Sunday, September 29, 2013

Preschool Fun

This was my day of teaching preschool and we talked about the letter A. A for Apple!

Lulu every minute of Preschool!

We went to the park and Lulu wanted to push Owen on the swing!

Lulu helping me in the kitchen! Yummy!

Owen being a silly boy!

The kids being so cute together laying on the floor. 

More of sweet Owen

Lulu showing me some tricks on the swing!

Another Trick

Lulu singing in the rain. Lulu was so excited to go for walk using her umbrella 

Jell O Jiggler Fun!
Fun, Learning, and Yummy

Owen learned how to climb up into this little chair and he loved doing it over and over it is the cutest thing ever!  He loves to sit in it reach over grab a toy play with it for a second and then throw it and do it over and over again!  He is so silly!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feeding The Ducks!

 We went and feed the ducks, Lulu loves to feed the ducks!

The gang feeding the ducks!

After feeding the ducks we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. Lulu loved everyone's treat!  She liked mine better than hers. 

Lulu loves to help in the kitchen, here she is making her self a jelly sandwich and just tasting a few bite while making the perfect sandwich. 

"Look at me Mom" Lulu is always doing tricks!

Lulu taking a nap I guess all of her blankets are at one end of the bed and she is at the other!  She cracks me up!

At Grandma Guptill's having a treat and hanging out!

"Look mom, I made a mask like Dr. Craft"

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lulu's First Day Of Preschool and A Trip To The Zoo

Lulu had her first day of Preschool on Tuesday!  
I'm doing a preschool with a couple of other mom's from my ward.  Where we take turns teaching the kids at our houses.  I taught first and I loved it and so did Lulu!  We are teaching the ABC's so every week we have a different letter to teach and base our lessons off of.  

Owen my little big guy!  He is getting so big!

Lulu being a silly girl that she is!

This is how Cody and Lulu walked to the park!

I put Lulu in her bed for a nap and then I went to lay down on my bed.  I opened my eyes to this.  She scared me!  It was pretty funny!

Lulu kept asking us if we could go tot he Zoo so we finally took her and it was the perfect day.  We thought it would be fun to ride the Max to the Zoo it was fun on our way there but on the way back it was the end of the work day so it was crowded and the kids were tired and sad. 

Lulu and Daddy on our way to the Zoo

Fun at the zoo!

She loves to play on these animals!

The mommy elephant and her baby!  

Owen saying hi to the elephants!

One last day at our favorite splash park before it closes for the fall!  
I just love the picture on the right of Owen laughing!
He looks so grown up!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mommy and Lulu Date!

Lulu and I went on a little date.  We went bowling and Lulu had so much fun they even had a size 4 ball I didn't even know they had such small balls!  
Lulu loved doing everything  by her self!

After bowling we went and got a milk shake! Yummy!

The next day we took daddy to a new park!  
Lulu loved this swing!  She wanted Owen to ride with her but that didn't last long. 

Then we headed to the splash park!

Lulu asked to hold Lulu, it was pretty funny because he is just as big as she is!

Look at that happy boy!

And look at that smile!