Saturday, February 26, 2011

28 Weeks and New Tricks

We have had a busy week getting ready for our trip to India, shopping, packing, shopping, packing and more packing. But we took little breaks form our hard work to play, Lulu and I have had lots of fun playing this week. I know I say this each week but she is growing up so fast.
Here she is showing off her cute little red shoes that her Gammie and Bumba got her while we were in Utah last weekend! They are so cute and I think Lulu likes them to.

Just a close up of this CUTIE!

This week was Lulu's first taste of baby food besides rice cereal, we started out trying carrots. We had Cody on skype so that he would be there for her first taste. And she really seemed to like it. She only wanted a few bites but I was impressed on how well she did. We are going to wait until we get back from India before we eat them again.

Lulu has been practicing sitting up all by herself she can do it for a minute or two and then she slowly falls to one side but everyday she is getting better and pretty soon she will be a pro at sitting up all by her self for a long time.

Lulu got her first swimsuit the other day and we had to try it on and make sure it fit. She was so cute in it and it fit perfectly, I love her little chubby legs!

Today I got Lulu all dressed and I sat her in her bouncer while I made the 28 week sign so we could take pictures. Once I finished I went to pull her out and this is what I found. She was only dressed for 10 minutes.

She's 28 weeks old and I can't believe it!

After we took her pictures I went into the kitchen to get something and when I came back I found her eating her flower and her headband around her neck. This last week Lulu decided that she doesn't like having anything on her head so as soon as I put it on she tries to pull it off! I was hoping because I started her early with headbands and hats that she wouldn't be a puller offer! I was wrong!

Today Lulu was rolling around in her room today while I was getting ready and I came into the room and found this....................... Can you find Lulu? She had pulled the blankets off the side of the crib and was under them, she wasn't crying or anything I pulled them off of her and she had this big old smile on her face like I caught her in the act.

She cracks me up every day and she really is the best baby ever! Tomorrow we head off to India and I plan on blogging about our trip while we are there so I'm hoping I can. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

27 Weeks and A Trip to Utah

This week Lulu and I flew to Utah for her 6 month doctors appointment and we were able to spend lots of time with Dan and Peggy, Gammy and Bumpa. Lulu has gained a whole two pounds since her 4 month doctors appointment she weighs 14 pounds, which means she is in the 18Th percent tile in weight. For height she is in the 53 percent tile, she is just a healthy little girl.
While we were in Utah, Lulu had lots of fun playing with her Gammy and Bumpa. In this picture she is hanging out with her great grandpa Hansen.
Lulu loved playing with her Bumpa, she loved it when he would give her kisses.

She really liked his tie.

Lulu loved spending time with her Gammy, Lulu just loved to play with Gammy's necklace, one morning she just laid there for the longest time while playing so nicely with Gammy's necklace.

She loved telling great Granny Hansen stories, it was so cute to watch the two of them. Granny just loved holding Lulu so much and Lulu was sweet with Granny.

While we were in Utah Lulu turned 27 Weeks Old. Lulu is getting to be such a busy baby these days she is a hard one to keep still for longer than a second, so our photo shoots are getting harder each week to do. I love this face she is such a funny baby!

This one cracks me up!

Sweet Sweet Olivia!

While we were in Utah we stayed over at Cody's parents house but we went over to our place to pick up a few things. And while we were there I set this jumper thing up and I put Lulu in there and she just loved it she was jumping all over the place it was so cute. She loves to jump. I love how she has her tongue sticking out that is a new thing she likes to put that tongue out, I think she is feeling her little tooth.

We had such a wonderful time in Utah it was such a short trip and the time went by so fast. Thanks Dan and Peggy for such a fun time and for all that you do for us!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day and Lulu's Half Birthday!

Today for Valentines Day Lulu and I were at my sister Angie's house we had a lot of fun hanging out, we went out to lunch. And had some yummy Mexican food, just us girls.

After lunch we headed over to the kids school and went to Kelsie's kindergarten class Valentine party, Kelsie was so excited to see us there and she was so excited for all the fun Valentines she had received from her friends. Here Kelsie is enjoying some chocolate, she is a silly girl.

We had a fun Valentines dinner. Angie told the kids that they needed to go get dressed up for a nice dinner so they went right to work. Kelsie came dressed in her tinker bell costume and bows all over in her hair. Jaron helped Karlee pick out her dress, tights and shoes, he was so cute helping her get ready the best that he could. Everyone looked nice all dressed up. Then all of us had a mustache to wear for a picture for Uncle Cody. He is in India for work and he has been growing a mustache since he has been there, so we thought it would be to wear mustaches in honor of Uncle Cody!

Jaron was being so proper the whole night, he pulled all the girls chairs out for them he made sure to cut his meat into small bits, to chew with his mouth closed and to not talk with food in his mouth. He is so funny, he cracks me up! He said that "we had the best dinner ever and it was like we were at restaurant but we weren't we were just at home". I thought that was so cute.

