Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone we have been in Oregon for the last week hanging out with family, my whole family has been home for Christmas this year and it has been a blast. We started our festivities off by going down town Portland to see Santa Claus so all of the grand kids could tell him what they wanted for Christmas. All of the kids dressed up in there Christmas best and we headed on our way. Here is Lulu in her Christmas dress waiting to go. Don't mind her naked legs, I was so mad the night before I saw her black tights that she was going to wear with her dress but when it came time to get all dressed up I couldn't find them anywhere I was running around the house throwing things all over the place and I never found them, so we just had to go with out them I wasn't to happy about that. When we got home that night I even looked for them again nicely this time I still didn't find them, then I gave it one more shot. She wore her dress to church on Sunday and so I looked again for them and still didn't find them. So if anyone out there finds a pair of runaway baby black tights that our on the loose send them my way. I know I most likely will find them now that I don't need them. Isn't that how it works!
Here Lulu is with Cody and her cousin Matthew getting ready to go see Santa.

Oh look who Lulu found while we were waiting in line to see Santa, Santa's reindeer.

Family Picture

Lulu with Santa she did a great job.

All the grandkids with Santa, I love this picture I love Matthew's, Kelsie, and Jaron's smiles they are so cute! All the kids did a great job no one cried when they got next to Santa, Karlee had a hard time standing by him but they got a picture of all of them.

On Thursday after we saw Santa we went to go find our tree, here is Cody and Lulu ready to find the one tree that was going to spend this holiday season with us!

I love this picture I love how Cody and lulu are just having a fun time while Jaron and Kallie look like they are working hard to get them down the path to the trees.

We found a tree that we all liked everyone who wanted to got a chance to take a cut at it, here Cody and Lulu are making there cut.

After we cut our tree we had a minute to play on the swing set here Lulu got to swing for her first time, Jaron is helping push her!

On Christmas Eve we went over to my Grandma's house to eat yummy food, do the nativity, make marshmallow snowmen, white elephant gifts and we had a special visitor come at the end of the night.
We is our nativity with the grandkids it was really cute, Lulu was kind of fussy during her part of the nativity but it was very cute.

Jaron and I were a team to make our marshmallow snowman and I think it turned out really cute and looked very tasty Jaron ate our snowman! Good job Jaron we made a great team.

Then a special visitor came to the house and all the kids had one more chance to tell him what they wanted before he made his rounds.
Lulu was sleeping when he came so we had to wake her up so that she could see him!

She woke up for a second and wondered where she was but then she went right back to sleep.

Even Cody and I got to sit on Santa's lap.

Here is Lulu Christmas morning sitting in front of the tree before the madness started

Here we are Christmas morning, can you find Lulu in there?

Lulu really liked this present and wanted to open it.

Lulu must have been a good girl this year!

Lulu and Dad showing off one her present.

The happy couple on Christmas morning, we had a wonderful Christmas this year.

Here we all are, what a happy family!

On Saturday Lulu turned 19 weeks here she is in her little Kimono that she got for Christmas from her Uncle Scotty and Aunt Emily.

Here is a full shot of her it is a size 12 months so it is a little big but it is so pretty I can't wait for it to fit her.`

Angie made all the kids super hero capes even little Lulu got one and it was so cute on her!

All the kids got remote control cars, Cody took them outside to show them how to work them, all the kids had so much fun with them!

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful Christmas and for all the gifts! We are so blessed to have such wonderful families on both sides that love us and enjoy being with us!

Monday, December 20, 2010

18 Weeks

Here is Olivia at 18 weeks

At 18 weeks Olivia sat in her bumbo for the first time and she did a good job she looked like a big girl!
Here is cute Benton he is getting so big and he just loves Olivia so much and he is so good and soft with her!

This last week we went to Arizona to see Sadie get baptized we had such a wonderful time with the family and what a neat experience it was to watch Sadie get baptized.

Olivia and Sadie

Sam and Olivia

All of us eating lunch!

Gammie was busy reading the grandkids Christmas stories!

We went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights!

Grandma and Grandpa Campbell came into town for the event.

Sam, Sadie, and Lulu saying goodbye to each other! They are so cute together!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4 Months Old!

I can't believe my baby is now 4 months old! Here she is all happy, until she goes to the doctors for some lovely shots and is now a very sad baby.
Happy 4 months old my little Olivia! You bring such joy and happiness into your mom and dads lives!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

17 Weeks and to much fun!

Another week has gone by I can't believe it! It's so funny I always think we haven't taken very many pictures of Lulu during the week but then once I sit down to put the pictures on the blog I realize that we have a ton of pictures. I don't think you can ever take enough pictures of your little ones they just grow so fast and I want to make sure to pictures for every step of her life because the time goes by so fast I can't believe that she is going to be 4 months old in two days that is so crazy to me!
Here is a cute picture of Lulu in her adorable had that my cousin has made for her and sleeping so soundly in her car seat.
Here Lulu is at 17 weeks almost 4 months old.

On Saturday night we went out to Indian food with Cody's family to celebrate Cody's send off to India and then Lulu and I will join him over there once Lulu turns 6 months old! We went to get lulu's passport the other day and her little pictures turned out pretty cute.

Lulu's cousin Benton is in town for the month of December, Benton is so cute with Lulu and so soft!

Lulu got a new snow suit to wear outside when it is cold, she wasn't to happy to be in it at first but then after a minute she didn't mind it so much. She looks so cute!

On December 8Th Cody and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Last week Cody took my up to Sundance for a yummy dinner just the two of us while Lulu spent the evening with her Gammie, Aunt Kim and Benton. Then this week on our real anniversary Cody took me to see the play The Christmas Carol it was such a good play i loved it and it was so nice to be with my honey! Thanks Gammie, Kim, Jess, Benton, and Bumpa for watching Lulu for us while we went out on a date!

Gammie and Bumpa gave Lulu some cute little boots for Christmas and they are so cute! I tried to get a picture of her and her boots but it was kind of hard to hold her up and take the picture.

While my sister Anige was in town we went to Target and spent a long time in the dollar section and found some fun things to put on Lulu's head.

Here are the rest of those pictures of Lulu after church the other day!

I love this picture Cody was right in her face making noises and bugging Lulu but she didn't let it bother her she just turned away from her dad and ignored him it was pretty cute.

Another picture of Lulu trying on something form Targets dollar section.

The other night we went to the toy store near our house with Cody's family to check out all the fun toys when we found this perfect little cart that was just Lulu's size and just the right size for Benton to push her around the store it was the cutest thing ever. And she didn't seem to mind it one bit!