Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jackson Hole

We went to Jackson Hole for a few days this week with Cody's family.  And we had lots of fun. 
We went swimming which is Lulu's favorite summer thing to do.  

We out to dinner, here is a group shot of all of the girls.  

One night we went out to dinner and after wards we watch fireworks.

One day we took a boat over to a little hike.  Lulu loved the boat ride. 

On the hike with the family!

That night we went on a Chuck Wagon ride up to eat dinner and have a show.  It was lots of fun! A group shot!

Jess was asked to come up on stage to help with a part of a song.  Lulu and Sadie went up to help sing as well, Lulu did lots of dancing up there. It was pretty cute.  
After Lulu went up to help with the song she wanted to go up there again so I let her go and she would walk up there and dance and then walk back to me and then go up and again to dance some more.  She was pretty funny that night and everyone loved her. 

After the show we took the wagons back down and we found this cute picture stop and I love this picture it is so cute with both babies smiling.  I love Lulu and Asher so cute. 

On our way out of Jackson Hole we hung out in town and made sure we got pictures taken by the horn arch.  

 Lulu and Asher got cowboy and cowgirl shirts.  So cute!

The two in there shirts!

Another week Older!  
This little girl will be two in just a few short weeks!  I don't think I'm ready for her to be two!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cody Turned Another Year Older!

So I finally was able to download some pictures on to my blog, not all of them are the best but at least you can see what's happening in them.
I was doing laundry the other day and Lulu loves to help me put stuff in the dryer. Lulu was skipping a step in doing the laundry she was taking the dirty clothes out of the hamper and putting them in the dryer.

All done and ready to be dried.

 The other day Lulu was being really quite so I went looking for her and this is where I found her in front of the TV, sitting in her bumbo in the laundry basket.

 On Monday it was a special day, it was the day Cody turned another year older he turned 32.  We started out the day with breakfast and then he opened up presents from Lulu and me.  Cody had some meetings that day so once he got done we went out to dinner to Happy Sumo with Cody's mom and dad, Jess, Ryan and Asher.  We then walked over to get some ice cream.  I love Lulu's face in this picture she is so excited for Cody's presents.

To end the night we had cake and Cody blew out the candles and made a wish

We went to a carnival the other night and Lulu got a little bag full of little toys, and inside she found these vampire teeth she loved to wear them around the house and growl at us it was pretty funny and cute. 

I caught Lulu watching Elmo like this I thought it didn't look very comfortable.

After dinner at Happy Sumo for Cody's birthday we let Lulu and Asher play in the water at the splash pad

At the place we ate ice cream they had a Lulu's favorite ride.  

Lulu got to go on the ride twice once with me and once with Bumpa, she loved every second of it.

Lulu's weekly pictures I don't know why they are sideways but they are so cute, all of her posing positions 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just Hanging Out With Lulu!

Lulu and I were playing at home one night and she wanted to wear her blanket around her neck like a cape and then she wanted another blanket tied on her so I put it around her waist like a skirt she was pretty proud of her outfit!

The other night I found these pj's that Lulu had gotten last summer but were way to big for and we put them on and they fit perfectly,  they are size 9 months.  She loved her new pj's.  She was looking at herself  in the mirror she thought she looked so cute.  

Lulu found a straw from one of my water bottles and she discovered it made a whistling noise if you blew into it.  So she likes to walk around the house making music and dancing.  She also found my snow boots and thought they were pretty cool to wear around the house, but they were kind of hard to walk in.

We were just hanging out and Lulu wanted her picture taken so she kept saying cheese until her picture was taken .

What a silly Girl!
Lulu turned 22 Months old on Thursday the 14th and I was 22 Weeks pregnant I thought that was pretty neat. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Music Class and A Wedding!

 Lulu and I go to a Music and Movement class at the Library once a week and we hadn't been in a long time but we were able to make it this last week and Lulu had so much fun playing with the instruments, dancing, singing, and signing.  

 Here she is dancing!

One of my really good friends got married this weekend.  Here me and Cody are outside the temple waiting for the happy couple to come out. 

 The happy couple.
Kristi and Tevita

The bride and all her friends. 

 Kristi and I at the reception with the groom in the back ground!

 The reception was great here are the happy couple!

Lulu and Cody 

I love this picture Lulu is getting down on the dance floor look at the moves she has.  
The two little boys behind her were so cute they loved Lulu they would follow her around and rub her head and give her hugs.  

She is so happy in these pictures and she was so happy and easy to take these pictures which is the opposite of how she normally is when I'm trying to take her weekly pictures.  

This is one of Lulu's new looks she has been giving to us and other people lately!