Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving and Pinkalicious!

I was taking pictures of the kids the other day and I just love this one.  Lulu is crying and Owen is looking at her like what is your problem just smile for mom!

Later Lulu was much happier!  I love this face. 

We made hand turkey's for Thanksgiving!

Lulu loves to do this with her shirts and it drives me crazy, I think that is why she likes to do it!  She thinks she is so funny!

Whenever you mention swimming this little girl gets so excited she has to put on her goggles she is so funny!

Lulu helped me make cookies again or she helped me eat the batter!

On Thanksgiving we went to my parents house for dinner.  Cody and Randall had a arm wrestling match to see who is the stronger one out of the two.  

Saturday we went and saw the play Pinkalicious.  Lulu dressed up all in pink.

Here Lulu is going up the stairs to see the Pink Santa but once we got up there and she saw him she didn't want to go near him.  I should have taken a picture of the Pink Santa to put on here.  

Lulu really liked the play and she did a good job sitting for the whole play.  

After the show with the stage behind us you can't see it very good. 

This little guy turned 3 months old. I can't believe he is already three months.  Time has gone by so fast and he is getting so big and he is the sweetest baby.  He is so happy and always smiling.  He is so patient with Lulu and with me.  I love my little Owen so much he is such a blessing to our family!
At his appointment this week he weighed 10 lbs and 3 Ounces he is putting on the weight!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just Hanging Out!

I think this may have been the fastest downloading pictures onto my blog ever.  It was so nice it only took like two minutes to do it when sometimes it can take up to a couple hours.  

Here Lulu is helping Ma2 rake the leaves, she looked so grown up out there racking leaves!

This little guy sleeps all the time which I love because then I can just hold him and snuggle with him and kiss those cheeks and he just sleeps and smiles in his sleep!  

Again sleeping!

We got a big box in the mail and Lulu thought it made for a good slide!  Cody picked up to move it and she shook her hand at him and said " No Touch, Slide" it was pretty cute and funny!

I was just taking pictures and Lulu stuck her hand out and said "no picture no picture" I guess she didn't want her picture taken anymore!

When I was taking Owen's picture Lulu wanted to get in there and have her picture taken with baby brother!

And then Lulu got a little rough with baby brother, she can start out being so soft and nice but it can change very quickly!

I got this cute little hat for Owen today my cousin Lisa made it!  I love it!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Silly Kids

Oh Lulu she is such a silly girl!  She may look like she is in pain or not happy in this picture but she was just fine.  

I love her little personality

 Little Owen is getting so big, we took him to the doctor last week and he weighed just over 9 pounds.  He likes to eat and sleep and he is just going into his size 0 -3 month clothes.

He was smiling in this picture but I think I got the end of the smile so it looks a little silly!

Every night when Cody comes home from work Lulu will hide from him.  This is where she hides its always in the same spot.  I guess if you can see them they can't see you!

Lulu loves to take her bubble baths!

Little Owen just hanging out!

Lulu wanted to hold Baby Brother!

We went bowling as a family the other night and Lulu really had lots of fun rolling the ball down the lane!

She also had fun typing and keeping score!

Owen in his tie shirt so cute!

Just sucking on his pacifier!

Lulu at Costco with her little doggie!

At Costco Lulu found this and thought it was the coolest thing ever she sat and looked at it for 20 minutes   It was pretty cool it moves and plays music and it had lights on it,  it is  like the real thing!  Lulu was in heaven!

We went outside to blow bubbles!

Lulu sure loves Candy!  Here she has her mouth full of Chocolate and saying " I love Chocolate"

Going for a ride!  

Elephant ride anyone?

All snuggled up!