Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 Mile Run

This is a little late but I wanted to post it. Cody and his sister Jessica did a 10 mile run the other weekend. The run was through Provo Canyon and ended right by are place, at the shops of Riverwoods. I walked up right as they finished so I missed them running through the finish line. They made really good time. Cody had not been running and his sister asked if he would do it with him and he said "yes" like it was no big deal. Just the thought of running scares me but for Cody it seems so easy to him he is really amazing!
Good Job you guys!

Here they are catching their breath after there long 10 mile run!

High five slash pound to finishing the race!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going to the Zoo!

Today the family took a trip to the zoo and we had so much fun we saw every animal that wanted to come and let us see them. At the end of our trip to the zoo Angie and I wanted to get a picture in front of these cool bears so we went over there to get our picture taken and there where these two boys just sitting there so we asked them if they would could move for a minute so we could take a quick picture. One of the boys looked at Angie as she asked him and it look like he was going to move but he just looked at Angie and said "NO" it was so funny Angie and I just looked at one another going OK, then my mom the one taking the picture just said stand in front of them. And so we did you can see one of the boys legs behind our legs it was pretty funny. I guess they just wanted to be part of our picture.

Here is Kelsie showing us her scary face!

Here is Kallie showing us her Scary face! You better watch out or she will come for you!

Here Jaron is taking a nap in his hand crafted boat!

Karlee is so worn out from such a fun filled day she is getting so big, so fast! We had a wonderful day at the zoo looking at the animals!

Hanging Out!

The other week we got together with some of our friends to play games and hang out, at the end of the night we decided we needed some pictures. As we set the timer on the camera and would sprint over to our spots and pose for the picture we ended up taking a dozen pictures trying to get the perfect one.

The boys were good sports in all of our picture taking.
Dave and Marne, Steve and Kirsten, Justin and Emily (and baby), Cody and Me, Thomas and Jessica

I'm going to miss hanging out with Kirsten, her and Steve are moving to New York for Steve's job. I love hanging out with these girls they are so much fun.
Jessica, Me, Emily, Marne, Kirsten

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody!

Yesterday was Cody's birthday and his family was in town we went to Five Guy's for Dinner and his family surprised him by being there to eat with us. Here is Cody, Sammy, and Sadie
After dinner we went back to Dan and Peggy's house for cake and ice cream here Danielle and I are lighting the candles on the cake!

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

Cody blowing out his candles with some little helpers Sammy and Saddie

Sammy and Saddie hanging out with Abbie

Happy Birthday Cody!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Snow Buddies!

I feel like I have been so bad at blogging because it is like two to three weeks between each post, I hope to be better this summer when I'm not working! Last weekend my good friend Lacey from Snow College was driving on her way to her mom's house in Salt Lake and stopped by to see me. It was so great to see her and catch up on the last three years, yes I said three years that is how long it has been since I have seen her. Last time I saw her she was pregnant with her first baby and now she has a almost three year old and a ten month old. She is a great mom and such a great friend I'm sad we haven't kept in better touch but we both said we were going to do a better job at that. I was sad that our visit was a short one but I'm glad we got together.