Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Years Together!

Tuesday December 8Th was our two year anniversary and I came home to this on the table waiting for me, roses and balloons. I can't believe that it has been two years already the time has gone by so fast! I love Cody and he makes me laugh everyday.
On Tuesday we didn't have much time to do much so we went to dinner to one of my favorite places to eat and then we called it a night but then on Saturday I was in charge of planning our date.

For our date I made breakfast for the two of us and then we got ready to go sledding, I was so excited because I haven't been sledding since my freshman year of college. Cody was so funny he found this helmet and told me I had to wear it to go sledding. I kept telling him that I wasn't going to because I would be the only person out there wearing a helmet. But I had to tell him I would wear it just to get out of our house so I wore it in the car and then took it off once we got there. It was a good thing because there were five year olds out there sledding with no helmets on so I would of been pretty silly looking.

Here Cody is getting ready to go down the hill on our cool big tube.
Taking a break from the sledding to take a picture of the two of us and our tube.

After a fun morning of sledding we went out to lunch at Spicy Thai. It was so yummy! It was such a perfect day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in Mexico!

I'm back I know I haven't posted anything for awhile and it is because I did something to my hair and I'm not a fan of it. Although it is starting to grow on me, It won't be like this for long. I actually go back in on Tuesday to hopefully fix my hair. I thought it would be fun to go dark but when I was thinking dark I didn't think this dark. When I left the salon my hair was almost black but it has faded a lot.

Over Thanksgiving we went to Mexico with Cody's family. It was a lot of fun, here Cody, Sadie and I on our first day in Mexico.

On Thanksgiving day we went to this nice hotel to eat a thanksgiving feast! It was so yummy and Our table was out in the courtyard and we had the best view of the ocean! This is everyone that we spent the Thanksgiving weekend with. Cody's uncle Van and his family were there and it was so much fun getting to know them!

We went go kart racing and it was a lot of fun! Here is Cody in action he was a speed racer!

I found some gangsters while we were there Cody, Grant, and Josh!

This was a little taco place we went to they had very yummy tacos! Sadie, Sam, Me, and Grant.

My lady friend that I met while in Mexico, isn't she pretty!

Look at these big, buff,scary, masked men I found running around on the streets of Mexico.
Cody, Grant, and Van
While walking around the streets of Mexico we saw this cute little man selling corn on a stick! You pick your corn on the cob out of this big bucket of hot water and then you can get mayonnaise, cheese, and chili powder on it, to me it looked and sounded not so good but I thought it was interesting! And the man was so cute and nervous because he knew very little English.

Cody decided to get on the man's bike and try to sell the corn on a stick, it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing! The man to the right just was working away on preparing the corn for his customers.

Here Grant is enjoying is Corn on a Stick!

One day when we were at the beach I really wanted to take a picture of Cody and me on the beach, but it was so hard to get Cody to take a picture with me he was so funny. So I just started taking a bunch of pictures of him until he charged at me, I love this picture look at his face!
But in the end I got my picture!

Our last night in Mexico we played a fun game of bingo. Cody's sister Danielle brought all the stuff to play even the cool ink dabbers to mark your cards. This is a picture of all us after playing BINGO! Thanks Danielle it was so much fun!

Our last morning together in Mexico eating breakfast out by the pool enjoying the weather and our view! Thanks Dan and Peggy for amazing trip!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

On Thursday we went over to my Aunt's house to carve pumpkins and it was a lot of fun! I love carving pumpkins!

On Halloween night we had a party at our house with some of our friends from Cody's MBA program it was a lot of fun. Cody was a Pirate and I dressed up as a Devil!

We played lots of fun games. The first game we played was the doughnut game. Corey, Cody, Adam, and Rustin! It was so much fun watching the boys eat their doughnuts, After a few bites all of their doughnuts ended up on the floor and they ate them from the ground it was so funny!

