Saturday, November 26, 2011

1 Year and 15 Weeks Old and A Happy Thanksgiving

The other night Lulu was hanging out with my dad her pa2 and they found my dad's Military Insignia hats, Lulu thought she was pretty cool wearing one of Pa2's hats just like him. I love how they are looking at each other in this picture!

Lulu loves to find the stuffed animals around the house and give them hugs and kisses, Here she is hanging out with all of her stuffed friends on the couch!
Lulu loves to get into everything and loves to try to fit everywhere she can squeeze her little body into. The other night I couldn't find Lulu anywhere, then I heard some movement and then some squeals I found Lulu stuck behind the couch trying to get out. She had started at one end of the couch and ended up at the other end but the other end wasn't big enough for her to get out it was pretty funny!
One day we were playing at home and Lulu was carrying this blanket around the house so my mom tied it around her neck like a cape and Lulu thought that was so fun and neat so every time it would come untied and fall off she would bring the blanket it to you so you could tie it back on her it was so cute! She also wanted to wear Karlee's red glitter shoes which are to big for her feet so she kept tripping with the blanket and the over sized shoes but she was pretty determined to wear both of them!
Lulu loves to sit, stand, and carry these little red chairs around the house. The other day I caught her just sitting in the chair like this and I thought it was pretty cute!

Wednesday night we went out to dinner to Five Guys with my mom and dad. Lulu loved the fries oh wait I meant to say the "Ketchup". She would dip the fry in the Ketchup and lick and suck the Ketchup right off that fry. I think most kids if not all kids love Ketchup!

Since Lulu has had her cold we have been taking long baths at night right before bed to help clear that little nose of hers. She loves the water each night we would spend a hour in there playing in the water. One night she was in there so long her fingers started to get all wrinkly and she wasn't to sure what was going on she kept trying to wipe or pick off the wrinkles it was so funny to watch. I thought she had a hair on her fingers so I went to go get it off when I didn't find a hair but just little wrinkly fingers!

While Lulu is taking her bath she loves to play with the water as it comes out of the faucet so while the tub is filling up I just have the water come out slowly so she can play with it. The other day I was doing something else in the bathroom and when I looked over at her she was sticking her tummy under the water and letting the water fall down her tummy it must feel pretty neat, it was pretty cute to watch. She did it for a long time and has done it every bath time since. Here is a picture of her tying to get her tummy under the water!

Here is my dad making his Famous Cranberry Relish. This is a real treat my dad doesn't make much more than a bowl of cereal and a sandwich so for him to make his Cranberry Relish has become a treat and a tradition. And each year it gets better and better, this year it was the best and he was pretty proud! Way to go dad on the Cranberry Relish.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Campbell's and most of all this little cutie! She was so funny with her tutu, she was in heaven she was just running all around with it on. Then she discovered that she could stick her arm through it and flap her arm up and down, which would make the tutu go up and down it was so funny. We kept pulling her arm out and her tutu down and she would go right back to putting her arm through it and flapping it up and down.

Lulu and her tutu! Lulu eating an apple while sitting on a chair that she pulled her self up on to all by her self. On Sunday we were at Church and she wanted to go walking around but we wouldn't let her past us so she tried and tried to pull her self up on the chair in front of us, it took a few tries but she figured it out and got up and over to the other side she was pretty proud of herself.

Here we are the whole gang, enjoyig our yummy Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks everyone for all the yummy food!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving we were just missing one thing Cody!

1 year and 15 weeks old,a Lulu loves to wear pretty necklaces!

As I was taking Lulu's picture Kallie, Lulu's cousin started to play her flute. Once Lulu heard that she started to blow and walk right to Kallie. It was so cute to watch her blow, she knew what Kallie was doing she even needed to go over and play the flute her self.
Lulu playing the flute like a pro!

So cute, tonight at dinner we were getting ready to say the prayer when I told Lulu to fold her arms. I showed her my arms that were folded and then said "Lulu fold your arms" and she did! It was so cute. Later we were skyping Cody and I said "Lulu fold your arms" and she did it again with out me showing her. She is getting so big and so smart!

Look at those cute little hands and arms!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

1 Year and 14 Weeks Old!

This week has been a little less exciting as last week but Lulu was her usual silly self. On Sunday my sister Serena was looking at the ad's from the paper and Lulu thought that looked fun so she went over and started to do the same thing that Serena was doing it was pretty cute. But then she got tired of sitting in one place so she decided to get up and walk around the house while reading the paper. So here is a picture of her in action.

Every time we do laundry Lulu loves to sit in the basket and play and she even likes to be pushed around in it by her cousins. I even caught her tipping over the basket full of clothes once so she could either push it around herself or to be pushed in it. Kelsie loves to push Lulu around, here the two silly girls are.
The other night we went to Costco with my parents and while we were there my dad was checking out the tires and he took Lulu with him to look. Here she is hanging out in the tires. When I was a kid I remember my dad always taken me over to the tires to smell them, I loved it I thought we were so cool.

I love this picture of Lulu looking up at me with those blue eyes!

Lulu is another week older and this week she has a cold so she doesn't look like she feels very well. I sure hope this cold goes away very soon!

