Saturday, September 24, 2011

1 Year And 6 Weeks Old And A Birthday!

This week has been a fun week. On Sunday we were over at Cody's cousin Brian's house. They have a little boy named Dylan that is 6 months old and he is so cute. Well him and Lulu are about the same size so while Lindsay and I were in Dylan's room changing the babies bums, Lindsay thought it would be funny to switch the two little ones clothes and then take them into the boys and hand them off to see how long it would take for them to notice that they weren't holding their baby. We only fooled them for like half a second but Lindsay and I sure got a kick out of these two cute babies in each others outfits. (right before this picture was taken Lulu hit her head on a chair so she has cry eyes).

Can you guess which baby is who?

Here the two cuties are again but naked we wanted to see the size difference between the two of them.
Lulu has found her new favorite place to sit in the house. She is so funny as soon as one of us opens the fridge door she dashes over to get in there, she loves to push the button that turns on and off the light she thinks that is pretty cool stuff.

On Tuesday Cody surprised me for my birthday with a trip to Park City to ride the Alpine Slides, We meet Cody's parents up there who watched Lulu while we went up on the ski lift and came down on the Alpine Slide it was lots of fun. Here we are riding the ski lift up.

Here we are at the top it was so pretty and the weather was perfect!Watch out here we come!We did it!

After we did the slide we went out to dinner with Cody's parents to Ruth's Chris it was fantastic. Thanks Cody and Thanks Dan and Peggy it was yummy and lots of fun and thanks for watching our little Lulu for us!Lulu loves to sit in her Bumbo and watch TV, read books, and play. It is pretty funny to watch her climb in and climb out of it over and over again!

On Friday night Cody surprised me once again by taken me out to eat and having my Salt Lake friends their. They gave me this bag full of fun things that I had to wear to show everyone that I was turning the big 3o. Thanks guys it was lots of fun!

Lulu got a balloon and she wanted to wear the 30 glasses too. I love her hair in this picture.

Lulu doesn't look to sure about being in the picture with me!

Cody caught his shrimp and was pretty excited about it!

All of us after dinner! Dinner was super yummy!After dinner we went outside to eat yummy cupcakes that Jess made! Thanks guys for such a wonderful night! I look a little special in this picture but I guess that's what happens when you turn 30. just kiddingOn Saturday was the day that I turned the big 3 o. Cody did a great job he started the day out with making me breakfast which was English muffins, raspberries, yogurt and some orange mango juice. It was pretty wonderful! And of course he made me wear my party gear. Later in the afternoon Cody threw me a surprise birthday party it did a great job. He had called all of our family and friends in the area and had them come to the park a little before I got there to surprise me. He had lunch for everyone and then we did a pinata which was a pony it was lots of fun to break, I went first.

Lulu had a turn

All the kids had a turn then Cody and some of the adults had a turn. It was lots of fun watching everyone take a turn at hitting the Pony!
Little Dylan even had a turn at it.
Then we had cake. Can you read what it says, Cody is so funny!

I was working up so good air in my lungs when I accidentally blew out some candles while they were still singing to me. Oops!

Then we did the giant slip and slide it was a big hit and lots of fun.

Here Cody, Lulu and Mckenna are going down the slide.

Here we come!

Thanks Cody for the wonderful party it was lots of fun and a big surprise!

After the fantastic party we went home and rested for a little while and then we got ready to go out to eat at Outback. It was a perfect way to end a wonderful birthday. Thanks Cody for all the birthday fun you are the best husband ever!

After dinner we went home and I opened my presents from Cody and Lulu! I got a new frying pan and a new flat screen TV. Thanks Cody and Lulu I love guys thanks for making turning 3o not so bad!This girl is another week older!

This week this little girl found her nose, and she loves to put her little fingers in those two little holes. I don't know what to do to get her to stop, when I tell her not to do that she gets mad and does it more and more so I'm trying just to ignore it but I don't know if that is a good idea because then she thinks it is OK and does it all the time. If you mom's have any suggestions I would love to hear them. I think nose picking is so yucky!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1 year and 5 weeks old

When I'm in the kitchen Lulu likes to be right there with me helping me do whatever I'm doing. Here she is cleaning the measuring cup for me!

