Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tinkerbell Party!

Oh my goodness I just want to eat him up!  I love him so much and I love that little smile!

Such a big boy sitting up!

This little girl didn't want to stand still long enough for me to take  her picture!  

And then I said I would give her a M&M so she stood still and smiled for me!  She loves to wear her Tinker Bell dress!

Lulu went to her first friends birthday party this week!  The girls were to dress up like a fairy and since Lulu loves Tinkerbell she wore her Tinker Bell dress and was in heaven!  If it was up to Lulu she would wear that dress all day everyday!
When we first got there they had each of the girls get there pictures taken!  Each girl was given there own pair of wings and a wand!
Here is a picture of all the girls dressed up!

They played pin the wings on Tinkerbell it was so cute!

They had cake!

Each girl got there face painted like a fairy! Lulu loved every minute she sat so still!

She looked so cute!

She kept looking at her face for 20 minutes it was so funny! She just loved her face painted!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Trip to Seattle and Canada!

Look at this little handsome dude he is 8 months old and he can sit up all by himself with no help, way to go buddy!  He seems to really like it!

He is pretty happy until this happens!  Lulu likes to take him to the floor poor guy!  Most of the time he dosent mind unless his head hits the floor to hard!  She just loves his guts!

Pretty girl! Pretty Silly!

Over the weekend we drove to Seattle and meet Cody's Parents there we spent the night in Seattle then the next morning we took a ferry over to Victoria Canada!  We walked around the town ate lots of yummy foods, went to Butchart Gardens which were amazingly beautiful!  And it was the perfect weather for it! And it was Gammie's birthday!  Happy Birthday Gammie!

Me, Cody, Lulu, Gammie, and Bumpa!  We are missing Owen but he was there I promise!

Lulu checking out the flowers and the water!

Silly girl in front of some pretty flowers!

We found Lulus favorite ride

She gave Owen a shoulder ride!

She found a donkey to giver her a ride!

Gammie and Bumpa with Lulu and Owen!

After our fabouls time in Canada we went back to Seattle and spent a night there and in the morning we went and walked around Pikes Market Place and Lulu loved watching these little doughnuts being made!  We had a lot of fun on our trip!  
Thanks Gammie and Bumpa!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Lately Lulu has loved wearing her Pajamas everywhere!  Sometimes it is a battle to get her to get into day time clothes sometimes!  She also loves to wear her Easter/Sunday shoes everywhere!  She is so funny with the things that she gets into the habit of wearing all the time!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Ones!

Another Week has flown by and I have been horrible at taking pictures with my camera I just take them on my phone and I always forget to grab my camera!
I will try to do better!

She loves the suitcase she got for our trip to Disney world!

There's that little tongue that he loves so much!