Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last week we went to Maui with the Campbell Clan and it was a blast! I had a hard time picking a few pictures so there are a lot of pictures to look at, sorry and enjoy
This is a picture of me, Kim and Jess on our way to dinner.

The whole clan getting ready to eat some yummy seafood!

Our first Shave Ice of the trip from a place called Local Boys, These are the best things ever. It has ice cream on the bottom with lots of nice shave ice with three different flavors of your choice and cream on top. So Good!

While we were in Hawaii Cody's uncle Steve had his birthday so went to his birthday party and it was a lot of Fun. The birthday boy is in the middle.

Cody and I at Uncle Steve's Birthday party!

I'm sorry Kim but when you took this picture of yourself you should of known it was going on here. I think you look very sexy!
Cody and I at another yummy restaurant called Nicks!

Another picture of Cody and I.

My last day in Hawaii we went to the beach and tried to Paddle Board, It's where you stand on this board and use a paddle to go over waves. It looked pretty fun but the first time I went out Cody was helping me get the hang of it and when I thought I had it down Cody let me go on my own and that is when the big wave came and took me out, it was pretty scary but while I was trying to get to my paddle that I lost during the wipe out I got taken out by another wave and was done with my experience of paddle boarding. Everyone tried it out and did a great job. Some stood and some sat. I like to sit.

Here Cody has it down and doing a great job staying up on the board! Go Cody!

Here Peggy, Kim and Cody are getting Kim ready to go on her way!

Cody and I eating my last Shave Ice for this trip, but I will say this was my second Shave Ice in a half hour, that is how good they are!

The boys Ryan, Tyler, Benton, Cody, and Dan.

The Girls Peggy, Kim, Jess, and Me.
I had so much fun in Hawaii, Thanks Campbell's

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Up To The Y We Go!

After Cody graduated we thought that we should hike to the Y at least once while he was kind of still at BYU! While my parents and Cody's sister Kim was still in town we all went for a hike and did it! Here is Cody with Benton on his back, Kim, Peggy, and Dan after reaching the top!
Here Cody and my dad are at the top showing off their orange shirts!

My Dad, Me, and My Mom at the top, thanks mom and dad for going on our adventure!

Here we are at the Y at the bottom once we hiked to the Y and back down. Dad, Mom, Me, and Cody!

This is just a random picture of Cody and Me the Sunday after. This was our first Sunday sitting together in church, oh how I missed that, but how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband!