Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Cody and Jimmy watching a tree fall, boys will be boys!

Cody chopping up some firewood for our fire, this was Cody's favorite activity while camping

Cody Starting our fire

Jeremy sharping his axe to chop more wood

Over Memorial Day weekend Cody and I went Camping, I didn't care where we went I just wanted to go somewhere with Cody to have fun. Cody has been so busy lately with his church calling and his internship, that we haven't had much time to hang out with one another, so a camping we went. We packed our our car to the fullest and headed up the mountain to find ourselves a nice little camping spot. We got up there and found a neat place to camp in a middle of a field, we meet Cody's friend Jeremy up there we set up camp, started a fire, and made dinner, we had a lot of fun. The next day we woke up had breakfast, went shooting, and just hung out by the fire it was great.
That night we headed home to go to church the next day, and good thing we did because it poured all night long, that wouldn't have been much fun trying to stay dry in that! After church the sun was out so we decided to head back up for another fun filled night of camping this time not only was Jeremy with us but so was Cody's friend Jimmy. We cooked our yummy tinfoil dinners and set up camp. While we were eating our food the weather turned for the worst it started to rain again, we hung out for a while and talked about how we were going to try and stick it out in the rain. But the rain only got worse and about 11 pm we decided to pack everything up and head home. Once we got home we left everything in the car except our toothbrushes and headed in. Jimmy and Jeremy came and stayed the night at our house, the next morning Cody and I made breakfast and it was so yummy! I loved spending every minute with Cody. It was to bad it had to rain to end the real camping but I'm glad it didn't end completely!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Little Brothers Graduation

My brother John Graduated from College a week ago today. He was in the ROTC all through college so when he graduated from college he goes from the ROTC to being in the Air Force. My Brother Scotty is already in the Air Force and he was going to come home to Commission John from a Cadet to a 2nd Lt but he is in Afghanistan and couldn't come home to do it so they did it through Skype on the computer it was so neat to be able to have them do that. I took a lot of pictures of it. We were able to talk to Scotty for an hour after the Commissioning was done on the web cam it was really cool!

Here is a picture of the two together on the left is my brother Scotty in Afghanistan he is a Captain and then my brother John on the right who now is a 2nd LT

Scotty on Skype, it was so nice to talk to him!

Everyone that was there minus Cody he is taking the picture! It was fun being home even though it was a short trip!

After Johns College graduation with his sisters Serena, John, me, and Angie. Congratulations John we are so proud of you and good luck in the future!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Karlee is 1

Karlee had a cupcake themed party, the cake was a giant sized cupcake

Grandma giving the birthday girl a kiss

Happy Karlee in her birthday dress

Karlee enjoying her cake

Karlee with her Pa2 after she got all cleaned up from eating her cake!

Over the weekend my neice turned One years old so we had a party where she opened lots of presents and ate lots of yummy cake or shoud I say lots of yummy frosting! She loved all of the attention that she got from all of her guest. She did a great job opening her presents. I can't believe she is already one years old.