. I highly recommend all of you to go and try this fun crazy and wild adventure. That is if you like speed!!
Here is Cody sporting his gear.

Here is the crew getting ready to get there speed on.

There is Cody getting ready to take off from the finish line.

The girls all ready to hop in our cars to get our speed on.

There I am getting ready to take off.

Monday, March 2, 2009


A couple of weekend's ago Cody and I took a drive up Provo Canyon to just hang out and get a breath of fresh air. Cody has been super busy with school this last week and we hardly saw each other but he says that school shouldn't be so tense for a little bit so I will get my husband back for a little while. I sure do love him and love spending time with him.