Later that morning Lulu went to wake up daddy! She does a great job she goes right for the face!
One night Cody was getting Lulu ready for bed and she thought it was pretty funny to have her shirt on her head like this, they practiced walking around the house like this.

I never knew how much Lulu liked her shoes until she keeps finding her sandals around the house and she will bring them to me and have me put them on her feet. It is so cute. Here she is one morning before she has gotten dressed for the day with just her sandals on!

So Lulu and I had our first play date the other day with our friends Val and Liam who is 11 days older than Lulu and Niki and Rylan who is just a new baby he was born at the beginning of August. We hung out at Liam's house and Lulu and Liam had lots of fun playing in his play area with all of his fun toys and then us moms got hungry so we went out for some pizza. It was pretty fun!

This morning I was in the kitchen making breakfast and Lulu was in there with me she wanted to get herself some breakfast so she got some Cheerios. After I cleaned up the cheerios I was busy doing stuff and Lulu was very quite so I looked over to see what she was playing with and she had a container of Cinnamon and it had come open and it was all over the floor and she was wiping it up of the floor and rubbing it on her tummy and legs. She smelled pretty good after that.

Tonight we watched the big game BYU against University of Utah, all of us dressed in our BYU stuff!

Lulu has now been one for over a month, I can't believe it. She is getting so big. This little girl loves to blow kisses to everyone. The other day we were in the living room and Lulu was looking out the window and there was a man outside doing some work, Lulu was just watching him and then all of a sudden she started to blow him kisses it was so cute. Then Cody asked Lulu to blow him a kiss and she wouldn't she just turned back to looking outside and started to blow this man more kisses it was pretty funny.

This girl is getting closer and closer to walking everyday!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

1 year 4 weeks old

Before I start I want to warn you that some of my pictures color is off and I have no idea way I tried and retried to download them to see if they would download normal and this is he best I got.

On Monday we went to the Lehi Trafalga with our friends Val, Ryan, and Little Liam we had lots of fun but it was super busy. We went on the carousel, Cody first put Lulu on it by herself and she didn't like that so much so he got on with her and she seemed to like it better. We took half a dozen pictures and we couldn't get her to look at the camera. I think we try to get a picture for the whole ride. After our ride we were able to get in a game of mini golf. We had lots of fun!

Here is a family shot, gotta love Lulu with her eyes closed!

On Tuesday Lulu and I met my friend Kami and her daughter at the zoo. We had lots of fun it was perfect we went in the morning when it first opened so there wasn't very many people there at all and it was cool enough outside that all the animals were outside and right there were could touch them if we had a little bit longer arms. Lulu really liked the Monkeys she got upset when we left the Monkeys. She didn't like the gorilla he was scary he even scared me. When we were invited to go to the zoo I didn't think Lulu would even care about the animals but I was wrong she noticed the animals and she liked some, she loved others and she didn't like a few.

Lulu is one lucky girl not only did she get to ride the carousel once in one week but twice in one week and by the picture she liked it just as much as the day before. Did you notice that we are ridding a monkey Lulu's favorite animal at the zoo. She really is one silly girl.

Lulu wearing her dad's hat!

Couple of weeks ago I found these cute sunglasses for Lulu and I just had to get them for her, We put them on her just the other day and I thought for sure she would take them off right when I put them on her but she didn't she left them on and liked she just smiled.

Love Her!
On Friday we went back to the Lehi Trafalga with our friends Rusty, Niki and their new baby Rylan. This time it was during the day while all the kids were in school so we pretty much had the place to our selves it was nice and a big change from when we went on Monday. This time we were able to ride the race cars, do the boats that you can squirt water at each other, we all got pretty wet.

Cody weighs himself in our bathroom on the scale and today I caught Lulu doing what her dad does standing on the scale it was so cute to watch her standing on the scale!

This little girl is another week older. For her birthday she was given this cute BYU outfit it fits perfectly she wore it today for the BYU game against Texas!

This bow is the one that came with the outfit but it was kind of big and she didn't like that to much so it was a challenge to keep the bow in her hair that is why the picture above she has in one of her smaller bows which she still pulled off her head! The bow is almost as big as her head!

So Cute! Go BYU