Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Lulu is getting to that point were she gets excited for Santa and presents.  Christmas Eve we went to my Grandma's house for dinner and for a little party!  
Here Lulu is stuffing her face with some food.  It must be pretty tasty.

We made gingerbread houses here is Lulu's I think she may have had more fun eating it then making it. 

We had a special visitor come to visit us!  I was able to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. 

Owen was a good boy to and sat on Santa's lap!

Lulu wouldn't sit on Santa's lap but she is really into tickling right now so she sat next to Santa and tickled him a few times. 

Owen sitting on Grandmas lap and Santa is tickling Owen and Owen thought that was pretty funny!  I love this picture. 

Santa saying good bye before his busy night!
Lulu blew him kisses good bye!

 After Grandma's house we went home and Lulu wrote Santa a note and set out some cookies and milk for him to eat.

This is what Lulu woke up to, no cookies or milk and a note from Santa and some reindeer milk.She was pretty excited!

Lulu tried the reindeer milk and liked it! Yummy!

Lulu opening presents

Owen excited for his present!

 We thought James was going back to the North Pole but then he decided to stay around to see Christmas morning!

Opening more presents!

Lulu giving brother a Christmas kiss

Owen getting very sleepy from watching sister open up his presents. 

Cody's wrapping job on my Christmas present a TV. Wasn't expecting that one!

I think she likes it!

It was really cute when Lulu was looking at the presents under the tree and she spotted the bike she got really excited!  She loves bikes and she loves the color pink.  She loved it!

Owen had a blow out and had to go naked for a little bit. I love his face like he knows he did something wrong!

After we opened presents at our house we went down to my parents house to open presents and to eat breakfast.  Here Lulu is helping John by passing out the presents. 

Lulu got excited when she opened up her shopping cart she has been wanting one of these!

The Gang

Merry Christmas Everyone I hope you had a wonderful time!

Well as you can tell Lulu was thrilled to get her picture taken today she would not put the phone down she was watching a movie and it must have a been a good part. 

Once I got the phone away this is the look I got, she wasn't feeling the best today and you can tell

On the other hand this little handsome man wasn't feeling the best either but you couldn't tell he looks pretty happy to me. 

Happy Baby!

These are from Christmas morning in their Christmas pajamas!  I love these to crazy kiddos.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snow Falling On My Head

On Monday we had some snow fall from the sky so Lulu and I bundled up and went outside to check it out. At first Lulu wasn't to sure about the snow. 
Here she is checking it out.

Some landed on her face and she wasn't to sure about it.

Trying  to pull the snowflakes off her face to take a look at them.

Not to sure about this stuff!

Why is it falling on my coat.  She played in it for a minute and then she was done and ready to go inside.  I'm glad we went out when we did because a few minutes later it stopped snowing and it all melted away!

Crazy girl.  This little girl likes to help with little brother and she has started to call him by his name sometimes instead of baby brother.  She loves to sing which is the cutest thing ever and she loves to dance which is also the cutest thing ever.  She loves to write notes with a pen and she holds it the right way.  She likes to call her dad, Cody sometimes which is pretty funny! She loves to hide from anyone that is coming though a door.  She also loves to tickle everyone and make a tickling noise it is so cute!

This little guy is always smiling and he is talking so much more.  He is such a good baby he gets toys to the head once in a while and he doesn't  cry he just looks around and then if he catches someones face he just smiles.  I love him so much he is getting so big and he just needs to slow down!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

We got our tree on Tuesday,   This is the first year we got a tree, I was so excited to get a tree and to decorated it.  Lulu loved helping, she did a great job.

Lulu even got to put the star on the tree!

TA DA! Lulu is saying.  Here is our tree all done, it is a little bare but hopefully one of these years it will look nice and full. 

The other day I was walking around the house with Owen in a wrap and Lulu thought her baby needed to be doing the same thing.   So we found a blanket and wrapped it around her to hold her baby on.  She loved it she left the baby on all day and she just played and then she would make sure her baby was doing OK she would feed her and burp her and talk to her all while she was in the wrap on her. It was one of the cutest things ever. 

My dad came over one morning and we wanted to get the three of them in a picture in front of the tree but Lulu was being her silly self and not looking at the camera. 

As a family we made sugar cookies for a couple Christmas parties that we were going to.  We had lots of fun making all the fun shapes. 

I love that Lulu is showing her cookie dough like her daddy, she is one silly girl.

Owen slept while we were hard at work.

Lulu loved frosting cookies or should I say cookie this little girl decorated the same cookie for an hour she loved it she had frosting everywhere but at least she had fun.

You can tell by Cody's face that he was having the time of his life frosting the cookies!

Some of the Cookies!

In her Christmas dress

Lulu and Owen in there Christmas Best

I love this picture of Owen!