Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Owen

Owen turned 1 on Saturday! We celebrated his birthday on Thursday night!  It was Pirate themed!
He didn't like wearing his hat or his eye patch! But he sure looked cute in his get up!

Lulu got a pirate hat for her to. 
Thanks to my sister Angie for making the hats they turned out super cute!

Elmo returned this year, he was from Lulu's birthday party last year but this year he came back as a pirate!   We played pin the eye patch on Elmo!

The  birthday boy with Ma2!

 Owen opened presents or I should say Lulu opened presents and some of his cousins.  Owen pretty much just watched because he wasn't to sure what to do.

Owen's cake, its kind of lame but I tried!

Lulu was crying as we were singing and as I was carrying the cake over to Owen because she was afraid he was going to get burned by the candle.  It was so cute and funny!  Lulu helped Owen blow out the candle and then she was much happier once the candle was out.

Checking out the cake making sure it was OK to eat.

And then he dug in!

He loved it he even got it in his hair!

Happy Birthday my big 1 year old we sure do love you so much!

I can't believe that I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old!  Time is really going way to fast.  I would like it to slow down please!
I sure do love my little rascals! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I gave this boy one blackberry to eat then I went into the kitchen to make dinner.  A couple minutes later Lulu says "Mommy, Owen looks scary" I turn around to see this!  Haha!  Lulu had been giving him some of her blackberries to eat! What a silly boy!  He was slapping his hands down on the try splashing blackberry juice everywhere and laughing!  

This little girl is 3 years old. 
she had her 3 year appointment and she weighed in at 25 1/2 pounds the 4th percent tile and she was 34 inches tall which was the 2nd percent tile. She is our little girl that is for sure but she is a healthy one at that!

Now that this little boy is crawling he is into everything and he is loving the freedom of going everywhere!  Lulu is having a hard time adjusting to Owen getting into her stuff!  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Bell Princess Party

Lulu had her birthday party on Monday August 5th.  It was a Bell Princess Party!  We had it all decorated fancy!

When all the Princesses got there they decorated wands and crowns! 

Then we played pin the rose on Bell!

Then they played Princess, Princess, Queen!

Then we sang happy birthday and then it was cupcake and ice cream eating time!

Bell getting ready to eat her cupcke!

Bell with all of her jewelry on and her clip on jeweled earnings!  So fancy and pretty!

Bell opening her presents!

Then before the party came to an end the Princesses hit the pinata!

All the Princesses before they went home!

Lulu with her friend Lindsay

The Princess after the party!

Karlee and Lulu!
Lulu loved loved her party!  She was one happy girl!  
I can't believe she is turning 3!

I love this girl!

Look at him!  I love him!
This little man started to crawl this week!  And he is loving it!