Saturday, June 25, 2011

45 Weeks Old and Lulu's first Camping Trip

This week was a busy and sad one all at the same time. This week Kim, Tyler and Benton moved to New York so we had to say our goodbyes we sure are going to miss you guys! Lulu is going to miss Benton so much she always got so excited when she saw him it was so cute!

We had Sadie and Sam come and have a sleep over at our house a couple nights and we a had so much fun! We had a pillow fight, watched movies, ate popcorn and pizza. They are such cute kids!

On Friday we went camping for Lulu's first time, and I will be honesty I was nervous on how she would do camping but she was a little pro and she loved it. She spent a lot of time in her stroller watching us cook and hanging out by the fire. She slept right through the night, I woke up all the time to check on her and she was just fine!

Here she is hanging out by the fire in the morning while breakfast was being made.

Here she is just chilling in her stroller next to the fire!

Here is Lindsey, Dylan and Lulu and me hanging out in the morning. Dylan did great as well, he was a good little camper!

We went to the lake and hung out for most of Saturday.

One of Cody's mission buddies lives next to us and they joined us on our camping adventures and they have a little boy named Liam who is a week older than Lulu and he is already walking and he is like twice the size of her. They had fun playing together! They were playing until I said their names to get them to look at me for a picture and they both started to crawl to me. It was pretty cute!

Lulu wearing some sunglasses and she thought she was hot stuff! She did look pretty cute!

When we got home from camping we went for a walk and Lulu was so tired that she just sat there and looked at everything around her as she sat in her stroller. Looks like she got a little wind burn on her cheeks and nose from camping. Lulu turned 45 Weeks Old this week! She didn't want to sit still of course and she didn't want to leave her headband on her head.

Lulu has been doing a great job at sleeping the night through and getting into everything she can!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Cody and 44 Weeks Old

This week Cody's family came into town for his cousin's wedding so Lulu had some time playing with her Grandpa and Grandma Campbell!

On Thursday we went out to dinner to Tucano's with Cody's cousin Brian and his wife Lindsey and there little baby Dylan. Cody and Brian's birthdays are only a few days apart so we had to go celebrate by eating lots of yummy food!
Today June 18Th Cody turned another year older. We were up at a friends cabin for the weekend and when we first woke up the all the kids had decorated the upstairs with balloons and streamers. It was so cute the little girls just love Cody and they were so excited to see Cody in the morning!
Cody was so excited to shoot his BB Gun!

We sang happy birthday to Cody and ate yummy chocolate cake!

Cody was all dressed up in Pirate stuff!

Cody eating yummy cake with his little girlfriends Ellie and Maddie.

We played pin the eye patch on the pirate it was lots of fun!

Cody and Lulu with her party hat on.

I love this picture!

After the cabin we went to Cody's parents house to have pizza and cake with his sisters!

Sam and Lulu hanging out together!

We sang happy birthday to Cody and ate the rest of the yummy cake! Sam and Sadie helped blow out the candles!

Happy Birthday Cody! I sure hope you had a great day, it was fun being able to share this day with you! Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do!

Lulu is 44 Weeks Old this week!

Here Cody and Lulu are hanging out Fathers Day morning playing hide and seek!

Happy Fathers Day Cody you deserve a wonderful day because you the best dad to Little Lulu! Thank you for all your help with Lulu she loves you so much!

A Happy Fathers Day to My dad Pa2 and Cody's dad Bumpa, thank you for all you guys do, and for putting up with us! We sure do love you!

I love Lulu's face in this picture!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Months Old!

Lulu is 10 months old today! I can't believe that in two months she will be turning one years old, that is so crazy to me. Where did the time go! I don't want my little baby to grow up!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Campbell Family Reunion and 43 Weeks Old!

This last week we went to St. George with Cody's family for a little family reunion. We had lots of fun and of course the time went by way to fast. We went swimming, ate lots of yummy food, sang happy birthday to everyone, played tennis, the girls got pedicures and the boys went golfing, bike ridding, boating and lots more!

On Sunday we went to church and after Church we took pictures of the grand kids all together (Sam and Sadie got there later that day).

We have baby Asher who is just a month old, Benton who will be two in August, and Lulu who will be One in August! Aren't these little ones so cute! I'm sad because this was the best one we got with Asher in it and you can't even see his cute little face.


Lulu learned a new trick while in St. George, how to hold her spoon in her mouth with no hands!We went swimming! Cody is hanging out with Benton, Lulu, and Sadie!

Lulu and I at the pool!

Lulu in the pool

We went boating and here Cody is surfing! I love his face in this picture!

Some of us hanging out on the boat!

Lulu, Me and Sadie hanging out on the boat!

We went tubing! Danielle and I went first.Cody and LuluCody and Josh took a turn at the funPeggy and Kim

Then Cody and I went for a spin!

Bumpa and Lulu!

Even Lulu and Benton got to go for a ride on the tube! They did a great job!

Then the boys pulled out the wake board here is Cody showing off his mad skills!

Thanks Dan and Peggy for such a wonderful time in St. George we had a blast!

Cody is on a coed soccer team and today was his first game and he did great. Here is his fan's Gabe (Cody's friends son) and Lulu! Here is a picture of Cody in the Act!

Lulu is 43 weeks old today!

Lulu has been clapping lots this week and waving I even think she has said hi a couple of times while waving! She is getting so fast at crawling and loves to follow me everywhere I go.