Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Girls Night Out and A Jazz Game!

A couple of nights ago me and a few of my girlfriends had the chance to go to a Jazz game thanks to Cody. Cody got four tickets from his work but the game landed on a night that Cody wasn't able to go because of school. So he gave me the tickets and I invited my old roommates, Megan, Jess, and Kristi.
We started the night off at the Olive Garden and it was so yummy I think we all ate to much but how can you stop when the food is so good.

We had great seats and it was so much fun the time went by so fast, and it was a good game the Jazz were playing the Lakers!

Kristi was so excited to go to the game that she made all of us t-shirts to wear. They were cute and we had a few people make some comments to us and we even got on the jumbotron, it was so funny because we were standing up and dancing trying to get noticed, when we did get noticed we were all so embarrassed we still danced but once we were done we all looked at each other and all of our faces were bright red it was a pretty funny sight. But at least we got on the jumbotron that was our goal!

Here is a shot of the guys in action!

Here we are after the game on the court with our Jazz shirts! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we had the chance to go to the game together I feel like we don't hang out enough!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Here is some random pictures that have been taken over the last little bit!
A couple of weekend's ago Cody's sister Kim and brother in law Tyler were in town and we took them sledding it was a lot of fun but it was super busy! Here we are with little Benton!

Here are Kim, Tyler, and Benton

I went home to Oregon a few weeks ago and I just love these kids so much that I had to put some pictures up of them. Here they are all ready to go to church.

I love this picture of Karlee she wanted to be in every picture that I took and here she is so happy. Jaron was so funny I kept trying to take a picture of him and he just had to have his transformer in every picture it was cute!

I got a new hair cut last weekend, It has been along time since I have had short hair it is so wierd when I'm washing my hair it seems like there is nothing there but it is fun. And I know hair always grows back.