Saturday, January 22, 2011

23 Weeks Old

Cody was delayed a week going to India and I was fine with that it just meant that we had a week longer to hang out! On Monday we headed up to Multnomah Falls with my mom and Angie's family to show Cody. When we got there it was drizzling a little bit, we didn't think that was to bad so we started the hike to the bridge to get a little closer to the falls.
Here we are before we hiked to the bridge.

We made it to the top and oh my goodness it was so crazy the mist was really bad and it was so windy. Cody had me stand on the bridge while he stood up on the path and took a picture of me and the mist was getting me in the face so bad that i had a hard time keeping my eyes open it was pretty funny!
Here is most of the group minus Angie, Karlee and Me!

Cody and Olivia On the bridge and Cody is so wet!

Here we are back down at the bottom and all wet, it was so much fun to go up there to check out the falls and it was fun getting all wet! Lulu did great she didn't mind the mist getting her!

The day came that we had to say good bye to Cody and send him off to India, he left Wednesday morning the 19Th. Olivia and I got up early to take him to the airport, Olivia helped him check in.

Getting ready to say good bye!

Waiting in line to get checked in. It was sad saying good bye to Cody but I'm very thankful for skype so we are able to still get a chance to see Cody and talk to him, and so Lulu can see her Daddy everyday!

Here Lulu is sitting in her bumbo with her new try that you can attach to the bumbo, this was our first time using the tray and I thought it was pretty cool for Lulu to be able to sit in her bumbo and have toys right there for her to play with but only a minute into playing with her toys on her new tray this happened....................................................................................................

The tray fell off and Lulu thought that it would be a nice teether so she started to chew on the tray. I fixed it over and over and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stay attached to the Bumbo I was starting to think how stupid the tray and bumbo was to have a tray that didn't even stay attached. So I finally I took Lulu out of the bumbo and sat it off to the side along with the tray. Later that day I saw the tray box and decided to look at it and found the instructions on how to connect the tray to the bumbo, don't worry guys I'm really special I should always read the instructions on things before I decided to get mad at them. Once I read how to do it the right way I tried it and it worked and the tray didn't come off I even had a hard time removing the tray from the bumbo when I wanted it to come off. Ha ha I'm so silly.

This morning Lulu was playing in her exersaucer when I caught her trying to eat the tags on this little nest that is attached to her exersaucer. I thought it was so funny that from all the different toys that are on her exersaucer to play with she is so intense on getting those little tags into her mouth. She sat there and tried so hard for a long time. She is so silly!

So serious!

This week Lulu meet her friend Ginny for the first time. Ginny is 2 1/2 months old there is a 11 week difference between the two of them. It was so cute to watch Lulu with Ginny, Lulu loved all of Ginny's hair she kept touching it and running her hand through her hair. Ginny loved watching Lulu kick her legs she just kept smiling as Lulu kicked her legs. Ginny and Lulu are about the same age difference apart as Ginny's mom (Steph) and I are. Steph and I have been friends since Kindergarten and it has been so fun to have a baby around the same time as Steph. I hope Ginny and Lulu can be as good of friends as me and Steph have been.

And look who turned 23 weeks old today!

Today Lulu was doing one of the funniest things yet, I was at the store with my sister and Lulu was just hanging out when I kept hearing her doing this little coughing thing, it wasn't a real cough it was like a fake cough she kept doing it over and over and over and it was so funny. I wonder if she just liked the reaction she got from us when she would do it and she kept doing it. It would be interesting to know what little babies were thinking when they do certain things. We love you Lulu you are always full of surprises.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I forgot a couple of pictures that I wanted to add to my post last week! I have mentioned before how Cody loves to give Lulu her baths and Lulu loves to take baths, here is a picture of the three of us after Cody giving Lulu her bath he loves holding her after her baths in her cute bear towel!

Last week Lulu discovered her feet, She loves to hold her feet when she is laying on the floor. It is so cute to watch her doing it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

22 Weeks Old

I know I just posted on Friday about her turning 5 months old but she turned 22 weeks old yesterday so we had to do our usual photo shoot, this time I thought it would be fun to let her hold the paper instead of putting it behind her. She did a pretty good job holding on to it she only wanted to eat it towards the end.
I know there are 4 pictures of her this week I just had a hard time picking two, I seem to have that problem a lot.

I thought her smile was so funny in this picture so I had to add it!

We couldn't find Lulu the other day she was missing we searched all over and we finally found her with these two silly guys!

Lulu is having some tummy time and she seems to like it more and more everyday! I thought it was pretty funny how she was playing with Cody's toes!

After all the kids were dressed for the day we saw that Lulu matched Kelsie and Karlee with their polka dots so we had to take a picture of them all together!