This picture is for Daddy we want him to see us with our mustaches!

Not only was today Valentines Day but it was also Lulu's half birthday! Lulu turned 6 months today. I can't believe it, I know I always say how I can't believe how fast the time goes by but it really does. Angie made this cute little felt crown for her then we had a special treat to celebrate her half birthday. She didn't really get to eat it but it was fun for us all to eat the cute little heart shaped brownies for her birthday/Valentines Day!

Then Lulu was able to skype with her dad so he could see her in her cute crown, since Cody has been in India we have been able to skype with him everyday it has been very nice.

Here is the happy birthday girl.

We took lots of pictures of her, she has been doing this thing where she will be laying on her tummy and she will flap her arms off to the side and kick her legs it is so funny. Jaron said that it looks like she is sky diving when she it does it. And then he got on the floor next to her and explained to her how skydiving works as he was doing the same thing as she was. It was pretty cute.

We blew up some little balloons for her to play with and she was in heaven just trying to grab the balloons and stick them in her mouth. It was fun to watch her try to get them they would go flying away when she would reach for them, but once in a while she would get one and it would go straight to her mouth.

I love this picture of her with her mustache on and her little tongue sticking out she kind of reminds me of Mario from the video game.

Here is a picture of Lulu the day after she was born so little, look at all that dark hair where did it all go? It's amazing at how much she has changed in the 6 months of her life. She is so cute and full of life, she is always smiling and happy, always jumping, kicking, licking, talking and just being so darn cute!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

26 Weeks and a Indian Wedding!

This week Cody was able to attend a wedding in India and he said that it was pretty amazing. He said that the wedding ceremony was three hours long and then two days later was the reception he said there was around a thousand people that attended. That is so crazy!
Here Cody is with the bride and groom!
You gotta love Cody's facial hair!

This picture is kind of blurry but Lulu is trying to show off her tooth, you can see the little white spot at the tip of her tongue. This was a hard picture to get because every time she would open her mouth she would stick her tongue out and put it in front of her tooth.

Lulu turned 26 weeks today and on Monday she turns 6 months, 6 months can you believe it! I sure can't!

I was trying to get a picture of Lulu and she just kept wanting to watch the TV it was so cute!

Here we are, what a cutie!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

25 Weeks and Guess What?

Lulu is 25 weeks old this week! And guess what it has been a very exciting week, Because our little Lulu has her first tooth poking up. The first time we felt it was on Tuesday Feb. 1st. And ever since then we haven't had a good night sleep, poor little Lulu wakes up often in the middle of the night to let me know how she is feeling! I feel so bad because I just don't know what to do to make her feel better! This is only the beginning of a long hard road for our little Lulu!

I love this picture, I'm not sure if she is yawing or if she is getting ready to eat the paper!

The other night I went into check on Lulu while she was sleeping and this is what I found, I thought it was so cute how she had her little arms all spread out. That I had to take a picture. I didn't think that the flash would bother her when I took the picture because she was sleeping. But as soon as I snapped the picture she jumped up so fast and her whole little body jumped so high I felt so bad that I scared her. That night we didn't sleep very well and I think it is because of her tooth bothering her but I also feel like the flash waking her was part of it to. Oops!!!!!

The other night before Lulu went to bed she took a bath and she was having so much in the tub like she usually does, that I thought it was so cute so I had to take some pictures of her hanging out in the bathtub. Look how happy she is, I think taking a bath is for sure one of her favorite things to do.
I love that smile!

The Kenners came into town this weekend and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them. Here they are getting ready to head home.

Lulu seems to really like watching football. Whenever it is on we always catch her watching it, what a funny girl. Here is a picture of her Pa2 and her watching the Super Bowl!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

24 Weeks Old!

Here are Lulu's weekly pictures, she is getting harder each week to get pictures of her. She loves to try and get the paper, she wants to eat it so badly. Today Lulu got her chance and got a quick lick of the L on the paper which means she smeared the L and got a taste of the black marker. Her little tongue was all black from her taste it was pretty darn cute.

This is our first shot of the night which was a pretty good one I should have stopped here but I wanted a full body shot which was kind of tricky to get.

At first it was hard to get her to look at the camera I kept trying to make her look at the camera and she kept looking everywhere but the camera!

Then she was trying to wriggle her way off the chair, here is the first shot!

Even closer to where she wants to go! She is pretty proud of her self here.

Look at that smile she is so happy that she is getting her self where she wants to be and not where I want her to be. She is so silly!

Finally I laid her on her blanket on the floor and we did a much better job getting the picture we wanted!

And the full body shot! As I was getting Lulu dressed today I realized that she still fits into her 0-3 months jeans and in two weeks she will be 6 months old, I wonder how old she will be when she will fit into her 3-6 months jeans.

I'm sorry for so many pictures, You guys are wondering why I feel it so necessary to add so many pictures that are so similar but I just think that every picture I take is so darn cute I have a hard time leaving any of them out!