Sunday, February 23, 2014

Johns Wedding!

Lulu had her first gymnastic class on Monday and loved it!

She did the bars!

She did somersaults! 

Lulu had her friend Brooklyn over to play.  
They made glasses!

And they played and played and ate lunch!

We left on Wednesday to fly to Washington DC to go to my brother Johns wedding!  
The kids loved wearing their backpacks!  And they loved flying on the airplane!

Lulu had a good eye and found our bags as they came out!

We made it to Johns house and Owen still wanted to wear his backpack around!

Owen wanted to wear the baby bjorn!  This is how he thought you wore it!

Lulu loved the snow.  She climbed this tall snow mountain and was surfing on it.  

Angie came into town and after we picked her up at the airport we went to a museum. 

The kids having a snack and getting some fresh air. 

On Friday we went into DC and went to the National History Museum!  Lulu got to be the president!  

Friday night we had a little party for John as it was his last night being a single man!  Cody planned some minute to win it games.  First we played the cup stacking game.  Then we played a toilet paper game.  Then a chopstick and marshmallow game. and to end we did the cookie game.  It was a good night!

Saturday was the big day!  
Here Lulu is with her cousin Matthew, waiting outside the temple. 

 Lulu and I waiting outside the temple!

Owen getting ready for his dancing!

Owen and Matthew!

The groom and the best man waiting for the bride!

Lulu and Daddy enjoying a fun drink while we wait for our food!

Lulu and Anna getting their groove on!

Papa and Uncle Scotty!

The Happy Couple dancing with Lulu!

Owen sporting a fun hat!

Lulu, Anna, and Grant!

Owen and Grant the day after the wedding before the Guptill's loaded up and headed back home. It was so fun seeing them!

Lulu saying goodbye to Anna!
Lulu and Owen had so much fun playing with their cousins! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day!

The kids have been doing a lot of this lately and I'm not sure how to stop it.  I was in the playroom with the kids and they were playing just fine but as soon as I left the room I heard screaming, I came back into the room to find this!  They both wanted the blue chair!  Ha ha! I'm not sure how Owen got on top like that but I thought it was pretty funny!

Happy Valentines Day!  
We had breakfast as a family and Cody made pink milk and we had cinnamon rolls!

The kids loved the balloons! 

Owen loved ridding on the back of Lulu's bike, Lulu not so much she couldn't wait for him to get off!
I thought it was perfect!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Silly Kiddos!

We were leaving story time at the library when Lulu insisted on wearing her sweatshirt around her waist.  She said its like how her cousin Sam wears his sweatshirt.  She is so silly!

Daddy got the kids cake pops and they loved them.  Here Owen is cheesing it up!

The kids enjoying their cake pops!  Yummy!

The kids were playing dress up!   
Lulu the Cow!  

Owen didn't enjoy being the cow as much as Lulu!  


We went for a scooter ride and Lulu loved showing her skills!

We went to a birthday party for one of Lulu's sunbeam friends!  Lulu loved the tire swing she spent a half hour on it!

I'm not sure what Owen is doing here he is either resting or working on his tan.  It was so funny to turn around and see him doing this.  I love that his little buddy Ezra is watching him!  

We went to a little concert and the Library, Lulu had so much dancing to the music!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jelly Belly Factory!

On Monday we went across the bay to Walnut Creek to meet up with My Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Ruth, and Cousin Meagan and her cute baby Vaughn.  We went and saw Meagan and Vaughn's house.  Lulu found Vaughn's room and found this cute giant giraffe.  

After our tour of their place we hoped into the car and headed to the Jelly Belly Factory!  Before we went inside we had a yummy picnic prepared by Aunt Elizabeth.  

Then we went inside got our hats and started the tour. 

Before we started we got to try a yummy Jelly Belly (to get us in the mood)!

Lulu watching the Jelly Bellys being made.  Lulu really liked the Jelly Belly Factory she loved watching them being made and the yummy samples they passed out!

The kiddos outside the Jelly Belly Factory with Vaughn!

We got a few new blinds put in our apartment and Lulu loved watching the guy installing them!

Lulu having fun with type!


The one thing the kids can do and get along doing it!  
stroller riding!

On Saturday Cody and I got to go on our date while the Burninghams watched our kids.  
We went to China Town and walked around got some rice candy where you can eat the wrapper (yummy and crazy).  We walked around The Whalf and ate lunch.  then we walked through the Ferry Building where they had like a little farmers market.  
We had a fun time and did lots of cool things and of course I forgot to take any pictures to show for it until the end I took a picture of Cody's face!  

After our date we went and picked up our kids and then the Burninghams and us went to Twin Peaks to get a few of the City, It was sunny but very windy and very cold we didn't last very long.  But it was a fun adventure. 

I love Owen's Cheese smile!

I think Lulu looks so grown up here!

Owen wanted to wear one of Lulu's head bands to be like her. 

Lulu and Mommy!

Silly Owen boy smiling with is head band on his hair!

Lulu was in our dirty laundry and Owen was climbing on her it was pretty funny!