Sunday, November 28, 2010

15 Weeks and Thanksgiving!

I was giving Lulu a bath the other day and I realized how big she is getting compared to the first time we gave her a bath in this tub she is getting so big and when you are with her everyday you don't realize how big she is getting until one day you are giving her a bath and realize how she is almost to big for her tub. I had to take some pictures of her because I just couldn't believe how big she is getting and how fast. I posted a picture of her from her first bath to show you the difference.

15 weeks old during bath time!

3 weeks old during bath time! So little and look at all her hair, I love her face in this picture!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lulu wasn't feeling very well on Thanksgiving but I wanted to get a picture of her in her cute outfit and she did not like that so much.

We spent Thanksgiving with the Campbell's and the Hansen's this year, and Josh, Danielle, Sadie, and Sam were able to come to Utah to spend it with us and it was so much fun to be with them. Here are Sadie and Sam with Lulu they were so cute with her all weekend. They would make her laugh and smile with the silly things that they would do to entertain her it was so cute!

We celebrated Sadie and Sam's birthday's while they were here. We went to the movie Tangled which is such a cute movie, I don't usually like cartoons but this one I really like and I recommend going to . After the movie we walked over to the shops to eat dinner which was pizza Sam's favorite part of the night. Then we walked over to the toy store and outside of the toy store was Santa In my last post there is a picture of Lulu and Matthew with Santa! So Sam and Sadie had a chance to sit on his lab and tell him what they want for Christmas! And to end the night of birthday fun we went to this new yogurt place and had a yummy treat! Happy Birthday Sadie and Sam!

Cody and I outside by the shops I love it over there it is so festive with all the lights and Santa!

Lulu Turned 15 weeks old I can't believe that she will be 4 months soon that is so crazy! I love her smile in this picture!

I forgot to add this picture of Lulu and my dad a couple of post ago when we went to Oregon for a weekend, I love this picture so much I think it is so cute how Lulu is smiling at my dad! I love it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

14 weeks

This weekend my brother Scotty and his family stopped by as they were driving through town on there way to Colorado where they will be living, we are excited to have them closer so we can see them more often!
While they were here we took them to Cafe Rio for dinner and while we were eating dinner Lulu fell asleep like this and I thought it was so cute, Cody fell asleep while eating his food to. JK

While they were here we saw Santa Claus and Matthew and Olivia had a chance to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas, Matthew said he wanted a Machine and Olivia was to out of it to tell him what she wants. Thanks to my brother and his cute family for stopping by it was a lot of fun to have you stay come anytime!

Here Santa is taking a little nap with Olivia! How sweet!

On Tuesday was the first time Olivia fell asleep on her own in her big girl crib I was so proud of her and I hope she keeps doing it. She didn't only do it once but twice in one day. Way to go Olivia!

Olivia rolled over for the first time on Wednesday night we were so proud of her she only did it once that night but the next night she did it once and then she thought it was so cool and loved how proud of her we were she kept doing it over and over again. Although once she gets to her stomach she doesn't know what to do or how to get back to her back so she just kind of lays there until you roll her back over and then she would roll back to her stomach again it was so cute and we are so proud of her. Here is a picture of her rolling over!

It has taken me forever to get Olivia's room all done but I'm proud to say that it is all finish! Here is her crib and the pictures that I hung they are a little crooked but they are up which means a lot for how long it took me to put them up.

Here is her changing table it took me so long to find baskets that I liked and that fit in there. I wanted to put three on each shelf but these were to big so I could only fit two on each. I like how big they are because they fit so much in them.

I love the way her room turned out the only thing i wish was that we didn't have the desk in there but it all worked out with it in there, I would like to get some cute curtains and maybe a cute rug but for now I'm happy with the way it looks.

Look who is 14 weeks old!

Look how cute she is in her church outfit!

Monday, November 15, 2010

13 Weeks and A Trip To Oregon

Another week has flown by and Olivia is now 13 weeks and yesterday she turned 3 months old wow! So here are her weekly pictures. I don't know why the pictures are side ways and upside down and I don't know how to change them to be the right way.

