Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gettting Settled In!

This week we just hung out at our new place getting it all put together.  
Here Lulu is singing and playing the piano for me!  She is one silly girl!


My friend Traci and her husband Jason and their daughter Grace came over to meet Owen and Grace got to hold Owen she did a great job and she was so excited!

Look at how big Owen is getting!  He is 2 months old now I can't believe it time is flying so fast it needs to slow down.

 I love the look on Lulus face like she is up to something!  And she probably is!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch!

On Wednesday night we went to my sisters ward carnival Lulu had lots of fun playing all the different games. She got her face painted with a pink star and a pink heart she was in heaven.  

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch to get pumpkins.
Here is Lulu all dressed in her rain gear.  She loved wearing her rain boots and being able to jump in the puddles!

We went on a hay ride to the pumpkins and as we were getting on it started to rain and rain hard so we got pretty wet but we still had fun!  Once we got to the pumpkin patch we quickly walked around to find the perfect pumpkin for Lulu.  Once we found her pumpkin and went back to get in line for the hay ride the rain stopped and the sun came out.  

Here Lulu is with her perfect pumpkin!

After we got back from our hay ride we went and checked out the animals at the petting zoo Lulu loved all the different animals. 

Lulu and Owen are another week older!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Trip To Utah And Owen's Blessing!

We went to Utah for a week to pack up our things to move to Oregon.  We were super busy the whole time we were there.  One day when we were taking a break from packing my mom, me and Lulu ran some errands.  Here Lulu found a headless friend and loved her. 

She is giving her headless friend a hug!

Lulu and Owen together I love it!

Lulu with Pop pop!

Sam holding Owen, Sam loved holding Owen whenever he could get a chance it was so cute!

Lulu fishing in the back of Gammie and Bumpa's house, she was determined to catch something!

 While we were in Utah we blessed Owen to.  We had so many people come to his blessing and Cody gave a wonderful blessing!

I love his lips!

Four generations picture!

Owen in his church outfit

Family picture at the blessing!

Grandpa Campbell and Owen taking a nap!

We went out to pizza while we were there with Cody's family and Lulu found some lip gloss in Danielle's purse and had to put some on. isn't she pretty!

Here is sweet Benton at the blessing eating Dinner. Yummy!

Getting so Big!

 Crazy Girl!

While I was in Utah my friends threw me a surprise baby shower.  I didnt get a picture of Peggy, Kim, and Danielle before they left the party and I didn't get a picture with my cousins Julie and Michelle before they left. 
But here is a picture with Jess, Megan, Kristi, and I!  Thanks for the shower girls I was surprised!

Lacey and Niki at my shower!

After the party we went and got some frozen yogurt for a yummy treat Lulu was in happy!

Before we headed to the airport to fly back to Oregon we met up with Peggy, Dan, Kim, and grandma and grandpa Campbell for a ride on the carousel and to eat some ice cream to celebrate Bumpa's birthday! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week Two Home With Baby!

 This is our second week with two kiddos and it has been a busy week.  Or should I say three kiddos.  Lulu treats her little baby doll like a baby.  On Wednesday we were up at my grandmas house repainting some furniture and when it was time to go I found this in Owen's car seat, when I went to go take the doll out of the car seat Lulu started to cry and got really upset (poor girl).  I love how the baby is in the car seat.  

Here Lulu is enjoying some yummy pudding she was sad when there was no more pudding in her cup!  I love that she even got it on her neck that's how much she enjoyed it. 

Just a cute picture of Owen sleeping I can't believe how big he is getting.  He is such a good baby. It is hard to believe that he isn't even suppose to be here for another week and he is already 6 weeks old. 
Oh I just love him so much I sit there and just look at him and smile and just think how much I love him!

Lulu loves to go for walks on daddy's shoulders so lately she has been wanting to carry her baby on her shoulders.  She is so fun and so cute.   Lulu loves to hug and kiss and hold  her baby brother.  Lulu calls him Baby Brother and it sounds like Peanut Butter.  She loves to help me change his diaper her job is to take the lid off the diaper cream and hand me wipes.  When the baby is sleeping Lulu always says "Happy"  She must think while you are sleeping you are happy. 

Here is cutie getting nice and clean.  He likes taking baths.

I thought this was pretty funny I walked into the living room and saw Cody watching TV and Owen all wrapped up looking up at his dad. 

Another week older!  With her baby!

Another week older!