Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homemade Bread

So if you can't tell this is a loaf of bread. On Sunday I realized that we didn't have any bread and so I didn't know what I was going to do for Cody's lunch on Monday. Then I remembered that I have been wanting to try to make homemade bread with my bread maker, that we got for our wedding. So I pulled out the bread maker and all the ingredients, started the machine and let it go to work. Three hours later I went to take it out of the machine and it looked like this, well to me it looks like a pile of cooked dough not like a loaf of bread. Well we picked at it for a minute and it tasted OK. The next morning I went to go throw it away and it was as hard as a rock. I guess I can say that I tried to make bread. I will try to make bread again but not today, hopefully when I do try again it will look like a loaf of bread and not a lump of cooked dough.

My Homemade Bread

Date Night

On Friday night Cody and I had a date night. It was one of the first in awhile since we have been gone on Vacation. On Friday we went bowling at Fat Cats and played two games, before we started we placed our bets and we decided that whoever won would get to choose where we were going to go for dessert. Well Cody ended up winning both games, although I almost had him on the first one. I took a bowling class at Snow College but I was only in it for one day before I had to drop it and take a different class. I thought that one day would have helped me out in my bowling career but I guess you have to be in the class for longer than one day for it to help you on your moves.
After our two intense games of bowling we played three games of Air Hockey, it was so much. I won one game and Cody won one, so of course we had to play a third to break the tie, and Cody won that third game and he was one happy boy, but it was a very close game. Since Cody won bowling, he choose to go to Jamba Juice. We both love it. I love having date night and going out and doing fun things with each other.
He's going pro

Cody getting ready for his strike

Cody getting his ball
At the Bowling Alley

Cody and I at Jamba Juice

Cody's Lunch Box

This is Cody on Monday ready to leave for another week of school. After he had been going to school for his first week, we thought it would be better if he had a real lunch box than having a paper bag for him to carry his lunch in. When I was a little girl I had a pink mini mouse lunch box and I loved it so much. So I thought it was a must that Cody have a lunch box.
While I was shopping for his lunch box I had a hard time finding him a good old hard plastic lunch box and I was sad because I was only finding the soft cloth lunch bags now what is that? I was so happy when I found a hard, black, plastic, lunch box. With a picture of the Hulk on it, I took it home not knowing if Cody was serious about carrying around a hard lunch box but he seemed excited when I showed it to him. So the next day I packed him a nice lunch in his cool Hulk lunch box. He took it with a smile and went out the door. But then today as I was writing this I realized I haven't seen that cool lunch box again. So the real question is does Cody really like his lunch box or not?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school!

Today was Cody's first day of grad school at BYU! He looked so handsome, he had to wear a suit to his first day of school. I made him a breakfast so that he wouldn't go hungry during school and then I made him a sack lunch to take with him. I'm so proud of him and I know he will do a great job.


I thought this picture was cute, my dad is such a great grandpa (Pa2). Here he is holding sleeping Karlee.

Fun in the sun!

We all got together at my grandma's house to have a picnic and to go down a big slip-n-slide it was a lot of fun. Although I think we all walked away with scratches and bruises on us.
Getting ready to go down the slide.

Everyone eating, visiting, and relaxing.

The big slip-n-slide


While I was in Oregon one of the bedroom closets broke which meant we had to go through all our old dresses, costumes, and suites. It was pretty fun everyone tried things on and remembered the good times that we had in all of our old things. Of course we had to take pictures, we were laughing a lot that night. Oh I love memories.
Karlee wanted to get in on the fun to.

Jaron thought he was batman when wearing this costume.

Serena wearing one of her costumes from the dance festival when she was in high school. Randal wearing one of my dads old suits.

Angie and John getting ready to go to prom. Angie in a dress that she made out of plastic bags for a class in high school. John wearing one of our dad's old suits from when he was newly married.

Angie and Kallie in bridesmaids dresses that Angie and I wore in the mid 90's


When I was in Oregon it was so hot so the kids had fun playing in the backyard at Ma2's house in the little pool and going down the slip-n-slide. We had one pair of goggles and they were a big hit all three of the kids wanted to wear them so we had to take turns. I thought they looked so cute and funny in them that I had to post their pictures.
Kallie wearing the goggles with crazy hair

Jaron wearing the goggles, he is a shark coming to get you

Kelsie wearing the goggles getting ready to dive into the pool


Another cute and funny story! While I was home in Oregon one day I was in my room talking to my sister Angie when i heard a thud in the bathroom I went in to see who was in there, I walked in and found my niece Kelsie standing on the toilet seat lid leaning over the sink trying to wash her hands. And on her hands and lips she had black stuff on them, I looked over and saw my mascara sitting on the counter. At first when I walked in and saw her she looked sad because she knew she was in trouble but then I said "were you trying to look pretty by putting lipstick on?" and she smiled and said "yes" it was so cute and after we washed her hands and lips off I realized I should have taken a picture of her with her pretty black lipstick on her lips!
Kelsie eating some yummy watermelon