The other day Karlee asked Cody to brush her hair I thought it was so cute that he was brushing her hair. He will do a great job when Lulu gets hair on her head, I think he will do a better job at doing her hair then I will.

Friday, January 14, 2011

5 Months Old!

Today is January 14Th which means it is Lulu's Birthday, today she turns 5 months old! Wow I can't believe it, she is getting so big and she is learning so much everyday it has been so much fun to watch her grow!

Over the last month Lulu has been rolling over lots I think the most at one time she rolled 4 times it was pretty funny to turn your back for a few minutes and she has rolled away! She still doesn't love being on her tummy but she will do it more often now and she holds her head up so well, I love this picture of her little smirk!

This was Lulu's big present for Christmas and we set it up a week ago and I forgot to post some pictures of her in it, I think I made up for it in this post because I have lots of pictures of her in it. She seems to love it, I think it is a pretty cute one if you ask me.

Her cute little legs aren't long enough to reach the bottom of it so they just dangle there and it is so cute! Sometimes we put a pillow under her feet so she can touch it and she loves to jump.

Lulu with her frog friend, I love that her seat is a little frog.

She's thinking, "another picture mom!"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Fun Time!

Alright guys I took lots of pictures this past week so I want you to sit down and make yourself comfortable before you get started because I added most of the pictures that I took.
This week we gave Lulu Rice Cereal for the first time and she did a pretty good. I was expecting it to be a lot more messy then it was. She ate a few bites and then must have gotten full or just tired of figuring out how to eat the cereal.

Here is a picture of her getting ready for a bite, thinking OK I can do this!

Then she is having second thoughts about it, but eats it anyways!

She gets it and decides that's not what she wanted after all!

Over all we had a good experience with eating her rice cereal!
Cody is reading Lulu a story and she did a good job laying there listening to the story.

The three of us took a mini trip to the beach for a couple of days just to hang out. When we first got there we went straight to the beach and it was nice weather it wasn't to cold and it wasn't very windy at all. This was Lulu's first time to the beach and I think she really liked it. We stayed one night at Lincoln beach and we stayed in a hotel right on the beach, we slept with our window open so that we could here the waves all night long it was so perfect. The weather was great our first day there so we were able to take a nice walk on the beach.

Our first night there for dinner we went to Mo's and it was so yummy.

In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel and we had a great view of the beach!

After breakfast it was nice outside so we went for another walk on the beach Lulu was all bundled up on Cody and she loved our walks on the beach.

A family picture!

After our walk on the beach we headed out to go shopping and then we headed to Newport beach where we stayed our second night. We ate lots of yummy food, went to the beach, saw lots of boats.
Cody is giving Lulu a bath, she loves taking baths.

Lulu after her bath chilling with her daddy!

Lulu turned 21 weeks old this week and she is such a happy baby!

We thought we would take a picture of Lulu on her stomach since she loves to roll over now, she is one rolling machine these days!

On Saturday my nephew Jaron was baptized and he looked so sharp in his whites and in his suit, he was so excited the whole day he had the biggest smile on his face! I'm so proud of him! Here he is with his mom and dad!

Cody and I with the boy of the day!

Jaron and Lulu on his big day! Look how happy they both look!

Cody, me, and Lulu stayed with the Kenners for the night and we had a fun time. Here are Karlee, Kelsie, and Lulu before church. All of the Kenner Kids love Lulu so much!

Lulu with her Daddy before church!

Waiting to go to church, look at Lulu how she is smiling she is getting good at this whole smiling for pictures!

This week was a lot of fun I can't believe that it is over, it went by so fast too fast. Cody leaves any day now to head to India while Lulu and I stay behind, every time I think of Cody leaving it makes me sad, so I have been dreading the day that Cody leaves! Me and Lulu are going to go over to India at the end of February for a month although India sounds kind of scary and not really the place that I would like to go, I'm trying to have a open mind about it and look at it as an adventure. I'm excited to see and learn why Cody loves it so much over there and who knows maybe I will love it as much as he does, I will never know until I go over there and give it a shot. I don't know if this next month can go by fast enough I just can't wait for us to be together. What makes me the saddest is for Cody and Lulu being away from each other, Lulu grows so much everyday and I don't want Cody to miss a second of her growing and changing. I have a hard time with Lulu growing up and I'm with her every second of everyday. Cody is the best dad ever and he takes such good care of Lulu, he has so much love for her he always wants to be right there doing everything for her and with her. When I look at him holding her it breaks my heart to know that he won't be with us for a whole month in a half, I know that doesn't sound like very long but with a baby it seems like forever. Cody I want you to know that we are going to miss you so much and that we love you more then we can tell you or show you. We can't wait to come see you in India what a great experience we will have.