Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guptill Family Reunion!

Last weekend we had our Guptill Family Reunion here in Oregon City. Thursday was the first day of our Guptill fun we went rolling skating, it was a lot of fun we had the rink to ourselves! Here is a picture of Karlee with her teeny tiny skates on it was the cutest thing ever I didn't know they made skates that small. She didn't last to long because it was to hard for her to even stand up with out her skates going everywhere, but it was fun while it lasted!

My mom went skating and she looked like a pro out there on the floor!

Kelsie is suppose to be sad in this picture, she tried to skate bu it was to hard and not that much fun for her so she only lasted a short time. And I sat this activity out because of little lulu I really thought about trying it out but when it came time to get the skates on I chose not to.

Even Grandma got some skates on and tried it out for a minute, she looked like a pro too.

After skating my sisters had put together a Guptill Amazing Race, around Oregon City and everyone said how much fun they had while doing it. Good job Angie and Serena on putting that together!
On Friday we drove to the beach and of course we had to start the beach out right by going to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour and some yummy Tillamook Ice Cream it was just so good! Jaron and I enjoying our ice cream!

After everyone had their fill of ice cream we all headed to Seaside to hang out on the beach and have a fire to roast Hot Dogs and for dessert we had smores! Here is Julie working on roasting her hot dog!

Here Tyler is with his giant roasted marshmallow, it looks so good he can't wait to take a bite! Angie found these giant marshmallow's to roast and they were so much fun and so big!
On Saturday we started the day off by picking yummy raspberries! Here Jaron and Kelsie are hard at work trying to feel their buckets up!
After picking berries we went back to grandmas to go down the giant water slide which I couldn't get pictures of because I couldn't find my camera. But the kids had so much fun going down that! We also had wadding pools for the little kids and water balloons to have fun with.
After all the water fun we had a western themed BBQ for dinner, we ate lots of food, the kids played games, and we even had square dancing! It was a night of fun!
We also celebrated grandmas birthday here she is blowing out the candles on her cake!

It was such a fun family reunion and thank you for everyone that help put it together I know it was a lot of work and thank you for everyone that came it was so nice to see everyone together!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can you Believe it!

I bet you never thought I could do something like this, becauseI didn't! For my baby shower my cousin Lisa who is very talented made Lulu a pair of cute Leggings, I was so excited because I wanted to buy Lulu a pair and now I don't have to. Well Lisa was telling my sister Angie how easy they were to make so today we were at Target and saw some cute socks and decided to take the challenge on. And for you that know me would know that I'm not one to do anything crafty or anything related to sewing, it's just not my thing, I'm not good at it and I just don't have the patience for things like that. So I was really worried what the outcome would look like or if I would even finish it once I have started. Well I did it I started and finished them and they actually turned out cute and I can't wait for Lulu to come so that she can wear them and I can say that I made those.
Thanks Lisa and Angie!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catch Up Time!

So once again I'm behind on my blogging so I have a few things to catch up on.

My sisters and mom put on a shower for me a couple weeks ago and it was a bird theme. It was super cute they put a lot of work into. My sister Angie loves to throw parties so she was in heaven while playing my shower. Here are the cute and yummy cupcakes! We also had a yummy fruit salad, Chicken salad sandwiches, veggie tray, chips, and some yummy strawberry lemonade.

Here is my favorite decoration, Angie did such a cute job on making this sign. I meant to get more pictures but I got to busy visiting with all the people. But it was a great shower, Thanks Serena, Mom and Angie for all the time and hard work you put into it.

This is on the 4Th of July we had a BBQ and then we played some games until it got dark enough for the fireworks to start. Here is my dad and Karlee she loves her dad2 as she calls him.

Here are all the kids sitting by Ma2 watching all the amazing fireworks!

We took the kids swimming at the pool and they were all so excited to wear their new goggles!

Here is Karlee with her goggles too! They didn't to well to keep the water out of her eyes but they sure where cute!

This last weekend we had our Ellison family reunion in Wenatchee, Washington. We had so much fun, we did so many fun things. Everyone got these cute t-shirts to wear. On Thursday we went kayaking and then we went on a hike. On Friday some of us went rafting while the rest of us went to this German town Called Leavenworth to walk around some shops. On Saturday we went boating. We had so much fun we were busy every minute of everyday we were there.

Here is a picture of everyone that made it.

Then to end our fun adventures until I get back on here with our new adventures, It was my Grandmas birthday on Monday so we went over to surprise her with some flowers and to sing happy birthday to her. What a cute grandma! Happy Birthday Grandma!