Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beach, Bumpa, Beach!

Oh my this is so cute!
We are on our way to the beach.
Owen is starting to like the sand!
What a sad boy!
Happy Boy
Lulu loves to run out to the water and have the waves chase her!
Lulu had her first dance class and loved it!
Lulu doing a trick with her teacher!
Bumpa came into town!
We took Bumpa to the Zoo!
We went for a ride on the Train around the Zoo!
We found a Lulu Peacock!
Lulu loved the Petting Zoo!
Owen liked it a little bit!
Lulu didn't want Bumpa to leave!
We went to two BYU baseball game while Bumpa was in town
Lulu going around and around!
Owen playing!
We went to the Beach with Daddy!
Playing in the water!

Owen and Daddy!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


While we were in Oregon Owen had his 18 months doctors appointment.
His stats Weight 22 pounds 9 oz. 9%. Height 32 1/4 inches 43% Head Circumference 48.4 cm 65%. He did great!
Owen checking out from the doctors!
Lulu and Owen thought this was so funny, to hang on Papa's feet and dangle.  I don't think Papa thought the same thing.
They always love giving each other rides in Lulu's baby doll stroller!
Out for a scooter ride!
It was a warm day so we had otter pops yummy!
Owens first otter pop!
Say Cheese!
We went to the park!
Owen wanted to try what Lulu was doing!
I had a girls night with some of my friends from our Gladstone Ward!
Lulu singing!  She loves to sing!
We played with friends!
Benson and Owen!
Lulu and Annabelle!
Just Chilling!
Owen trying out some sun glasses!
Ma2 and Owen hanging out!
My little shopping partner!
Saying goodbye to Papa!
And we are on our way back to California!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Zoo, Park, A Trip to Oregon, and John and Sam's Open House!

Lulu loves to fill her backpack up with stuff and carry it around!  Here she is being a pirate!
Lulu and I had a mommy lulu date and went out for ice cream she wanted chocolate! It was fun just spending some time with my little girl!
Owen always wants to be like his big sister!
I love when I saw this!
Lulu loves to sit in the purple chairs at story time at the library!
Owen giving Lulu a hug what a sweet moment!
Daddy's home from work!
The kids love to find boxes and use spoons to make noise like they are playing the drums!
Owen has got some moves!  I love his dancing!
Lulu and Brooklyn playing at the park!
Owen and his buddy Ezra playing at the park to.
Lulu reading her little scriptures that Gammie and Bumpa got her for Christmas!
Piglet watching some TV.
Owen Piglet!
Lulu at the zoo with our friends the Burningham's!
I will share my blanket with this little cutie any day!
Friday night after Cody was done with work we headed on the road to Oregon to be there for my brother John's Open House!
John and Sam!
Lulu and Sam!
The clean up crew! 
Lulu was a big helper!
I love Lulus wave!
My parents did a good job at putting this fantastic Open House on!