Just relaxing!So a couple post back I wrote how Lulu has found her nose and loves to stick her nose up there and I didn't know what to do to get her to stop. Well the other day my mom saw her sticking her finger up her nose and my mom taught her something different to do with that finger. She showed her how to put her finger over her mouth and say "shhhhhhhh", it is so cute and I need to get a picture of her doing it. So every once in a while I will hear "shhhhhh" and I will look over at Lulu and sure enough she has her little finger right next to her mouth saying "shhhhh". I sure love that girl.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

1 Year and 13 Weeks Old

Oh Lulu I just love this little girl, she makes me smile everyday with all of the funny things she does.

Lulu loves to have her tummy showing so she can rub it and show it off to everyone around. It is such a challenge to get her dressed every morning she loves to take her clothes off but she hates getting dressed. This little girl loves to be naked. Can you blame this girl for wanting to show off that cute little tummy if I had a tummy like that I would walk around with my shirt up as well!

Lulu loves to put things on her head this morning she had fun putting this box on her head. She has a pumpkin bucket that she loves to put on her head and walk around the house. I will have to try to get a picture of that.
Lulu found a new place to read her books. The basket is a nice fit for her!

When we go to the store Karlee and Lulu love to drive the car carts, man these things are not the easiest carts to push around.

You better watch out when you see these to coming around the corner they are crazy drivers Karlee likes to drive with her eyes closed and Lulu can't even see over the wheel.

This girl sure likes to be naked but she loves to wear shoes, she is always bringing me her shoes to put on her feet. If Lulu could pick out her outfits everyday this would be what she would choose to wear nothing, a diaper and shoes!

One morning after I got Lulu dressed for the day she brought be this shoe to put on her so I tried to put it on over her sock but it didn't' fit over her sock so I took her sock off and put her shoe on. Well that left a sock with no where to go so she handed it to me to put on but I didn't know where to put it so I sat it on the floor, Lulu picked up and handed it to me and stuck her foot up in the air so I put it over her other sock and that is how she wore it for the morning. It was pretty funny.

On Thursday we went and feed the ducks it was lots of fun and their was tons of ducks to feed.

Kelsie was so funny she was so scared of the ducks as soon as they came near her she screamed dropped her bag of bread and ran away. Here Kelsie is hidding behind Ma2!

Kallie wasn't afraid she got right down with the ducks!

When we first got there I didn't think Lulu would feed the ducks I was worried she would just eat it so I just fed the ducks and she watched but then towards the end I gave her some bread to see what she would do and she took that bread and threw it to the ducks it was so cute and I was so proud of my little duck feeder!

Pa2 has been getting lots of love from his little grand kids while we have been here. This week Lulu and I have been getting together with our friends on Monday we got together with my friends Erin, Holly, Megan her new baby, and Kim with her son James. Lulu had lots of fun with James who is only three months older than her.

Then on Friday morning we had a play date with Erin and her little one Lillian we had lots of fun playing and going swimming. Then Friday afternoon we went over to my friend Tracy's house where Lulu met Grace, Grace will be two in March. It was fun to watch the two of them play or what I should say play next to each other.

Here they are!

The picture above Lulu is giving Grace a kiss, oh how sweet!

Look at this cute little cutie I love this outfit on her it makes her look like she is ready to go out and kick a soccer ball around.

Look at that mouth full of teeth she just barely got two back teeth in on both sides of her mouth. Och!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

1 Year and 12 Weeks Old

Lulu has had so much fun this week playing with her cousins. They all got matching pj's and they love to wear them together. Here they are getting ready for bed. Lulu just took a bath that is why her hair is wet looking.

Here the three of them are just relaxing.
Ma2 is reading Lulu and Karlee a story!

I love walking through Targets dollar section to see what fun things they have. I found this fun headband, I love it!

The girls getting comfy in their matching PJ's and their balls that they got from the dollar store!

I love love this picture I love both Karlee and Lulu's faces they are so happy, it makes me happy just looking at this picture. It was snowing inside on these two cuties!

Lately Lulu wont give me a smile when I try to get her picture for the weekly picture, so today we thought we would try putting her upside down to see if we could get a smile and it worked.

Lulu is getting so good at walking she is getting so good that when we go to the store she wants to walk around but she is not that good yet and so when I don't put her on the ground to walk she throws a fit. She is a little silly girl.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We started our Halloween activities on Saturday night by going to our stake trunk or treat it was lots of fun and the kids thought it was pretty neat. Here is a group shot of all of the kids!

On Halloween we went over to my Dad's work for a party the kids went trick or treating around the office and then the kids made their own Carmel Apples they had lots of fun doing that and they enjoyed eating them even more.

Here is Pa2 and a little duckie

After the party we headed home to get ready to go trick or treating. Here is the whole gang all ready to go. Lulu was a pro at trick or treating she would reach into the bowl pick out a piece of candy and then she would drop it into her bag. The only thing she didn't do was say trick or treat. Next year!

Here we are me and my little duck. I love my costume I picked up my devil horns and my bow tie which is my favorite part of my costume on clearance at the fabric store. It was so random and so last minute!

Happy Halloween!

The gang after a night of trick or treating and partying!