Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Trip To Alaska

Lulu and I went on an adventure to Alaska for a week in a half in May, to visit my sister and her family that just moved there in December. 
I was really nervous about the flight over there by myself with Lulu for a five hour flight but it worked out just fine I had an open seat next to me so I was able to bring Lulu's car seat on with me and have her strapped in her seat the whole time it was great.  Once we landed Angie was there waiting for us and the kids and Kyle were outside in the car waiting for us. Everyone was really excited to see us.  We Few into Anchorage and we had a three hour drive to get to Soldotna where they live.  
Our second day there the bigger kids were still in school for a couple of days before summer break.  So Angie and Kyle took us out and showed us around there town.  We stopped here and found a bear,  I love Karlee in this picture, miss thing. 

It was so nice and sunny outside on Tuesday so we went to a park to let Lulu and Karlee play and Lulu loved it she had so much fun.

 I love how big this swing is I just had to get in and go for a ride.  

 Angie had a desk up in a loft in the toy room and Lulu's favorite thing to do was swing on it.  It was so funny to watch her do it.  And she did it a lot.  She looked like a little monkey. 

 Kelsie drew this picture and she wanted me to take a picture of it and her.  She is such a silly girl she loved playing with Lulu. 
One night I couldn't find Lulu anywhere, as I was looking for her I found her in Kelsie's bed reading Kelsie's book it was so cute.  
The first day of the kids being out of school we went to Seaward to go to The Sea Life Aquarium.  It was lots of fun and Lulu loved watching the fish and seals swim around.  Lulu was Kallie's little buddy that day. 

This was funny Lulu was trying to give me kisses on this TV screen it was so cute.  
Lulu checking out the seals swim around in the water. 

All the kids watching the seals, do you see the big seal in the back!

There was a place where you could listen to a man telling you about the different sea animals Lulu had to listen to her own.  Here she is listening. 

Outside of the Aquarium I loved the water with the mountains in the back with the snow on them and the clouds, I thought it was so pretty!
I'm pointing to a glacier it was pretty amazing, you can't see it very good in the picture. 
Lulu found Karlee's pirate bloomers from her Halloween costume it was pretty cute.  She really wanted to show the camera the doll. 
On Saturday we bundled up and went to the beach, we didn't stay to long because it was pretty windy and cold but it was fun to go to the beach in Alaska.
                                 Lulu and I at the beach, don't mind my squinty eyes I'm not sure why I'm doing that.  

Angie, Lulu, Me and my squinty eyes again!
Lulu loved playing with rocks at the beach.  This was the only time during our visit to Alaska that Lulu wore her warm winter coat.  
Lulu in Karlee's Pirate bloomers trying to get out to Karlee but she is stuck!

While we were in Alaska turned another week older.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

1 Year And 40 Weeks Old!

I don't know why I didn't take any pictures this last week but here are the weekly pictures.  

 Lulu being silly!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012



So I'm sure all of you know by now but I wanted to
 posted on my blog just in case you haven't heard!  We are expecting another little one on October 18 Th we are so very excited!

I'm 18 weeks along and yesterday we found out what we were having a boy or a girl.  
We wanted to find out in a different way then just having the ultra sound guy telling us.  So we had him put the picture that said boy or girl on it into an envelope.  We then took the envelope to The Sweet Tooth Fairy  a cupcake store, and had the lady look at the picture and then fill the box with either pink and red frosted cupcakes for if it is a girl and then if it is a boy to put chocolate and green frosted cupcakes into the box. We then took the box of yummy cupcakes over to Cody's parents house and opened it up to see what we were having.  And it is a.............................

The cupcakes say it's a BOY!

We are very excited for a little boy and for a little brother for Lulu!

It was a fun way to find out what we were having!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bath Time and Mothers Day

Lulu loves bath time she always has.  

 Happy Mothers Day, To my mom and Cody's mom we sure do love the two of you very much and appreciate all that you guys do for us.  
Here we are on Mother's Day after a wonderful meal.  Jess, Ryan and Asher surprised us on Mothers Day, we didn't think they were going to be back from turkey until Monday so they got us good. 

 Love her sweet face!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Part Four Of Our Trip To California

After the wedding fun we headed to Sea World I have been there once before when I was really little so it has been along time since i have been there.  Matthew really wanted to go on this ride and Cody went with him.  They had fun and they got really wet.  I love this picture how Matthew is cheering, and Cody's thumb's up!  

Then Lulu spotted Elmo and Zoey and she had to go and see them.  While we were waiting in line she couldnt wait her turn so she cut  in front of all the kids in front of us and tried to go right up to Elmo and Zoey when I went to go get her to have her wait she got so upset she threw self on the floor crying, she had never done that before I guess she really wanted to see Elmo but once it was our turn she was really scared and didn't want them to touch her or to get her picture with them.  It was pretty funny how badly she wanted to see Elmo and then when came her turn she was scared.

After Sea World the next day we went to Disneyland.  Here is a group shot minus Cody who is taking the picture.  My mom and dad, Serena and Randal, Scotty, Emily and their kids.  
We spent three days at Disneyland Monday at Disneyland, Tuesday at California Adventures, and then 
Wednesday at Disneyland.

In the above picture Cody, Matthew, and Anna where trying to get the ball rolling.  It was funny to watch how hard they were trying and then we had me, my dad, my brother in law and sister all trying to get it to go and we couldn't but then this man who was watching came over and like touched it and it started to move it was funny. 
Here Matthew and Lulu are trying to get into this little house but no one was home. 

 Lulu driving Mr. Toads car.  She had lots of fun driving it.

 Lulu's favorite ride at both parks as we would walk by she would reach for it and squeal to go on it.  Once she got on it she wouldn't get off of it, she would give kisses to who ever was helping her hoping that would make them let her stay on the ride it was pretty cute.

 Of course we had to go on Dumbo!

 I had to get a picture of these guys we thought it was pretty funny that my dad and brother were in Dumbo together.

 The three of us on Dumbo I love Lulu's Cheese face.

 Matthew, Lulu , and Anna on Dumbo after the ride.

 Lulu and I ready to go on Buzz Light Year, Cody's favorite ride.

 Lulu on her favorite ride again.

 And again with my dad and sister.

 Lulu and Anna on this tunnel, Lulu loved going through this tunnel over and over again.

 Lulu climbing

 Lulu driving Anna through Toon Town!

 Lulu waiting for the parade to start at Disneyland, I love this parade!

 And the parade has started.

Cody and I went to Disneyland a year ago with some friends and when we went we bought season passes and we were able to go three times with our passes and this time was our last time with our passes.  I'm sad about it but Cody is kind of happy and relieved.  He says we wont be going back for a few years.  We will see about that.