Thursday, May 26, 2011

40 Weeks Old

Once again I'm late, but we are still on the road. This last week we were in Arizona visiting Cody's sister Danielle and her family we had lots of fun hanging out with them. We were able to go to Sam's graduation from preschool and it was so cute and he is getting so big. We also were able to go to Sam and Sadie's swim practice and watch their mad skills at swimming. We had so much fun thanks you guys for letting us come visit!

Lulu turned 40 weeks old last Saturday! In this picture she is trying to reach for the sign and she knows I don't like her to do it so it has turned into a game to see if she can get every week. That is why she is smiling because she knows I don't want her to do that!

In this picture you can kind of see her top teeth that are working there way through!

Lulu has started to pull herself up on things and is able to stand up. She is getting so big and I'm so proud of her!
Here are the boys and Lulu at the park taking a break from all the playing!

Lulu and Cody went down the slide for Lulu's first time!

And here is little Benton, Cody and I are watching this little guy while his mom and dad are in Italy. Him and Lulu love to give hugs and kisses to each other.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

9 Months Old!

I'm sorry this post is a few days late but we have been on the road and haven't had the Internet for me to blog. This last weekend we went to Vegas to Tyler's graduation and to pick up our cute little nephew Benton that Cody and I are going to watch for two weeks while his mom and dad go to Italy. It was fun seeing Tyler and Kim for a little bit. Here is a cute picture of Lulu and Benton hugging and kissing each other, it looks like Lulu is trying to eat Benton's head. It was the cutest thing these two love to kiss and hug each other it is going to be a fun two weeks! Thanks Kim and Tyler for letting us watch Benton!

So most children get attached to something right like a blanket or a toy or a Binky, well our little one loves her nursing pillow when ever she sees it she just gets so excited and hugs it and smiles it is the funnest thing. I just wish it was something not so big and awkward to carry around.

Lulu is 9 months old this last Saturday and growing every second of every minute of every day! She has two new teeth that have poked through on her top. Hopefully by next week they will be through enough that we can get them in a picture. I love this little outfit of Lulu's but I think that it is getting to be almost to small for her, I hate it when I love outfits of her and she grows out of them, but because she is small she is able to wear them for a longer time.

I think that Lulu looks like a little boy in this picture. We were in her room playing with her toys the other day and I put this bowl on her head and she thought that was a pretty funny trick she kept laughing every time I put it on her head and then she would laugh as soon as it fell off her head. She is a funny girl!

We did another thing on our list of things to do this summer, we went miniture golfing and it was so much fun! Lulu even got in on the fun. She was such a good girl the whole time while we played!

Lulu had her 9 month doctors appointment this last week and she is a healthy girl but a little one at that. She only gained one pound in the last three months she weighs just under 16 pounds she is in the 5Th percentile. She is a our little girl that is for sure! Here she is getting her toe pricked to get some blood and she didn't even cry! Don't worry she made up for it when she got her shot.

She looks a little worried in this picture but she really liked this nurse.

We put Lulu in her swing to give it a shot since it had been a few months since she has been in it. She didn't like it so much! But she still fits in there like a princess!

I love that it looks like she is looking at her little belly!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

We were just hanging out one day at home and little Lulu and Cody were playing and I just thought this was the cutest picture of her!

Cody and I got season passes to Seven Peaks and Trafalga and this week the weather was so nice outside that we put our pass to use and went to Trafalga to hit some balls. It was so nice it was free and we were able to hit balls for as long as we wanted to and we did. I think we both had pretty soar hands and arms from hitting so many balls!

Here is a picture of Cody in action, He is a very good hitter!

Lulu was our little cheerleader on the side lines she sure is a cute little cheerleader and a good one at that!

Cody and I have made a list of things that we want to do this summer before he goes back to India. This week we have started on that list, We went for a hike, hit balls at the batting cages and flew a kite. The day we tried to fly a kite we had a hard time finding wind for to work to well but we did get it up for a few minutes. I didn't get any pictures of Cody flying the kite but here are a couple of pictures of us hanging out after our kite flying.

Cody tossing Lulu up in the air!

Lulu with her daddy!Lulu with her Mommy!

Love this face of hers.

I was trying to get a good picture of her two cute little teeth because this little girls is getting four new teeth her top front ones and so soon her little smile will change from a two teeth smile to a six teeth smile.

This little girl at 8 months gave her first kiss to a boy, we went over to our friends house for dinner the other night and they have a little boy that is just over a year old, I sat Lulu on the floor to play with him and the first thing she did was reach out with her little hands grab his face pull him towards her and gave him the cutest little kiss on the lips. I was so in shock I wish I had my camera to capture the moment but I didn't. After the big kiss happened the Little boy his name is Miles, he got up went behind her and gave her a hug and then tried to pick her up it was so so so cute.

Look at this little girl isn't she the sweetest most adorable baby ever, I think so and I couldn't ask for a better baby to be a first time mom to. She makes me smile everyday with the things that she does, she is growing so fast and before I know it she will be packing up her room and heading off to college that makes me so sad. I love her so much! Thank you Lulu for being my wonderful baby! I love you!

Happy Mothers Day to My mom Ellen and my mother in law Peggy!

For Mothers day Cody made me breakfast in bed it was yummy! Then when I went into Lulu's room to get her out of her crib I found this wonderful surprise of chocolates, flowers, a balloon and a card from Lulu and Cody!

Lulu loved playing with the balloon that she got me!

For dinner Dan and Cody were hard at work and made me and Granny a wonderful Mothers day dinner of Steak, shrimp, baked potatoes, green salad, berries, bread, sparkling cider and for dessert chocolate cupcakes and ice cream. They did such a wonderful job everything tasted so yummy! Thanks guys for thinking of us on mothers day! Everything turned out perfect!

Lulu loved sitting with Granny, she got a hold of Granny's pretty earrings and started to pull good thing I was right there to stop it from going any further than a little pull! Granny was so sweet she didn't mind she just said "it is OK, she's so cute" Granny we love you!