Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jaron helping in the kitchen!

Jaron washing his dishes from making his lemonade with the helmet on!

Jaron making some yummy lemonade wearing Cody's motorcycle helmet.

The last night that Angie's family was with us, Jaron found Cody's motorcycle helmet and he thought it was pretty neat so he asked Cody if he could wear it, Cody said yes and Jaron was so excited that he came into the kitchen where I was making some lemonade and asked if he could mix it. I thought that it was pretty funny that he was wearing this big helmet and just wanted to help in the kitchen. When he finished making the lemonade he wanted to do the dishes so he did that as well with the helmet on his head. Then it was time to go to bed so he asked Cody if he could sleep with it on. Cody said that it was OK, but when Angie went into check on the kids and saw Jaron trying to sleep with this over sized helmet on his head she said that he couldn't sleep with it on. I thought Jaron was so cute, wanting to wear Cody's helmet while he was helping me in the kitchen then wanting to wear it to bed.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday Bash!

On June 26th it was my sister Angie's birthday and her family and her were in Utah visiting so for her birthday we went to Thanksgiving Point to a petting zoo. It was fun to look at all the fun animals that they had and to pet them. The kids and Cody loved it, Cody really enjoyed the roosters he was talking to them for awhile and they would come over to him and look at him and check it out it was pretty neat. After the animals they had a couple little old time buildings that you could go inside and play in. Kelsie loved running in them and just hanging out she thought it was pretty neat. One of the building's was a jail the kids got a kick out of being stuck behind bars. After we got everyone out of jail the kids went on a pony ride, they loved riding the pony's, what little kid wouldn't love to go on a pony ride. Before we left the kids were able to go on a hay ride which they thought was pretty cool!

After Thanksgiving Point, we went to a place called Jump On It! It is a place were they have just a ton of trampolines all over the place and you just jump. The kids loved it and Angie and I also had alot of fun. It was a lot of hard work, we only paid to jump for a half hour and 15 minutes into jumping I was so tired and out of it, but I didn't give in I kept jumping until the end of our time. Angie had a blast to and that is what mattered because it was her birthday and you have to have fun on your birthday!