Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week Two In The Hospital!

We made it another week in the hospital.  
Cody is taking pictures of all of our visitors that come and see us while in the hospital.  
My mom and dad and grandma. 

My grandma!

My friend Traci, Jason, and Grace came to visit us!  Lulu had fun playing with Grace.

Lulu just relaxing watching Elmo before bed time, she laid her blanket behind her head and then sat back with her arms behind her head I thought that was so cute!

Lulu loves to play with the buttons that make my bed go up and down, she thinks it is so much fun.  She likes to do it while I'm sitting in the bed and it folds me up.

I was blowing my nose the other day and Lulu wanted to blow hers to.

Lulu was cleaning the windows the other day and when she was done with her paper towel she put it on top of this rose and left it there, I love just watching this girl to see what she comes up with next.

Lulu sitting on Cody's bed coloring, she looks so grown up.

Lulu wanted to eat some cream cheese she really liked it until she took a spoonful of it and then she wanted to spit it out. 

We received a package from my brother, wife and kids and inside were these really cool crayons that Lulu loves you put them on your fingers to color with them and they have different animal faces on them.  Thanks Scotty and Emily!

Cody and Lulu just eating sunflower seeds and watching t.v. 

Lulu eating oranges, what a silly girl. 

Lulu laying in bed with me, she is my little buddy that is for sure.  She loves to lay in my bed and hang out with me and she loves to look at the baby (my tummy) and share her blankets with the baby.  We color a lot and play with her toys. 

Lulu has a new hat!

We celebrated my moms birthday today!
Happy birthday mom!

Lulu enjoying her cupcake and hanging out with pop pop!

The family!

Serena and Randall

Lulu is another week older!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Week In The Hospital And Holly's Wedding!

Here is what we have been up to in the hospital, first I want to tell you that everything is looking good with  the baby he has a good heart beat and he is growing.  The doctors look real positive that we will make it to the full 9 weeks before this little guy will come.  
Here are pictures from our week. 
 Lulu in a box, she liked being in the box it was pretty funny!


Lulu hard at work scrubbing the floors!


One of Lulu's favorite things to do in my room, playing in the curtains!  She has ran into the wall a couple of times and has gotten hurt you think she wouldn't do it any more but she still loves to play in them. 

Lulu sleeping with us at the hospital, so sweet!  Lulu has spent three nights with us and the first night it took her about a half hour to fall asleep she was just playing in her crib and kept saying fun, funny.  She was being pretty silly.  The third night she slept here it took just over an hour to fall asleep once again she was having to much fun, she kept playing peek a boo with us.  But every time once she has fallen asleep she has been out until morning.

Lulu's first time painting and she loved it and did such a good job.  She held the brush so well, she looks so grown up. 
She would only paint with one color for a second before she would switch to a new color. 

My friends came to visit us in the hospital and they brought a goody basket and one thing they had in the basket was a coloring crayons and coloring book for Lulu.  Lulu loves to color and we do it every time she comes to visit she is getting really good at it. 

Here she is showing pop pop how she can color. 

Lulu and Cody the morning after her first night staying the night with us.  Shes eating grapes and watching Elmo.  On Cody's bed. 

Cody doing his work out and Lulu following along. 

Daddy doing Lulu's favorite thing in the curtains.

Lulu eating a snack in the window. 

And now relaxing in the window!

Lulu hanging out with daddy and baby!

My friends Jennie and Patrick came into town for the same wedding I came for so they stopped by to say hi and visit!

My friends Stephanie, Sarina, and Sarah came to visit us in the hospital and brought some yummy food! 
Sarina left before the picture.  
All four of us are pregnant and Sarina is having her baby on Monday, Sarah is due in September, I'm due in October, and Stephanie is due in February. 

Stephanie and Dan came to visit on Sunday with their daughter Ginny, Lulu and Ginny are just two months apart.

Stephanie, Ginny, and Dan

Lulu coloring

On Saturday night my friend Holly got married and Lulu was a flower girl in the wedding. I was sad that I couldn't be there to watch her in action but I'm glad to hear did a great job.   Cody was there with my parents to watch and help Lulu.  
Cody was a champ taking Lulu to my friends wedding with me not there and being a great dad in getting her dressed in her dress and taking pictures and making sure she was were she needed to be.  Thanks Cody for being a great dad and husband.  
Thanks mom and dad for being there to help to and to keep Cody company!

Lulu in her dress!

Lulu making her way down the hill as a flower girl. 

Lulu with the dove lady after the wedding checking out the dove!

Lulu with her flower basket and the bride and groom in the back.



The bride and the groom during the ceremony!
Holly and Heath
Congratulations you guys you looked amazing and I'm so excited for the two of you!


Lulu looking to see where the doves went.  The bride and groom released them during the ceremony.

Cody and Lulu next tot he cake, I love this picture of the two of them. 

Daddy and Lulu!

Lulu was hungry so that man gave her a roll to snack on until dinner time. 
I love her hands!

The same movie from up above two more times if you want to watch it over and over.  I tried to delete them from the page but they wouldn't go anywhere so we are just lucky to have them three times.

Lulu hanging out in the box!

Another week older, I can't believe that she will be two in just three weeks.  It's funny before I came to Oregon I had been trying to decided on where and what to do for Lulu's birthday but now that I'm in the hospital that question is answered this girl gets to have the best birthday party ever in a hospital room I know you guys are all jealous and I know it will be Lulu's best birthday party ever but now I don't have to decide it is decided for me.  I'm sorry Lulu for your birthday not being what I wanted it to be but I will make it up to you next year I promise. 

Lulu loves to eat beef jerky!  I just loves this little girl and she makes me so happy!