Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We have had a fun filled Halloween weekend, On Friday we went to the Adobe Halloween party which was pretty amazing and it was a lot of fun to see all the different costumes! We went with a few of our friends from the MBA program and the Lemmons were in town for the weekend and came to it was fun to hang out with everyone again we sure miss all of our friends who have moved away!

Lulu dressed up as a cute little ladybug she was so cute. She slept like this for most of the time. I love her little striped tights! Little Dorthy in the corner of the picture is our friends daughter here name is Ellie and she is so cute.

As I was getting Lulu ready I thought she looked so cute in her little tights that I just had to take a picture of her before putting the rest of her costume on.

Here are some cute pictures of Lulu in her costume my friend Lacy took them for us and I just love them I love how blue her eyes are.


Lulu has been doing a great job of sleeping through the night the last couple of nights, she then wakes up at 7 or 7:30 in the morning and we get to hang out and play. Here is a picture of us at 7:30 in the morning just hanging out she is really happy and playful in the morning when she first wakes up.
Lulu is 11 weeks old I can't believe it. She is starting to talk so much it is the cutest thing ever! We had her 2 month appointment on Monday and she weighs 10 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches long.

This is Lulu after church today all dressed up she looks so cute in her little dress!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Fun and 10 Weeks Old!

I love this picture of Lulu she is so happy! The other night we went out for pizza and then over to Cody's parents house to paint pumpkins, so I thought it was the perfect night for Lulu to wear her Halloween outfit she looked so cute all dressed up.

Here is a picture of her whole outfit, So cute!

This was at the pizza place, Lulu was sleepy and not a very happy camper. And Aunt Jess is such a trooper taken care of her even if she is screaming. I don't know if this is a good thing or not but I love Lulu's sad face it is the cutest thing ever her little nose all scrunched up. Jess it was so fun having you home Lulu already misses you!

I loved this picture with her little finger up on her cheek while she is sleeping!

Here we all are with our pumpkins it was a lot of fun to all be together and paint pumpkins.
Jess, Kim, Benton, Peggy, Granny, Me, and Cody!

This week our little Lulu discovered how to get out of her wrapping job during the night, so when i would wake up to feed her she would be kicking her legs and moving those cute little arms all around which is cute but they also would be freezing, I felt so bad for her and worried that she was going to get a cold if we didn't take matters into our own hands.
Our friend told me about this sleeping sack that she has her baby sleep in where he can move his legs and arms around and still be kept warm. I went to the store to buy one of these sleeping sack's when I came across this one that was a sleeping sack and has the ability to wrap there little arms up to I thought to myself PERFECT. I was so excited to try our new little sleeping sack out but once Cody got her all wrapped up I felt bad for her because she looked like she
was in a little straight jacket. But she didn't seem to mind it and she slept great and stayed nice and warm. So thank you my new friend the Straight Jacket!

Can you believe that another week has passed and Lulu is now 10 weeks old, she is smiling all the time and is making lots of little noises to us when we talk to her. She is so cute!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Party, Disney World, St. George, 9 Weeks Old

We had Halloween early this year, I was afraid Cody was going to be gone in India by Halloween so we had some of our friends over to carve pumpkins and play some games. This is one of my favorite Halloween games to play, we like to have the boys against each other and the girls against each other. We played it last year and had a blast. Cody won this year out of the boys and ate his doughnut all gone first.

Here are all of us girls getting ready to eat our doughnuts, Lindsay won out of us girls I made a big mess out of my doughnut and face I had such a hard time eating mine.

Here Cody and I are with what was left from my doughnut, look how messy my face got.

Here are all of our pumpkins every couple carved a pumpkin it was a lot of fun I'm so glad we did it even if all the pumpkins are already all shriveled up.

Last week Cody's parents took us to Disney world and it was so amazing I had a blast every second we were there. I was like a little kid, how excited I was to be going there and how I was while we were there.
On Tuesday we went to Epcot and there was so much to do and see there. Here is the clan minus Cody and Dan who are taking the pictures.

Lulu had the chance to meet Chip and Dale along with her cousin's Sam and Benton.

Lulu also got to go on the Little Mermaid ride with me and Cody and she got to ride in a giant clam, she had a lot of fun even though she had no idea what was going on.

Lulu also got to meet Donald Duck while we were in Mexico at Epcot she did like that to much but I know the next time we meet Donald Duck she will love him.

While we were there we didn't have her little bath, so we had to just give her a bath laying in the sink and it was nice because it was big enough for her just to lay down in there with a towel under her to make it softer. I love how much she enjoys taking a bath, I hope it stays that way.

