Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cody Graduates!

This last weekend Cody Graduated from BYU with his MBA. I am so proud of him I thought these last two years were never going to end when it first started but now I can't believe that it is all over. Here is a picture of Cody and the Cougar Capital Class at a reception before the graduation. They spent a lot of time together over the last two years.
Here is a Picture of the couples that we hung out with the most during the last two years. It is sad having everyone heading their separate ways. I hope all of us can stay in touch.

Here is Cody and I after Cody walked across the stage to get his diploma, He looks happy to be done.

Here is the whole gang who came to Cody's graduation. Dan (Cody's Dad), Peggy (Cody's Mom), Me, Cody, Kim (Cody's Sister), Gramps, Scott (My dad), Benton (Kim's son), Granny, Ellen (My mom). It was fun having everyone together. Thanks Mom and Dad, and Kim and Benton for coming all that way to share this wonderful time with Cody. It was fun hanging out with all of you guys!

Another picture of Cody and me after graduation! I just can't believe that he is all done. Have I said how proud of him I am. Good Job Cody I love you and you are so wonderful!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

23 weeks along and a BYU baseball game!

Here are some pictures of my pregnant self, I feel like some days I look pregnant and other days I just look like I ate at an all you can eat buffet! I'm 23 weeks along and I'm feeling so much better these days. The first three in a half months I was pretty sick off and on. But now I feel like a new women. I'm so glad that part of my pregnancy is over. We are both so excited to meet our little bundle of joy, but we still haven't come up with a name and most likely won't until the day she arrives, but hopefully we will before she has her first birthday! As of right now we have been calling her Lulu but that won't be her real name or maybe it will.

The other night Cody and I went to a BYU baseball game with some of our friends from the MBA program Kyle and Andrea with their three cute as a button girls. They are so cute and Cody and I have so much fun with them. I sure hope they don't move to far away from us! This is Brooklyn she is 5 and she is a funny girl.

Here Brooklyn is with Cody she is laughing. It was a lot of fun to go out to the ball game with them. I can't believe the program is over and Cody is all done all he has left to do is walk across and get his diploma. The last two years have really gone by so fast and I'm so proud of Cody he did a great job! With all the things that he had going on he still passed with all A's GO Cody! I love you so much!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go Jazz!

Cody and I had the chance to go to a Jazz game with Peggy and Dan, and Granny and Gramps. We were center court and only 6 rows up they were amazing seats. This is a picture from our seats. I felt like I was on the bench waiting for the coach to put me in. Wouldn't that be a something to see!

This is a picture of Cody and I after I took a picture with the zoom in and I didn't realize it was still zoomed when I took the picture but I know if I asked Cody to smile again for another picture he would make a silly face so I was happy with the picture I got.

Cody and I at half time with I think the dancers in the back on the court! It was such a fun game it went into over time and we ended up winning. Go Jazz!

This guy was so funny he was on the front row across from the court from us and every chance he got to stand up and dance he sure took it. He was one funny guy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

For Easter we were in St. George with Cody's family and it was so much fun!

Kim and Sadie made us our cute bunny ears to wear for the day! Thanks guys they were so cute! We all had to stand in the kitchen to take pictures before we could go out to see what the Easter bunny brought the little ones. The kids were so excited they couldn't wait.

In the afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt put on by Dan and Peggy it was a lot of fun to go searching for our eggs. It was fun to watch the kids collect their eggs. Here we are getting a picture taken as a group.

Here are the kiddos all dressed up in their Easter clothes so cute!

Cody and I didn't bring anything nice to wear for Easter so we thought we would wear our bunny ears to make up for our clothes! It was such nice weather I wish we had more time to spend together it was just to short.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Go Bazari

Cody and his team Bazari had another competition yesterday they presented and last night they had a dinner to announce the top three finalist. Bazari was one of the top three so they had to present again today. I wasn't able to make it on time to see them present but I made it in time to find out who placed what. Everyone won something third place won 20 thousand dollars, second place won 30 thousand dollars, and first place won 50 thousand place. So everyone left with a good chunk of change. Bazari won second place and I am so proud of them they are doing such a good job. They have another competition tomorrow morning. Good luck boys!
Cody with the check

Cody and his team Andrew, Dave, Cody, and Brandon. Look how happy they are.

The team and some of the guys in charge of the competition and of course the cougar.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Job Bazari!

My husband Cody James Campbell and his team took first place yesterday in a business competition. They did a great job presenting, and they have worked so hard on this business plan that they earned it. The business is called Bazari. I'm so proud of Cody as he is doing so well with this business plan and working so hard these last couple of months to the end of school. Cody and his team want to take there company and go to India for the summer so if they can win enough competitions then they will have the funding to do it! Good job Cody you are awesome!