Cody was the winner he finished his doughnut first and as you can see he feels like he is going to throw up!
Our turn, Nikki killed the rest of us girls!
Then we bobbed for apples, the bucket wasn't very big so it was hard to have two of us going at the same time but we did and it was crazy. Cody squished my head up against the bucket trying to get his apple, he was not going to loose! And he won!
Then we played pin the nose on the Jack-O-Lantern, it was so much fun all of us were rolling on the ground laughing it was so funny! And as each person went it got more crazy, Here Cody is spinning me before I put my nose on Jack! He did such a good job spinning me I had a hard time walking straight!
Putting my nose in place I guess I cheated by knocking my knuckles up against the paper!
Here Cody is getting spun by his friends it took three of them to spin him!
They spun him so crazy they ended up carrying him down the hall
Once Cody made his way back into the living room the boys were all over the place. Here Rustin is kneeling in front of the blind trying to trip him.

Here Cody is protecting himself he is punching the air but he is trying to get Rustin.
Our friend Jack with his many noses and the one and only nose that didn't make it on Jack was Corey's nose!

We also made carmel apples, we had carmel, white chocolate and crushed oreo's. They were so yummy to eat!
Erin, Krystal, Nikki, and Me!
It was a fun Halloween! Oh and we didn't get one single trick or treater!

Monday, October 26, 2009


I feel like I'm always a week or two behind in posting on my blog, my goal is to be more on top of it. Two weekends ago Cody's sister Danielle and her family were in town for a cousin's wedding. So we packed the car full and headed to thanksgiving Point to Cornbellys with Danielle, Josh, Sadie, Sam, Dan, Peggy, Cody and me it was so much fun!
Here Sam is driving Sadie to the corn maze! They are such cute and fun kids!

Sam and Cody are driving the tractor it was so cute watching them driving around on this tractor/bike!

Oh no Cody and I are lost in the corn maze. Someone HELP!

Josh and Cody riding on the cow train it was so funny for all of us adults ridding on this! I felt like a kid again it was fun!

Cody was so happy to be ridding the cow train!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I went to Oregon for a long weekend and we were busy from the time I got there until the minute I left! Angie and the kids came up for a visit while I was there and we went to the Pumpkin patch, My mom, Serena, Angie, the kids and I all went and it was so much fun!

Here is Jaron with his pick of the pumpkins he was so excited he got right down next to it to show his excitment!

Here is Kallie she had a hard time deciding on just one pumpkin so she had to have some time to think it over. She decided and it wasn't on either one of those it was a bigger and better pumpkin!
Here is Karlee she was so happy she was running all over the place checking out all the pumpkins. We would have her old a little pumpkin so we could take a picture but she thought they were little balls and would throw them it was so funny!

Oh Kelsie she cracks me up, look at her face she is so happy about holding this pumpkin. This is her pumpkin and it was the very first one she saw and touched she was in love at first sight!
Here we all are carving our pumpkins it was so much fun and a wonderful day!

Here is Kelsie with her pumpkin and he is all craved she was so proud!

Look at Kallie she was so funny. Serena put some fake spiders on her pumpkin and all the kids thought that was cool so they had to put spiders on their pumpkins as well. Once Kallie did she wanted nothing to do with her pumpkin she was so scared of it it was so funny!

After we finished our pumpkins we played the doughnut game, it was so much fun and so funny to watch everyone eating their doughnuts. Even my dad Scott Guptill played and guess what???????

He Won! Go Dad!
He was even holding Karlee the whole time and he still won!

The kids made halloween costumes out of paper bags it was fun making them. Jaron was a rubiks cube, Kelsie was a clown, Kallie was a Super Star, and Karlee was a Pirate but she didnn't like the idea of wearing that costume on her head, I don't know why! It was a cute idea and the kids had fun making them and wearing them. After the kids were done making their costumes they went trick or treating around the house where they would knock on each door in the house and someone was there to give them candy it was fun and a cute idea! It was so much fun going home!