We were able to go on the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios it was a pretty fun ride and Lulu was able to go on that one to. It was kind of a louder and busier ride so she did like that one as much. But Cody and I had a lot of fun on it.

Here we are getting ready to go on the Tot Story ride.
Peggy, Benton, Kim, Jess, Danielle, Me, Dan, Sadie, and Sam!
Here Cody, Me and Lulu are getting ready to go the ride.
Watch Out! Peggy and Danielle are going to get us!
This is how Lulu spent most of her time at Disney World it was perfect and she liked it!
Here is a picture of Dan and Peggy with all of the grand kids, at Hollywood Studios
Before we went on our trip Cody found this new game called Angry Birds on his phone and this was him when we were either standing in a line or waiting for something it was pretty funny to always turn around and there he was playing his game.
Here we are at Magic Kingdom my favorite of all the parks, I loved it, it was magical that is for sure.
Here Sadie and I are on the car ride in Tomorrow Land and Sadie is our driver she thought it was pretty fun driving the car. I remember when I was Little and going to Disneyland with my family and I remember driving one of these cars and I thought it was so cool. I love Disneyland and Disney World.
All the grand kids on Dumbo outside the Dumbo Ride. It was pretty funny to try and get a picture of all the kids looking at the cameras and being happy.
Sam, Lulu, Sadie, and Benton
Cody was the king of Fast Passes it was like a game to him to see how many he could get. We ended up with a ton of them and we didn't even get to use them all. Good job Cody you are so funny!
Lulu got this cute little onesie from Gammie and Bumpa and it fit her just right! She had a blast during her first visit to Disney World! Thank you Gammie and Bumpa!
While we were there we went to the Halloween party at Magic Kingdom and all the grand kids dressed up and so did us girls. Lulu has two costumes one is a Ladybug and the other one is a red chili pepper, the ladybug costume is to big right now but I'm hoping she will fit into it by Halloween time. So for the party she was a chili pepper and she was so cute! Here are a couple of pictures!

This is my most favorite picture of her I love her eyes and lips in this picture!

Here we are at the Bugs Life show at Animal Kingdom, I love this picture of us it is so cute! thanks Lulu for wearing your glasses! We had so much fun at Disney world I can't believe the trip is over it went way to fast but I guess that is what happens when you are having fun! Thanks Dan and Peggy for a fantastic trip we loved every minute of it!

We got back Saturday morning from Florida and as soon as we got home we headed to St. George for the weekend. Cody was going to ride in a 100 mile bike race on Saturday but when we had the chance to go to Disney world he couldn't do it any more but he had a few friends that were going to do it with him and they still did it so we thought it would be fun to go down and hang out with them for a day or two!
Lulu liked the hike for a bit and then she started to get fussy. It may have a been a short trip but it sure was fun.

Here is Lulu at 9 weeks old I didn't realize she was wearing the same outfit as in her 8 week pictures so I'm sorry but I do promise they are taken at different times! I can't believe how much she is growing everyday. She is starting to talk to so much and she is always smiling I love it she is perfect!

And to end the week with taking a nap we had a busy and fun filled week it wore us all out. Cody loves to snuggle with Lulu and take naps with her.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

8 Weeks Old and Pumpkin Hunting!

I can't believe another week has gone by, I can't believe how big she is getting and how fast it is happening. Olivia is 8 weeks old almost two months that just seems so crazy to me. I think she is getting used to me taking her weekly picture because here she has a smile.

Today we went to go get our pumpkins and as you can tell in this picture Olivia loved our adventure, just kidding I don't blame her for crying who would like to lay in a pile of pumpkins the sun in your eyes. She looks so little here, she really did have fun picking out her pumpkins, so much that she got two of those little guys!

Here she has her eyes closed because of the sun I tried to shield the sun from her eyes but I didn't do a very good job.

Here is Cody the proud father of Olivia he just loves every minute with her, he is so cute.

Here Olivia is sitting with our pumpkins, the two little ones are hers the warty one is mine and the white one is Cody's. Cody thought it would be fun to be a little different this year with our pumpkins.

Poor little Olivia had to put up with a lot we took about a million pictures of her and we tried to block the sun out of her eyes but I don't blame her for wanting them shut because Cody wanted me to sit next to her to get a picture taken and my goodness I could not open my eyes for the life of me that sun was so bright! Thanks Lulu for putting up with your crazy parents! We sure do love you!