Last week my dad called me up and asked if Cody, Olivia, and I if we could come home for the weekend since my brother Scotty and his family were in town so that we could have Thanksgiving dinner early. I jumped all over that and before we knew it we were on a plane heading to Oregon. We had a lot of fun everyone was there besides my brother John (we get to see him at Christmas time). It was fun to hang out with everyone.
Cody and Olivia are ready for church, so cute and so handsome I'm one lucky girl!

My dad and I, thanks dad and mom for bringing us home that was a wonderful surprise!

All of us girls getting ready to head out the door to church we are just missing Serena.
Angie, Mom, Me, and Emily.

I love this picture I love Cody's face with Olivia crying in his arms and how happy Jaron is to be right next to Cody and Olivia he just loves both of them.

I love this picture of Kelsie she is a funny one, it was so fun to see everyone. Karlee, Cody, Olivia, Me, and silly Kelsie.

Kelsie is giving Olivia a hug good bye, Look at that smile!

Karlee wanted to say good bye too with a hug.

Cody locked Olivia up with her toys it was pretty funny and she didn't even mind that her hands were stuck together. It was pretty cute!

Here is a picture with her feet shackled together too, now she knows what is going to happen when she gets into trouble, just kidding she is to cute to get into trouble. I can't believe she is 3 months old already!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

12 Weeks Old!

Olivia turned 12 weeks old this week and these are some of the things that we have been up to this week!

Olivia loves to lay on her back and just kick her legs and move her arms, so I thought she would love one of these toys to have something to play with instead of just looking at the ceiling. I found one online and I couldn't wait for it to get here I was so excited, once it got here I couldn't wait to get it open and set it up to put her under it to play with( I felt like I was a little kid again at Christmas time so excited to play with my new toy). I was worried that she wouldn't love it as much as I did but she did she loves to play under it forever and it makes me so happy to see her playing with some toys she sure is growing up so fast!

Lately we have been starting our morning off with a nice walk/jog. And it has been getting cold since it is November so we have to bundle Olivia to keep her warm. I just loved how nice and cozy she looks in her stroller ready to go on our walk/jog (usually it is more walking than anything but once in a while we will job a few feet to make me feel good about myself, but hey at least I'm getting out there). Cody and I usually try to make our walk/jogs interesting by making up some kind of game to make the jogging part more enjoyable. It ends up being pretty fun!

I love how cute she is!

As all of you know this last week we all had the chance to vote and Olivia wanted all of you to know that she voted to look how happy she was to vote!

My cousin Lisa made these adorable booties for Olivia and I just had to show them off because they are so cute and they are so cute on Olivia.

I thought she looked so cute in them that I took a thousand pictures of her wearing them and it was so funny because after every picture I would take Olivia would move into a different pose like she was posing for the camera it was so cute!

Lisa also made this very cute hat that I love, it is still a little big on Olivia but it is so cute so I had to put it on to get a picture with both the hat and the booties! Thanks Lisa I love them so much and so does Olivia!

This past week we have laid Olivia in her big crib to see if she would put her self to sleep for a nap, but Cody and I think it is so cute to watch her look around that we end up standing over the crib watching her that she never falls asleep. One day I had laid her down in her crib and went to go put something away when I came back I found this, Cody had put her stuffed animals all around and on her, it was pretty funny.

Lately Olivia has been doing a lot of this, sucking on her hand. I will wake up in the morning to sucking noises, it is so funny because remember our friend the Straight Jacket well we put her in that every night and every morning she some how figures out a way to sneak her hand out of that so that she can suck on it. She is one funny girl she doesn't like her Binky, but she loves her hand and it's not just one finger it is the whole hand, I'm curious to see which one finger it will be that she will end up sucking on. Both Cody and I sucked on something, I was a thumb sucker and Cody sucked on his two fingers so we wonder which one it will be for her.