While my nephew was staying with us in June we went over to Cody's parents house for Sunday dinner. Jaron had so much fun playing downstairs in the playroom for most of the time that we were there. But after we ate dinner we had dessert Jaron didn't want what we were having for dessert so Peggy said that Jaron could go to the Halloween candy drawer and pick two candies out. I have never seen the Halloween candy before and even I was in heaven, there were king size candy bars, and regular size candy bars. Jaron would pick a candy bar up and look at it then put it back, then there was me saying to Jaron to pick this one and that one but he didn't want any of the ones I told him to get. But then he sees this bucket full of candy so he takes a look in there and in there was little candies like Jolley Ranchers, Smarties, and Tootsie Rolls. Now Jaron was in heaven he picked out two small Tootsie Rolls and he was excited, he went in the other room to tell Peggy thanks for the candy. She asked him what he decided on and he should her and he said I will eat this one now and this one later tonight. It was so cute, Peggy thought he was so cute to have all those big candy bars to pick from and he choose two little Tootsie Rolls. He is one funny boy!
This is Jaron in the bathtub when he was in Utah staying with Cody and me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Trip To New York

This last weekend we went to New York with Cody's Mom, Dad, Jess, and Ryan, it was my first time. It was so much fun we left Saturday morning and got there that evening we went to dinner, we ate yummy pizza. Then we went to our first Broadway Musical which was Little Mermaid and it was very good. The next day we went to Two Musicals the first one we went to was called In the Heights and then at night the boys went to Spam-a-lot and then the girls went and saw Legally Blonde it was so funny and us girls had so much fun.
Monday we went on a boat tour and saw the Statue of Liberty which was really neat looking. Once we were done with our boat tour we rented bikes and went for a wonderful bike ride around New York. We stopped for lunch at this place that had the most amazing tasting bread. YUMMY! The last day we were in New York we went to the top of the rock and then we walked through Central Park it is so big! We finished our trip in New York by eating so yummy New York pizza one last time before we left. New York was a fun trip and I am so glad we had the chance to go.
We were eating yummy cupcakes in the park

This was on the boat tour and we are in front of the Statue of Liberty

We rented bikes and went for a wonderful bike ride around New York
This is at the Top of the Rock with the Empire State Building in the back ground

This is Time Square

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Trip To Europe

Our sixth stop was Athens, Greece. Where we went to the Acropolis and had a great tour by Dan Campbell and it was a great tour.

Once we got to the top there was a great view, we rented ATV's and drove them all around it was so fun. Before we ended our day in Santorini we went for a swim in the ocean it was fun.

Our fifth stop was Santorini, Greece where we rode donkeys up this huge hill to get to the town it was so much fun and funny to see what our donkeys were going to do next. I felt bad for them they had to climb up lots and lots of stairs with us on them they were breathing so heavy, but they were champs never giving up.
After the Italian farm we went to Pompeii to visit the world famous excavations
Our fourth stop was Naples where we went to a farm and had a tour and we watched this lady make mozzarell cheese and then we were able to sample it, Yummy!

Our third stop at Civitavecchia - Rome, where we saw the Coliseum it was so big and amazing
Our second stop was to Livorno where we saw the famous Leaning Tower
This was our first stop on our cruise Villefranche.
The whole family on the cruise ship
While we were in Barcelona we went to this market and ate breakfast there. I thought it was so neat they had vegetables, fruits, meats, and candy. This is a picture of candy it was pretty cool.

This is in Barcelona, it is a really neat building that was done by a famous guy named Gaudi.

This is the Eiffel Tower, this is the best picture that I could figure out how to put on my blog. The Eiffel Tower was amazing we went to the very top and it was pretty neat to look out over Paris.

Here we are at Hampton Court Palace

So we just returned from our adventure out of the country and it was a blast. We went to so many places and saw so many neat things. We took hundreds of pictures of everywhere that we went but I just wanted to share with you guys a few things that we saw. Well we started our trip off in London and we started early in the morning and went until late at night. We had to fit so much site seeing in such a short time so we had no time to waste. Once our time was up in London off we were to Paris the same applied for Paris as it did for London we had so much to see and do in little time. After we finished our time in Paris we headed to Barcelona where we meet Cody's mom and dad, we spent two days in Barcelona before hoping on the cruise ship to start a whole new adventure. On the ship we stopped at Villefranche, Livorno, Cicitavecchia -Rome, Naples, Santorini - Greece, Athens - Greece, Dubrovnik - Croatia, and then we ended our trip with two days in Venice. It was a great time and I will have the memories forever! Europe