Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oregon and 50 Weeks Old

This week we were still in Oregon with my family. My Brother and his family left on Monday to head back to Colorado so before they left we got a picture of all the cousins together. They are wearing crowns that they made at Anna's 3rd birthday party.
I love how all of them are looking in all different directions Kelsie is the only one looking at my camera I guess that is what happens when you have more than one person taking pictures!

We went swimming at a wading pool that I went to as a kid. Lulu had fun sitting in her floaty, the water was shallow enough that she could reach the bottom of the pool with her feet so she was walking around the pool and loving it. I love Jaron in the back with his goggles on ready to go under.

Another day we just stayed at home and the kids went swimming in the wading pool Lulu wanted to wear these goggles on her head but every time we tried to put them on her eyes she took them right off.

Here is the whole gang I love Lulu's face it looks like she is one little mad mama but she is just talking, looks like Kelsie is looking at Lulu like what is she doing!

We went to Jaron's pack meeting where he got lots of rewards and badges for cub scout camp he was so proud and we were proud of him. Way to go Jaron.

We went Miniature Golfing and I tried to get a picture of her golfing but it was harder than I thought to have her hold the club.

So Lulu took it into her own hands to golf Lulu style.

She got it in the hole.
And out of the hole.

My sister took this picture and I love it!

Lulu got a present from Ma2 and Pa2 for her birthday and we couldn't wait to open it. She got Olivia books. She loves to read about Olivia the pig at night before bedtime. Lulu did a great job opening her present. She even wore her birthday suit! Thanks Ma2 and Pa2.

It's my mom's birthday today so we partied it up! Happy Birthday Mom!
Lulu turned 50 Weeks Old today and when we first started to take pictures she just sat there with no expression on her face and she even kind of looked like she was going to fall asleep. Then I changed her back drop and she seemed to like wake up and smile.

Tonight my friend from high school got married it was a great night, it was fun seeing my friends from high school.

They had dancing and Lulu loved it she wanted to be out on the dance floor all night and she loved shaking a leg and her arms it was so cute we tried to get it on camera but of course once we pull out the camera she wouldn't do it.

As we were getting ready to leave we were saying goodbye and Lulu kept looking over Cody's shoulder at something, it was a boa hanging on a rack. They had a little dress up area for people to dress up and take pictures with. So we of course had to join in the fun and Lulu thought it was fun to wear the boa, my favorite part is that Cody is wearing that Micky Mouse hand, it cracked me up!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

49 Weeks Old And A Trip Home

This week has been a busy one.

I left Lulu in my room for a minute while I went to go get something in the other room when I came back this is what I found. Lulu had made one big mess and she sure was proud of it, she had fun doing it!

Lulu has been doing a lot of this lately, talking on the phone. It is so cute she will pick up our phones and put it right to her ear and start talking. It is funny how fast they learn things and at such a young age.

We went to Costco the other day and Lulu has learned out to stand up in the front of the cart and it totally freaks me out so when we were at Costco she stood up and put her in the main part of the cart and she just loved it. She would stand there and bounce up and down and talk and laugh and wave to people it was so cute.

We went out to eat with Cody's family the other night and I was taking pictures of Lulu and I thought this one was pretty funny! I love it!

We left Utah on Thursday and made the long drive to Oregon to hang out with my family for a week. On Friday we went to the zoo and Lulu almost got eaten by a lion but Aunt Angie saved her. Thanks Angie that was a close one!

After the zoo we went out for pizza and Lulu was able to ride the horse, she didn't like it to much.

So Dad hoped on and saved the day by riding the horse with Lulu but Lulu still didn't like it!

Today was Lulu's cousin Anna's 3rd birthday party and it was a pool party, it was so much fun! All the kids made crowns and wore Lei's and got sunglasses. The kids played games, swam, and went on a treasure hunt and hit a Pinata! It was fun!

Lulu didn't like the water to much I think it was pretty cold. Here she is swimming with Kallie and Kelsie.

Here is most of the gang swimming in one of the pools!

Then we hit the Pinata!

All of the kids had a chance to hit it but Jaron was the one who broke it. Way to go Jaron!

Here is little crazy Lulu, Once again Lulu didnt want to leave her flower in her hair so we only have one picture of her with her flower.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Rodeo and 48 Weeks Old!

The other night we had a picnic by the Provo River and it was lots of fun and so perfect!

Our family and the plastic cup lid of course!

We were at Costco the other day and we saw this cute little chair and I just had to sit Lulu in it and get a picture. She loved sitting in it!

On Friday night we went over to the Shops of Riverwoods with some friends for dinner, then the kids played in the little spray fountain and we listened to the live music. We ended the night with a treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We had such a good time with our friends! Lulu wasn't to sure about the water at first but after a minute or two she loved it.

Tonight we went to Lulu's first Rodeo and it was lots of fun. We went with our friends Niki and Rusty and Cody's cousin Brian and his Lindsey and baby Dylan. Thanks guys for going with us. Lulu loved every minute of the Rodeo she danced every time there was music she clapped every time she heard clapping. And she pointed at the horses and bulls when they were out there doing their thing. She is was so cute I loved it and I can't wait to go again with her.

As we were standing in line to buy our tickets I was holding Lulu and all of a sudden I felt something on my arm I looked and Lulu had peed up her front all over her shirt and all over her shorts. Luckily we had an extra outfit but that hasn't happened in a very long time I'm not to sure what happened!

I love her!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today Lulu turns 11 months old that is the craziest thing ever to me, that my little lulu will be one years old in just one short month! Oh how much we love this little girl and how happy she makes us! She is growing so much everyday! Today was the easiest time taking her pictures she just smiled and did such a great job sitting there and leaving her flower in her hair. And then as soon as I was done taking her picture the flower was out of her hair it was pretty cute!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth Of July and 47 Weeks!

Happy Fourth of July! Lulu had so much on her first fourth of July! We started out the day at the Provo Parade and Lulu loved it she loved watching all the bands, and floats go by. In this picture she is watching the parade. She did really well at the parade!

Lulu and her dad at the parade.

Lulu even had her own little chair to sit in to watch the parade!

All the grandkids just missing little Benton, with Granny and Gramps Hansen at the parade!

Later we had a BBQ at the Campbell's and Lulu got her toe nails painted for the first time and she loved it. Annika painted while Jess took care of Lulu, it was so cute Lulu would watch Annika paint and then look up and smile the biggest smile ever! Thanks Jess and Annika!

Then we did fireworks...... Here is Granny with a sparkler she loved doing sparklers!

Lulu wasn't to sure about the sparklers but it was sure fun to do them with her. Although Lulu did love watching all the other fireworks as they went off, she just sat on my lap and watched!

Today this little girl blew a kiss it was the cutest thing ever, I blew a kiss and then she did the same thing right after me! I love her so much!

We went swimming today, Lulu loves the water and she can spend hours just playing in the water. Here Lulu is with Asher!

Lulu is 47 Weeks Old! You will see in both pictures Lulu has her hand near or on her flower, this girl does not like wearing her flowers her headbands anymore. I'm surprised I even got these pictures with her wearing it.

I came around the corner this morning and look who I found creeping around the corner hanging on to the wall! I love her!