Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jaron Graduates from preschool!

Jaron Scott Kenner graduated from preschool today. He was so excited he talked about it all week long. Angie wanted Jaron to look handsome for his graduation so she dressed him in a green and white button up shirt (he looked very handsome). But Jaron didn't want to wear his nice shirt he just wanted to wear a t-shirt. Angie said he could take it off after they took pictures at his school, so he asked if we could take the pictures right at that moment so he could take his shirt off. He is a smart boy. Well he did great he received his little diploma and he smiled for the pictures.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cody and Karlee

Cody wanted to try the baby sling, carrier out with Karlee. Doesn't he look like a natural?

Happy Unbirthday to you!

While we were at the beach we threw a unbirthday party, because we have so many birthdays that we miss, so we decided to have a birthday party while we were all together. We had a pinata, which was so much fun to try and break and to watch everyone take a swing at breaking it. Then we did a white elephant exchange, then everyone was giving their own cupcake with a candle and we sang happy birthday to everyone. It was fun, we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

A day at the beach!

Here are some pictures of Kallie, Jaron, and Kelsie playing at the beach, and touching the cold water with their feet. We had a lot of fun at the beach, I love spending time with family! We don't do it enough.

Cody boggie boarding at the Oregon Coast!

While we were at the beach Cody went boggie boarding in the ocean talk about CRAZY! I touched the water with my toes and it was freezing, but Cody and My brother in-law suited up and jumped in the ocean and went to town. I have never seen Cody in a wetsuit before and he was pretty dashing looking! Cody sure is adventures and will try most anything if not everything. Cody came running over to my dad and I and said that he had been boggie boarding but never in such cold water, he said with the wetsuit on it wasn't to bad. He had fun and it was fun watching!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seaside, Oregon

On Saturday May 24th, we went to Seaside Oregon, and spent the day walking around looking at the shops they have there, we ate lunch, and looked at the beach. We didn't actually go on the beach but we looked at it. My dad and brother John arrived at the beach and met us at Seaside, John just flew in that day after spending three weeks in Japan with my brother Scotty, his wife Emily, and their son Matthew. They weren't able to make it to the beach this year, they are living in Okinawa, Japan. We sure missed them it just wasn't the same with out them there with us to make the family complete. Cody's favorite store in Seaside was the Candyman store where they had all the taffy a person could possibly want, Cody loaded up on taffy and he was so hungry that he ate all of his taffy in minutes and then he felt sick after that he is so funny. After we finished our taffy and walked most of it off we went back to the Candyman store to have some Tillamook ice cream, we just had to get one and Cody loved it so much he went back for a second cone! We sure enjoyed our visit to Seaside.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Next on our Memorial Day adventures, we continued on our way to the Tillamook Cheese Factory where we watched all of the people make huge blocks of yummy cheese. After you watch them make the cheese you get to go and taste all the varitey of cheese that they have made, that was one of Cody's favorite parts of the Cheese Factory. We went a couple of times through the sample lines. Then before you can leave you have to have an ice cream cone. Cody and I couldn't just choose one flavor so we had to have two flavors and they were so good we wanted more but we left before we where too tempted to eat another delicious ice cream cone.

Tillamook Forest Center

Over Memorial Day weekend Cody and I spent time with my family at the Oregon Coast. We started our journey on Friday the 23rd, we stopped at the Tillamook Forest Center and walked around to see all of the neat exhibits they had there to share. We watched a short 15 minute film about the three forest fires they had back in the late 1930's and early 1940's, that destroyed acres of forest. We learned about the legacy of the historic Tillamook Burn and the public spirit behind a monumental reforestation effort that left a permanent mark on Oregon history and helped shape sustainable forest management today. It was a fun and neat place to visit the kids really enjoyed learning about trees, the forest, the forest fires that took place there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feeding the Ducks!

I'm in Oregon for awhile and today my mom and I took Kallie, Jaron, and Kelsie to the river to feed the ducks. It was alot of fun, Kelsie kept making duck noises trying to get them to come near her. She would dump all of her bread out all at once and then want more and more bread. She is one funny girl. I can't believe how big the kids are getting!