Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Cody surprised me by setting the table for dinner on Valentines Day! He got me two dozen roses, a bottle of sparkling cider (one of my favorite drinks), some chocolates, some suckers. a plant, a stuffed dog, and a Carmel apple from rocky mountain chocolate factory another one of my favorites he knows me so well.
So for valentines day this year Cody thought it would be fun for both of us to plan a night for a date. So Cody did Friday night and I did Saturday night. So for my night we made home made pizza dough and everything! Then each of us had a half the pizza to put what we wanted on it. And then we made yummy salads, they were so yummy.
The pizza turned out perfect and so tasty here Cody is making his side of the Pizza, in the picture above Cody was having fun throwing the dough into the air and catching it. I got a picture of him almost getting hit in the face with the dough it was so funny! He did a great job on getting that dough ready to be made into pizza.
Here is our pizza kind of boring but it was good and we made all by ourselves!

Cody did a quick change of shirts and then started on the lettuce for the salads. After we ate dinner we went to see the movie Taken, we both enjoyed it.
For Cody's night he ordered food from Steak Out and we ate in and he set the table with our fine china and had candles lit. It was so cute and he did a good job I have been carving steak for a while and that is what he made or got for dinner. After dinner we went to Comedy Sports and it was so funny we laughed so hard. Cody did a great job on planning our Valentines Day Date! I sure love Cody he is such a wonderful husband and friend!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Matthew with Grandma (mom) they are just playing a game of checkers in Alabama, Matthew is so big compared to the last time i saw him which was over a year. It has been along time since i have seen him!

Matthew playing on the bars with his dad (Scotty) at the park.

Matthew walking across the beam with a little help from grandpa (dad), Matthew made it all the way across, go Matthew.

Scotty with Anna it was my first time seeing Anna she was just chilling in dad's arms wearing some cool shades!
Anna and Emily at dinner, it was so much fun hanging out with Emily, Scotty, Anna, and Matthew even though it was a short visit it sure was fun.
It looks like Matthew is saying "excuse me waiter can I get some ketchup."
I love this picture, Matthew was so funny after every bite he would take from his food he would rest his head in his little hand it was so cute I think I took a dozen picture of him doing this, I think I took a million pictures of Matthew while I was with him during the period of one day. Matthew and I didn't have much time to play together but I think we sure bonded with one another Matthew is a very cute boy and has a great personality.
Here is a picture of Mom,Scotty, Matthew, and Dad

Dad at the airport just waiting to get on the plane to head back home after our short trip to Alabama to see Scotty and the family before Scotty heads over seas.

Dad on the airplane

As we were going through security I realized that my mom and dad have taken me to the airport many times for me to fly somewhere by myself. But this was the second time in my life that i have flown on airplane with my parents so I got a little picture happy think that it was pretty neat to be able to fly on a plane with my parents. Although it was a very short flight (30 min.) it was still a great time to be with my mom and dad! I know I'm kind of weird to get so excited about something so little.

Me and my dad on the airplane heading to Atlanta where we will go our separate ways, mom and dad will be heading back to Oregon and I will be heading back to Utah. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Scotty, Emily, Matthew, and Anna, my mom and dad for a short and quick weekend but it was worth it.