Sunday, August 30, 2009

Going Camping!

Last weekend we went camping with a few of our friends from Cody's MBA program. Everyone has been away for their summer interns and this was the first weekend that most of them were back home so decided to go camping before all of the boys started school again.
Here we have Brooklyn, Rusty and Karalee blowing on the fire to get it going.
Brooklyn did a great job collecting sticks for our fire. Rusty and Nikki excited to be camping.

All of the girls sitting around the fire, I had the best chair at the campsite.
Erin, Andrea, Nikki, Me, and Brooklyn
Cody, Corey, Rusty, and Kyle
All of the boys had to have something to hold for the picture it was pretty funny we took a few pictures and in each one each boy is doing something different. All of these guys love hanging out with each other, it is so much fun to hang out with them and their wives.

Me, Cody and his axe

Corey and Erin smiling for the camera

Cody is so worn out from setting up camp and building the fire.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cody did a Triathlon!

Cody did a triathlon this weekend with his buddy Rusty and our cousin Craig. Cody has did many triathlons before but this was my first triathlon that I have ever been to and seen Cody do. So I was excited to be there to cheer him on. It was so much fun! He is amazing!
Here are the boys getting ready to start the swim part of the race it is the first thing that they do then they bike and then run! They are the group next to the land over to the right.

This picture and the one before is Cody coming out of the water from doing the swimming part he did such a good job he was the first one out of the three of them to finish the swimming part. I love this picture of Cody he is so happy!

So I missed seeing Cody getting on his bike and doing anything with a bike but he did a great job during the biking section he was still in front of the other two boys. Then he went to running I guess while he was switching from biking to running he didn't feel to hot his legs kind of started cramping up so he had a few hard seconds but once he got going he was doing great and was on a role. He finished the race in good timing he did better than what his goal was so that was great. He is awesome and I love him he makes me so proud!

The boys after they finished the race Rusty, Cody, Craig. They all did a great job!
Rusty and Cody after the race what studs!

Cody and me after the race! Good job Cody! I was so happy to finally see Cody do a Triathlon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Trip to Vegas to meet Benton!

This last weekend Cody and I made a quick trip to Vegas to see our new nephew Benton! Cody's little sister Kim and her husband Tyler just had their first little one and he is so adorable. We left friday night after Cody got off work at 6 we arrived in vegas at 11:00 pm we hung out all day on Saturday with Benton and family and then early Sunday morning we got up and left to head back to Provo!

Here are the girls getting Benton ready for the day! He is so little and cute!

Here is Cody holding Benton and Sammy near by he loved holding and touching Benton!

Cody loved holding Benton! And it looks like Benton likes Cody!
Cody was in heaven holding Benton and watching the Bee Movie!
We all went out for some yummy pizza it was alot of fun hanging out with everyone in Vegas!

After along fun day of hanging out Cody carries out the little ones to the car to take them home to bed!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Girls Weekend and A Trip to Oregon

I went to Oregon last weekend for a girls weekend. Every summer since high school a group of my friends get together and go to the beach to have girl time for a weekend. This is my second time going, the first time I went was the first girls weekend right out of high school and finally I made it back for another girls weekend and it was so much fun! This is my good friend Jennie.

Kim and Erin. While we were at the beach we ate a lot of food, talked, stayed up late, and went shopping all of girls favorite things to do!

Kris, Megan, Jennie, Annie and Cedar
In the kitchen the room in the house that we seemed to always end up in.

After the weekend at the beach with my girlfriends I headed home and spent a few days with my family. This is my niece Anna she just turned one, Emily my sister in law came to Oregon for a few days to spend time with us. He daughter Anna 1, and Matthew 2.

The kids outside eating a cupcake from Anna's birthday party Jaron kept saying "This is the Life" it was so cute!

Kelsie and Matthew

Matthew and Grandpa Guptill hanging out in Grandpa's chair watching t.v. They are so cute!

Hanging out with my sister Angie and Karlee in the backyard while the kids were swimming and we were wishing we were swimming in the pool with the kids.

Karlee is getting so big and so cute!

We went and picked blueberries as a family! I love picking berries it is so much fun and it is fun watching the kids do it!

Emily, Matthew, and Anna came to Utah for a couple of days and Cody got to hang out with the kids while I watched them. It was so cute Matthew loved Cody from the second Cody walked in the door.