Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Birthday, BYU Game, and 6 Weeks Old

Friday was my birthday and Olivia and I hung out all day, it was a great birthday! We started out the day just hanging out at home and getting ready for the day! We went out to lunch at P.F. Changs, with Peggy, Kim, and Benton and it was so much fun and such good food! Here is a picture of lulu all ready to go to lunch looking so stinking cute!

Here is a close up of Olivia she is just so cute I had to take another picture of her!

After lunch Olivia and I went home and hung out until Cody got home from work and while we waited I put this cute bow on her that I made and took about a thousand pictures of her! I wanted to take some pictures of her and me together but that was more difficult then I thought it would be trying to hold her up next to my head and take the picture. In the first picture she got a hold of my hair and pulled it really hard and so that didn't turn out and then I tried to take another one and while I was trying to take that one she spit up all of me and her, after that try I was done and we had to go change her out of her cute outfit to get ready to go out for my birthday!
She sure is cute and look how big that flower is on her head!

Cody and Lulu took me out to one of my favorite restaurants Outback, we had such a yummy dinner of Steak and when I left there I was so stuffed it hurt! Two great meals in one day!

After dinner Cody wanted to take me to the batting cages to hit some balls but only two cages where working and there were like a hundred little boys running around waiting for their turn to hit some balls! So we didn't want to take from them and decided we would come back at another time!

We then headed over to one of my favorite places to get dessert Yo Zone to eat so good tasting frozen yogurt. After we ate some more food we headed home, thanks Cody and Lulu for such a wonderful birthday!

Saturday we were able to go to the BYU football game and we took Lulu with us and she did great! For the first half of the game we were sitting in the sun and it was pretty hot but she just slept the whole time and then during the second half the sun was down so we were in the shade and it was perfect!

The only thing missing was Lulu wasen't wearing anything BYUish! We will have to work on that if we make it to another game!

Guess who turned 6 weeks old on Saturday? Yes you guessed right it was Lulu!

We love you Lulu!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 Weeks Old, Bike Ridding, and Sun Valley/Boise!

I can't figure out how to move my pictures to put them in Order so I'm sorry for the craziness. Here is a picture of Cody with cute little Benton outside the Boise Temple. I love Benton's Bow Tie!
Over Labor Day Weekend Cody and his family rode there bikes on the Alpine Loop, while we followed in our cars to be the cheerleaders. Lulu was jealous that she didn't get to ride a bike to so when we stopped to take a break Cody let her ride his bike for a minute, she was a pro.

Here is Lulu at 5 weeks old and she looks so pretty in her dress and bow!We were on the rode when I took this picture so there is no sign saying how old she is!

Cody a proud daddy with his daughter outside the Boise Temple!

All three of us outside the temple!

Granny Hansen with Lulu outside the Boise Temple

Cody and I went with his family to Sun Valley for the week and weekend and then headed to Boise to his Cousin's Wedding, it was such a fun and relaxing weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Olivia is a Month!

Olivia is a Month today I can't believe that it has already been a month since this little girl was born. She is the sweetest thing ever and so cute. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a mom! I took these pictures on Saturday when she was 4 weeks old, my dad said we should take a picture of her every week so that he can see the progress of her growing.
We love you Lulu!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Olivia Meeting family and Her Blessing Day!

This last weekend was a big weekend for Olivia she was blessed and she met a lot of family that came to Utah to share the big day with her.

Here she is with my dad.

Olivia with my Mom

Olivia with Aunt Serena

Olivia with Great Grandma and Grandpa Campbell

Olivia with her oldest cousin Kallie

Olivia with cousin Kelsie

Olivia with her cousin Jaron

Olivia with Great Grandma Guptill

Olivia with Aunt Angie

Olivia with Aunt Danielle, cousin Sadie, and Gammie

Olivia with Cousin Sadie

Olivia with Cousin with Sam

Here is Olivia on her big day all dressed up in her blessing dress which was amazing, Cody's mom made it. We blessed Olivia at Cody's parents house and he did a great job it was a very sweet blessing. We had a lot of family and close friends come from near and far. Thank you to everyone that came it really meant a lot to us. And a big thanks to the Campbell's for letting us do it at your house and a special thanks to Peggy, Danielle, Kim, and Jess for all the hard work you did on the yummy food for everyone it was perfect.

Here is everyone that was in the circle

My family that came from Oregon.

Here is Olivia on her big day she was so good, she slept most of the time and she was so patience with her mom who kept poking and pulling at her hair and dress to make sure it was perfect.

We took about a thousand pictures of her and I wanted to get some of her awake but she had a hard time keeping her eyes open the poor girl just wanted to sleep.

This is a dress that my cousin Lisa made for Olivia it looked so cute on her thanks Lisa

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More of Olivia!

This is what we have been up to the last week.
Olivia went over to Gammie and bumpa's house for the first time. I love this picture of Cody, Kim, and Gammie looking at Olivia!

Olivia took her first real bath and she wasn't sure about it at first but then by the end I think she liked it. We got this bath from Auntie Kim to borrow and it works wonderful. Thank you Kim and thank you Benton for letting your cousin borrow it.

Here she is where she looks like she is enjoying it!

While she was taken a nap she had her arm over her eyes and I thought it was so cute!

And just another cute picture of Lulu!