Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 year and 20 weeks old and A New Year!

Last week we said good bye to my brother John as he headed back home to Ohio.  Here John has "a Lulu in a box"
John and us all left on the same day John to Ohio and us back to Utah.  So before we left we headed up to my grandmas house to say good bye.

 Cody, Lulu and I got back to Provo for a day before we headed on to St. George to meet up with Cody's family to bring in the new year.  Lulu loves to hang out with her cousins Sadie and Sam, she loves to hold their fingers while walking with them. 
 Lulu is 1 Year and 20 Weeks Old today and we are in St. George I didn't have any tape to hang the sign on the wall so I had Sadie hold it up for me.  Thanks Sadie for helping us out. 
 Some of Lulu's tricks that she is doing, she knows where her nose is, her eyes, her ears, her hair, I say Lulu brush your teeth and she will take her little finger and brush her teeth so cute, she will put her little finger to her lips and say "shhhhhhh", she knows where her tummy is, she will blow kisses, you say be a monkey and she will scratch her chest while making monkey sounds, she folds her arms, she knows how to sign all done, more, and please.  Please is my favorite sign that she does it is so cute!  She is getting smarter every day and she makes me smile all the time with all the cute and fun things she is learning to do.  
 Two last pictures of Lulu and Cody before the New Year.  I love this picture of Lulu giving her dad one last kiss in the year 2011!

 Cheers to a New Year, we had a great night we played games, ate lots of food, played Just Dance on the wii, and went swimming in the hot tube.  It was a great night and a great way to bring in the new year. 

 On Sunday we went and feed the ducks and Lulu did a great job and she had lots of fun!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas and 1 Year and 19 Weeks Old

Wednesday the 21st was a wonderful day Cody came home from India!  We weren't sure how Lulu would react to Cody when she first saw him.  At first she wasn't to sure about him but she gave him a hug and then wanted down.  Once we got home Lulu didn't want to let Cody out of her sight or reach she just hugged him and held on to him so tight.  It was so cute.  Cody would sit her down and she would cry and reach for him until he would pick her up.  I think she is afraid of him leaving her again so she doesn't want to lose sight of him.  She loves her Dada so much and she missed him so much while he was away!
I love this picture of her face and how happy she is her eyes sparkle.

On Thursday we went out to find our Christmas tree as a family.  It was a nice day but it was still really cold I forgot my coat but Cody was so nice to let me borrow his coat and Lulu was able to wear her new coat.  
Look at her so sweet!
Lulu and I taken our turn at cutting the tree!
Cody and Lulu's turn to cut the tree!
All of us in front of our tree!
Lulu by a little tree just her size.
It was kind of muddy so I put little zip lock bags on her feet with rubber bands to hold them up to keep her shows from getting dirty.  It was pretty cute. 
Then that night we decorated the tree.  Lulu enjoyed doing that!
We had Christmas a day early because my sister Angie and her family were flying out to Alaska on Christmas Eve.  So on Friday was our Christmas Eve we went up to grandma's house for our party we got into teams and built our ginger bread houses.  Here is Cody and Jaron's masterpiece.  They did a great job!

Santa stopped by for a visit.  I tired to put Lulu on Santa's lap and that didn't happpen so then all three of us sat on Santa's lap and Lulu still didn't like that idea. 
Then the great grand kids did the nativity!  They did a great job. 
After we went home we got things ready for Santa to come by we put out the cookies and milk for him (I posted a picture of the kids doing that but it dissapered somewhere.  As the kids were putting out the cookies Lulu thought they looked to yummy to not eat so she grabbed one and started to eat it.  It was pretty darn cute.  
Here she is to excited for Santa to come to go to sleep!
Christmas morning Lulu is leading her dad out to the tree and look at her face she is so excited and dad is still sleeping as she pulls him.  
Here is the whole gang so excited to start opening presents.
Look at that face she can't wait to get started!
Lulu checking out all of the things from our stockings!
Here she is opening up her presents, she did a great job at opening her presents. I think her favorite toy that day was her baby doll stroller.  
How cute!
Both Cody and I gave eachother the game Things for Christmas it was pretty funny!
Christmas breakfast!
Cody and Angie had some fun with the camera while waiting to eat!
Creepy Cody!
Awww Angie!
On Saturday we took the Kenner gang to the airport to send them off to Alaska.  Everyone kept telling Angie that it was going to be an adventure going to Alaska so she thought it would be cute to have the kids dress up like Thing 1 and Thing 2 from a Doctor Seuss book and then she would dress up like Doctor Seuss and it was pretty cute.  
Lulu turned another week older and this was the best picture we could get of her. 
Lulu woke up from her nap with this crazy hair!
Lulu loved eating the Olives off of her fingers during Christmas dinner.
On Christmas day we saved a couple of presents to open with Grandma Guptill.  Here is Lulu tearing into her present.  Oh and we wore our christams pj's all day because Grandma was going to wear her's. 
Lulu's favorite present of the day was her little broom set.  She was so excited look at her face in the picture below.  It is priceless!
She didn't waste any time in putting it to use.  She loved it!
Lulu likes to sit in her baby doll stroller, this time she wanted to have her baby on her lap and she was feeding herself some pretend food..  She is so silly!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

1 Year and 18 Weeks old

My mom has a little Nativity set that the kids like to play with and Lulu loves to play with it, she loves to give baby  Jesus kisses.  Here it looks like she is going to eat baby Jesus but I promise I'm just slow at taking the picture and she just gave the sweet kiss.  
Jaron has a birthday coming up on the 29th and so he had his friends party  on Tuesday before they move to Alaska.  He had his party at Chuck E. Cheeses his favorite place ever.  Happy Birthday Jaron.  
Lulu had some chocolate cake for Jaron's birthday and she loved it as you can tell in the picture  she also had to use two forks one for each hand and she had to do it on her own with no help when I tried to feed her a bite she wouldn't eat it but would eat a bite off her fork it was pretty funny. 
My sister Angie was packing when she found her daughter Kelsie's glasses from her Halloween costume as Velma.  And Lulu was wearing them until I wanted to take a picture then she didn't want to wear them so in this picture I was showing her how it was done.  I know I look a little special. 
Here I got a picture with Lulu wearing the glasses.
I had to post this picture because she is so cute!
The other day I was blowing my nose and Lulu wanted a tissue to and she was blowing her nose over and over and over it was so cute.  She loves to blow her nose! I love her eyes in this picture she looks like she is really trying to get something out of that nose of hers. 

Lulu has never liked carrying anything around like a blanket or stuffed animal but the last couple of days she has been attached to any of her blankets and loves to carry them around with her it is pretty cute.  
We went to our ward Christmas party tonight and the elders decorate this fancy light tree in our tree decorating contest it had lots and lots of lights it was a sight to see.  Lulu couldn't get enough of it. 
Angie was given a present and it had a pretty gold bow on it and Lulu put it on her head to wear, she wouldn't let me get a picture of her so this is the best we got.