Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day!

Christmas MorningSammy really enjoyed his breakfast
Sadie trying on one of her presents

Sammy is so excited for his Buzz Light Year

Dan trying out his Christmas present

Peggy reading a card from her lovely husband

Our Christmas tree

Christmas morning was great we woke up at 8:00 to little Sadie and Sammy coming to wake us up it was so cute and of course I couldn't wait for her to come in and wake us up I woke up so early ready to go and see what Santa had brought us. Once everyone was awake we walked down the stairs to see all of the presents. We watched the kids look at all the toys that were left by Santa and then we opened our presents. After we opened up our presents we ate yummy Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast. I can't believe how long it takes for Christmas to get here and then how fast it goes by! Cody sure surprised me I don't know when he ever had time to go shopping for Christmas this year but he sure surprised me he did a great job. I love Christmas, I love family getting together and having fun. I hope all of you guys had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve In Carmel

Joseph pulling his donkey with Mary ridding it

Mary with Jesus
The Shepard

The Shepard and The Angel

Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus

Sadie in front of her perfect little tree

All of us in front of our tree

Our Stockings

Our Tree
The dinner table
On Tuesday night we arrived in Carmel where we spent Christmas, after we got to the house and unloaded all of our many bags, we all loaded back into the cars and drove to a tree lot to pick out our tree that would be the twinkle in our eye for the holiday season. It was fun and we were the only people there. We found a cute little guy and put him in the back of the car and drove home. The next morning Christmas Eve we woke up and the first thing we did was decorate our cute little tree. Then we went down to the beach to fly some kites and to fly Josh's airplane, then we went and played a game of Ultimate Frisbee it was a lot of fun. Then we went home to shower and get ready for a yummy dinner of ham and turkey. After we stuffed are belly's full of yummy food we rolled ourselves over the the living room for a great Nativity Scene. Sadie was Mary, Sam was Joseph, Cody was Shepard, Kim was the angel, Josh was the donkey, I was the star and Danielle was the Narrator. It turned out really cute everyone did a great job on their parts. After we did our Nativity Scene we opened up our pj's and it was so funny we had Sammy go first because he is the youngest and then we worked our way up by age. Well Sammy was first and he was so excited for his present but once he opened it up and saw what he got he started to cry and said he didn't want pj's. Well because he was sad Cody let Sammy help him open his present and he was once again so excited to be opening a present but once he saw what was in side he started to cry again. It was so funny we were laughing so hard and he was just so mad that everyone was getting pj's. Once we opened our presents we set out some milk and cookies for Santa and headed to bed so we could get up early to see what Santa brought us.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our One Year Anniversary

At Dinner

The Flowers and Carmel Apple Cody gave me.

Yesterday was Cody and My One year anniversary, I woke up early to make breakfast for Cody, I wanted to make him something different than what I have made in the past so I made Egg Mcmuffin's (I'm not to sure on how to spell that or if that is what they are really called, but they turned out OK Cody was in a hurry to get to school so we ate them in our room on the edge of our bed, I thought it was a pretty funny site. Then he was off to school and I was off to work, when I came home from work and I walked into my room to see on my night stand next to my bed some beautiful white and red flowers I loved them and it made me so happy. Then I went into the bathroom to go to the bathroom and there I found a yummy looking Carmel apple one of my favorites sitting in a cute Green box. After finding the apple I thought to myself that is weird that I didn't see a note or card with the flowers so I went back to take another look. There was no card and then I looked over at my bed and saw that it was made differently than I make it so I pulled the sheets down and lifted the pillow and there was card to me! While I waited for Cody to come home from school I sat down to check my e-mails and guess what I found a e-mail from Cody so hurried up and read it and it was a cute poem it made me laugh, I would post it on my blog but I don't know if Cody would want me to. What a cute boy I have a I sure am lucky to have him. Once he got home from school we headed out to dinner at a place called Goodwood, were I liked Cody's food much better than I liked mine so I ate most of his while he ate most of mine. Then we went home to watch a movie and Cody was out in the first 15 minutes by 8:30 what a early night. Although it was a early night it sure was fun and I sure do love him and I am so thankful that I found him and he found me!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Early Christmas at the Guptill House

Kallie and Me at the tree farm

Cody cutting down the Jaron Tree

All of us with our tree

Cody and Kyle bringing in tree
Cody and me putting the star on top

All of us around our tree

Pa2 checking on the water in the tree

The kids loved their pajama pants they were dancing all over the place it was pretty funny!

Jaron is being a Nutcracker
Dad and Mom in there pajamas
Cody and me

Eating our Christmas Breakfast

The kids in there Christmas dresses that Ma2 made for them

While Cody and I were in Oregon for Thanksgiving we decided to have a little mini Christmas since Cody and I wont be there for Christmas. And Cody had to experience going to get a Christmas tree with the Guptill family. So the day after Thanksgiving we went to the tree farm to find the perfect tree. Once we found it we took pictures next to our wonderful tree. Then we all gathered around our tree and held hands to sing our version of "Oh Christmas Tree" I wish I would have recorded the words to it because every year the words kind of change and it is pretty funny to hear what we come up with (or should I say the words my dad come up with). Then we took our tree home and decorated it that night, Cody and I were the chosen ones to put the star on top of the tree, the both of us standing on a stool weren't tall enough to reach the top so my brother John had to help us out! After we were done with the tree my mom passed out our Pajama Pants and we wore them to bed like it was Christmas Eve. Then in the morning we did a little gift exchange and ate our usual Christmas morning breakfast, It was so much fun I loved it. Thanks to my family for doing those things twice so that Cody and I could be part of it. I hope it is just as fun if not funnier on the real Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!