Sunday, January 26, 2014

Story Time, Fun with Friends, Golden Gate Park!

We live just a block away from the public library so we like to go to their story time.  They have these little colored chairs for the kids to sit in.  Lulu loves to sit in the purple chair but the problem with that is there is only three purple chairs and lots and lots of kids, so we have to get to story time really early and so then by the time story time starts Owen and Lulu are having a hard time sitting still and being nice to each other.  Owen likes to put his foot up on Lulu's chair or her lap to get a reaction out of her and he sure does!  It's so fun to watch these little ones do the dances and finger plays with the teacher!

Going for a walk.  This is rare for these two to be holding hands and being nice to one another that I had to take some pictures!  

We love to go to the park and the weather has been so nice since we have been here!

This little girl is a silly one.  She sure knows how to keep me on my toes all day long.  I love peeking in on her when she is sleeping she is so sweet and she is growing up way to fast.  Where does the time go?  I love you my sweet little Lulu!

On Saturday's we started switching off babysitting with our good friends the Burningham's that we moved to San Francisco with.  This Saturday was our first time doing it and we were watching their kids while they went on a date.  They have three little ones Ben who is 5, Brooklyn who is 3, and Ezra who is 1.  We took them to Golden Gate Park to watch the little sail boats on the lake.  It was lots of fun!

After our adventure to Golden Gate Park we went home and had lunch.  
Brooklyn and Lulu!

Owen and Daddy eating their lunch!

After the Burningham's left we went to a fun little wind mill in Golden Gate Park. 

Lulu wanted to hold Owen.  
Owen is just as big as she is!

Then we went over to the beach and let Lulu play in the sand, Owen isn't a fan of the sand. 

Lulu playing in the sand!

Owen was so cute while I was taking Lulu's pictures Owen was over by his sign just in a diaper
smiling for his pictures.  He cracks me up!

Then I put a shirt on him and he got serious!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Zoo and Golden Gate Park!

We got season passes to the San Francisco Zoo.  We went with some friends.
Lulu and the baby elephant. 

We found some flamingos!

Riding a Camel!

On Saturday my Aunt Elizabeth and her family came to visit us and we went to Golden Gate Park for a picnic and then we went exploring!  

 Lulu and Ruth!

Smoothie Stash!  She didn't want me to take her picture!

Lulu helping her dad build some stuff for the house!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our Big Move!

The Holidays are over and our family made a big move to San Francisco!  We rolled into town on January 3rd with no place to live.  We had found an apartment that we liked but wanted to check out another place first before deciding.  We checked out the other place and decided that the apartment was for us so we signed the paperwork got our keys.  We had our keys but didn't have our stuff, our POD was running a week late. So we ran to Target to grab stuff to get us by until our things came.  
So far we have liked San Francisco, we have a park and the public library, we can see the beach from our apartment complex.  The weather has been fantastic!

Here Lulu is giving a little doggy a ride to the park!

A day at the beach with friends!
Owen is not to sure about the sand! And he does not like the water. 

Lulu playing in the sand!

Owen walking in the sand!

 Playing at the park by our house!