Saturday, August 27, 2011

S'mores, Yummy!

This week Angie's family was still here so we had lots of fun before they headed back to Oregon.

This picture is from when we went to Colorado I didn't have my camera on me so I took this from Angie's camera and forgot to do it for last weeks post so it's just a little late. Here are all the cousins together I think it turned out pretty good with smiles and everyone looking! We had lots of fun and of course it went by way to fast!

This picture is also from Angie's camera I love it Look at that belly! We went to the doctors on August 16Th for Lulu's 1 year check up and she is in the 1st percent tile for weight so our little girl may be little but she still has a belly! Love Her!

Lulu has been standing on her own a lot lately, here she is standing on her little chair what a little dare devil.

Monday night we went up the canyon to have a fire and eat tin foil dinners and smores, Here is my tin foil dinner before it was cooked.

We had lots of fun while we were up there the weather was perfect and the kids had fun running around, watching the fire, and making s'mores!

Lulu had her first taste of a s'more and loved it!

Lulu woke up Tuesday morning don't feeling good and with a little dried snot stash it was pretty gross and funny at the same time so we had to get a picture of it so Lulu can remember it forever! Who wants a kiss?

On Tuesday we went to Thanksgiving Points Dinosaur Museum for two buck Tuesday! We had lots of fun exploring all of the different things that they have to offer. That was my first time there.
Here is Lulu and Karlee trying to catch this giant piece of fabric that is blowing in the air!

This picture is kind of blury but this is the whole gang in front of a dinosaur!

This last weekend Cody and his dad were in a golf tournament called the Mulligan they had lots of fun doing it together. It was three days of golf, golf, and more golf!
On Friday night Cody and I went to a dinner for the tournament. This was only the third time since Lulu was born that Cody and I have gone out on a date, the last time was on our anniversary. So it was fun to dress up and go out on a date with Cody, although it was weird not to have Lulu with us since she is always with us! Thanks Angie for watching Lulu so we could go!

We went over to this new place next to our place called Provo Beach Resort to play, we started out with a game of bowling. We had Lulu try on Karlee's shoes which was the smallest size they had and every time Lulu moved her feet would come right out of the shoes. We wanted her to push the ball but she didn't want to have anything to do with the ball she just wanted her Momma!

Then we played a game of croquet was a little harder for the kids to play and understand but it was still fun! Here Cody is helping Kelsie hit the ball.

Yesterday morning Lulu was playing in the kitchen while I was doing the dishes and I looked down and she had put a dish towel on her head and was just sitting there with it on her head.

Here is Angie and Karlee, we had so much fun while they were here visiting the time went by way to fast but it usually does. Thanks Angie for coming to our house we loved every minute of it.

Here is a group shot of all of us before the Kenner family loaded up the car to head back to Oregon!
Lulu has been doing this a lot lately, she just closes her eyes for a few seconds and then opens them and then closes them again. It is the cutest and funniest thing she is one funny girl!

This morning Lulu was taking a bath and she just loves playing with the water as it comes out of the faucet!

Her new thing is to drink the water as it is coming out of the faucet she looks so grown up as she is doing it! After I took these pictures Lulu slipped and fell and bonked her ear on the tub and got a little cut on her ear I felt so bad for her. Poor girl, there will be no more standing in the bath if I can help it!

Lulu is One Year and Two Weeks Old this week and she is making us smile more and more each day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Year And One Week Old!

While my sister Angie is visiting me we decided to cruise on over to brothers house in Colorado for the weekend. We had lots of fun and did lots of fun things. On Friday we started the day of at this place called Focus on the family. It was so neat it had rooms of slides and climbing things the walls had paintings of cartoons. The older kids and us adults went down this really tall bumpy slide. The kids would go down it over and over and us adults could only handle the slide once. They also had this fun room for kids under the age of 4 so I took Lulu and her cousins Karlee and Anna and they had fun running and crawling around the room.

Lulu crawling through the tunnel!

Lulu had fun playing with the games on the wall!
Look Lulu caught a fish and now she is checking out her hands to see if they are clean!

Here is Karlee and Anna hanging out!After we finished there we heading on to a park for the kids to cool off in this really neat fountain area. Lulu loved it, I just let her crawl around and play in the water. There was a little lazy river going around the fountain and this huge circle in the middle with water falling from the top of it.

Here Lulu is cruising her way across the mini lazy river.

Don't worry I forgot to pack Lulu's swimsuit although I remembered everything else like her swim diapers, her hat, and her swimsuit cover so Lulu had to wear a onsie but she didn't mind. She loved sitting on the edge and stick her feet in the water here she is clapping, I love her!
Watching the water fall from the fountain!

Chiling in the water!

Here is the full fountain and some of us hanging out and eating some snacks.

Friday night we went out to dinner at this place called the Flying W Ranch, we ate some yummy BBQ food and then they had some singing cowboys put a concert on for us. Before dinner we walked around the ranch and they had a tee pee and little houses for you to walk through that had shops inside of them. It was lots of fun and the kids loved it. I'm sad I didn't any pictures of us at the Flying W Ranch.

While we have been at my brothers house little Lulu has discovered the stairs and she is always wanting to go down them or up them, one time I was in the other room grabbing something and when I came back into the room I couldn't find her anywhere so I ran over to the stairs and this little one was almost to the top and I freaked out, but she was so proud of herself! This is only the second time Lulu has been on stairs, and she thinks she is pretty good at them.

On Saturday we went to the Western Mining Museum and were able to pan for gold the kids and us adults had lots of fun looking for gold. I tried to get everyone in the picture but didn't do a very good job.

Lulu and I looked for gold together and we did a pretty good job. Lulu was a big helper.

Here are the kids!

Before bedtime Lulu had fun playing with this pig she was really good at putting the money in the slot on the top of the pig she sat there putting the coins in over and over again I was very impressed! I love the look on her face, she is so determined to get the coins in there!

Lulu is One years old and One week! In the first two pictures she is standing up against the wall she was so proud of herself!

Thank you Scotty and Emily for such a fun time we enjoyed every minute of it!

Jennie and Patrick I'm sorry we didn't get to see you this trip but next time for sure!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Year Old!

Happy Birthday Lulu! Today Lulu turned One Years Old! I can't believe that it has been a whole year since Lulu was brought into our lives! She is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She is so happy and is always smiling, she loves to dance and give kisses. She loves to cuddle with her daddy and she loves to be right with me all the time.

She is my little buddy!

After Church we took a little family picture just the three of us!

After Lulu's nap we skyped with my parents while we sang happy birthday and Lulu gave cake another try and she seemed to like it better this time around. I love this picture she is looking at Cody like is it OK that I do this?
She tried it and she looks like she is saying oh oh! She wore the same outfit she wore for her birthday party but the crown is different then the one she wore for her party Angie made two crowns because we couldn't decide on which colors we liked best. They both are so cute!

She liked it so much that she wanted to share with her daddy!

Then of course she had to share with her mommy!
Now she is getting into it!


Now it's present time she had fun opening her presents she remembered how to do from yesterday.

Lulu got a mini Elmo, she loves Elmo. Her favorite thing is to give Elmo kisses!

Cody is holding the 1 year old sign for me. Lulu is dancing to the song from her new book.

Lulu shares her birthday with her great grandpa Hansen. We had a birthday party for the two of them in the evening. Here they are getting ready to blow out the candles!

Lulu's third attempt at eating cake

She used a spoon on her birthday cake this time and she had fun making a mess!

So Sweet!

Love Her So Much!

I love this picture Karlee's eyes peeking over the ball and Lulu hugging the ball!

Happy Birthday Lulu we Love You!