Sunday, January 29, 2012

1 year and 24 weeks old

Lulu loves berries and this picture just proves it!  
Black Berry Madness!

 The other day I was cooking in the kitchen and Lulu was helping me, I caught her taking a break and eating a snack with an ice cream scoop and a mixing bowl.  She was one hungry girl!

 All Done!

 Lulu had to hold her baby in this weeks photo shoot.

 And this is what happens when you take a little girls baby away from her
 And then when she gets her baby back she is happy again.

Some new words Lulu has been saying or trying to say this week are "Shoes",( "Banana"- "Nana"), ("Hot" "Ha"), "Asher"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

1 year and 23 weeks old and Lulu's first hair cut

We were at Gammie and Bumpa's house for dinner and Lulu and Gammie were having lots of fun with this toy.  Lulu pushes a button and a little mouse pops out Lulu makes the same laugh every time it pops out.

 Last week we went to the doctors for Lulu's 15 month check up a little late it really was a 17 month check up and we found out Lulu hasn't even gained a pound in the last 5 months she weighs just under 18 pounds she did grow 2 inches which makes her 27 inches tall.  We also talked to the doctor about Lulu's hair pulling and we decided to shave her hair so that it wasn't long enough for her to pull any more and then by the time it grew in hopefully she would have forgotten about pulling her hair when she is sad or frustrated.  We thought this would be the best time to do it since she doesn't have much hair yet any ways.  
Here is a before picture!
 And After
Lulu did a great job sitting on Cody's lap while he cut her hair, she got a little sad when she saw her hair on the floor but that was it.  I don't think it looks much different then before.  
 Lulu got t new baby from her cousin Asher, Aunt Jess, and Uncle Ryan and she has had so much fun with her.  The night she got the baby she had to sleep with her.  
 Cody has been doing lots of pull ups lately and Lulu loves to do what her daddy does so she loves to do pull ups when she gets the chance.  She is pretty strong she can hang there all by herself.
 Another week older

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 Year and 22 Weeks Old

Last Sunday Cody, Lulu, and I walked over to Gammie and Bumpas house for Dinner it was cold outside so we had to bundle Lulu up!

Lulu likes to play with her hair and often it ends up like this.
Lulu found these lotions in the bathroom and she loves to play with them.  

 She loves them so much she likes to cuddle with them.
 Lulu also has discovered the buttons on the TV and whenever she has a chance she sneaks over to push as many as she can.

 Friday night we got together at Granny and Gramps for Granny's birthday and these to little ones got to play with each other.  Dylan and Lulu!

 Today was such a nice day so we went to the park and Lulu had so much fun on the swings

 She had fun going down the slide!

 We went to Ikea with Brian, Lindsay, Dylan, and Lance Lulu had lots of fun walking around and checking out all the fun stuff.  We laid her in this bed and she didn't want to get out she liked it so much.

 After Ikea we went and got some frozen yogurt and Lulu wanted to ride on this wooden horse she liked it so much she acted like a monkey.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coloring, Hiking, Scootering, and Flying!

We spent most of the week in St. George in the nice weather with Cody's family, here Lulu is coloring at a restaurant. She enjoys coloring but she thinks it is fun to coloring on people's arms and hands so if you are sitting next to Lulu while she is drawing or coloring watch out you may end up being her paper.  

 We went on a hike, it was a really neat hike I don't really like to hike that much but I loved this hike it was lots of fun.  Here all of us are except for Josh who is taking the wonderful picture.  We are at the top of our hike. 
The three of us at the top, Lulu fell to sleep while on the hike, she was mad at us because she wanted to walk and we wouldn't let her because then we would have never finished the hike so she cried herself to sleep.  Poor girl she just wanted to hike like the rest of us. 

Once Lulu woke up from her short nap we let her walk the rest of the way back to the car and then we rested.  Look how she is resting her hands on her cute little knees. 

 Sam and Sadie brought their scooters to St. George with them and Lulu wanted to give it a try.
At first she is doing a good job.
 Then she slipped and fell off but Cody caught her but she still got a little scared.
 She was done trying the scooter!

 Lulu has been doing this trick with her fingers lately and today we were able to catch her doing it.  She has such little fingers it is so cute to see her cross them.  She does it a lot.

 While we were in Oregon we started tying a blanket around Lulu's like a cape and she thought that was so neat, she would have us do it all the time.  Today when we were at home I saw the little cape my sister Angie had made all the cousins for Christmas last year.  So I put it on Lulu and she took off running it was so cute. We then showed her to stick her hands out in front of her, make flying noises and run around the room. She started to do it and it was the cutest thing ever.  I love how she picks things up so fast. she is growing up so fast.