Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

On Thursday we went over to my Aunt's house to carve pumpkins and it was a lot of fun! I love carving pumpkins!

On Halloween night we had a party at our house with some of our friends from Cody's MBA program it was a lot of fun. Cody was a Pirate and I dressed up as a Devil!

We played lots of fun games. The first game we played was the doughnut game. Corey, Cody, Adam, and Rustin! It was so much fun watching the boys eat their doughnuts, After a few bites all of their doughnuts ended up on the floor and they ate them from the ground it was so funny!

Cody was the winner he finished his doughnut first and as you can see he feels like he is going to throw up!
Our turn, Nikki killed the rest of us girls!
Then we bobbed for apples, the bucket wasn't very big so it was hard to have two of us going at the same time but we did and it was crazy. Cody squished my head up against the bucket trying to get his apple, he was not going to loose! And he won!
Then we played pin the nose on the Jack-O-Lantern, it was so much fun all of us were rolling on the ground laughing it was so funny! And as each person went it got more crazy, Here Cody is spinning me before I put my nose on Jack! He did such a good job spinning me I had a hard time walking straight!
Putting my nose in place I guess I cheated by knocking my knuckles up against the paper!
Here Cody is getting spun by his friends it took three of them to spin him!
They spun him so crazy they ended up carrying him down the hall
Once Cody made his way back into the living room the boys were all over the place. Here Rustin is kneeling in front of the blind trying to trip him.

Here Cody is protecting himself he is punching the air but he is trying to get Rustin.
Our friend Jack with his many noses and the one and only nose that didn't make it on Jack was Corey's nose!

We also made carmel apples, we had carmel, white chocolate and crushed oreo's. They were so yummy to eat!
Erin, Krystal, Nikki, and Me!
It was a fun Halloween! Oh and we didn't get one single trick or treater!