Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Olivia's First Week Home!

Here is what we have been up to in the week that Olivia has been home. This is the first time she was in her swing that she loves to be in. Thanks Josh, Jess, Andrew and Cody for putting it together! Olivia is the best baby ever and I think I will keep her! Cody is a wonderful dad and does such a good job taking care of her. He is the diaper man and he has gotten it down to only using one wipe to change her diaper. Way to go Cody!

Lulu hanging out in our bed, she looks so cute!

Napping with daddy in our bed!

Ma2 holding Lulu!

We took a walk to a toy store near our house and we had our first family picture taken!

We took a walk to and dad used the stroller for the first time!

We went to Bridal Veil!

Granny holding and meeting Lulu for the first time!

Granny and Gramps came over for a visit to meet Lulu for the first time!

This was the first day home and my great job at wrapping Lulu up I didn't realize I didn't wrap her legs and feet up Oops!

I love this picture of her!

She is sleeping a lot right now and I love it, I'm sure it won't last for long but I love it while it does!
Look how sweet she is, she is cuddling with dad Cody loves to cuddle with her!

Auntie Kim and Benton came over to meet Lulu for the first time.

Last night Cody's parents came home from their vacation and came right over to our house to meet and hold Lulu for the first time! Welcome home guys!

I can't believe that we have already been home with Lulu for a whole week how the time has flown by so fast! Before we know it Lulu will be graduating from high school!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lulu is Here!

We want to welcome our Little Lulu to the world. She came earlier than we thought she would, we had a scheduled C-section for today August 18Th at 7:45am but Saturday morning at 2:30 when i was sleeping my water broke, so we rushed in the hospital to have a C-section early. We were excited and we had to wait five hours before they would do the C-section so we tried to sleep while in the hospital but we just couldn't. Finally the time came for her to come, I like to introduce
Olivia Suzette Campbell!
She is so cute and perfect in every way!

The Happy Family!

A proud Mommy and cute sleeping Lulu! She is so perfect and I love her so much!

Auntie Jess snuggling with Lulu in the Hospital! Jess came to see us in the hospital everyday, it was fun having her come see us! She sure loves Lulu and Lulu loves her!

She is so sweet!

A Proud Daddy with Lulu! He is so good with her, he changed all of her diapers while we were in the hospital he kept track of how many that was 27 diapers, he is a pro at changing diapers now and so good at it! He loves her so much that the first two days we were in the hospital I didn't feel very good at all so he had Lulu all to himself and he loved every minute of it! So when I was feeling better on that third day in the hospital he had to share her with me and that was hard for him because he enjoyed just having her all to himself! But he is the best dad and I can just see the love he has for her!

Cody changing Lulu's diaper he does a great job!
Cody cuddling and taking a nap with Lulu!

My mom made it into town the day we were leaving the hospital she had planned to come to Utah the day before my planned C-section but since Lulu decided to come early my mom made it just in time to leave the hospital and start the adventure at home on our own, away from the hospital help and comfort!

Here Lulu is ready to go home and leave the hospital!

Lulu you make us so happy and we are glad to have you in our family, what a wonderful baby you are! So perfect and wonderful!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Ball

While I was in Oregon my sister Angie painted my belly as a beach ball. She did such a good job. Here is a picture of little lulu all painted.